The wild world of Serengeti

For the first time last year, I set foot on the land of Africa. Every day, I was stunned by the beauty. Every day, I exploded. Every day, I sighed a hundred times: This is really good in Africa.

In Namibia, what you see in front of you is the blue sky, the white clouds, the plants that grow freely, or the slogan in the sun, or the head of the sun. There is no shadow in the city. If you want to sing, you will sing and yell. . Everything is free and original.

After that, I went to Europe and Southeast Asia. The city full of order and art feels beautiful. Although it is beautiful, it is always worse than Africa.

After more than a year in Namibia, it has been stored in a prominent position in the cerebral cortex. When the fluctuations begin, the whole brain is numb. A small thought is constantly tempting me, go to Africa again, and go to Africa again.

Around the protected area, people raise livestock, no reinforced concrete, and life here is like a world without trouble.

I remember, in last year’s Namibian travels, I wrote a paragraph: Two people who were used to being captive in the city suddenly threw themselves into nature, like a free-spirited rabbit, only to discover that this is nature. The original appearance. This time, we put ourselves in nature and become free and easy rabbits. This time, we went to East Africa.

In most countries in Africa, there are national parks where you can see wild animals. Many people choose to go to Kenya to see animals. In fact, there is an African country that is more suitable for animals than Kenya. It is Tanzania. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is home to the largest number of large mammals on the planet. At the junction of Kenya and Tanzania, the Serengeti area is 14,670 square kilometers, 10 times that of Kenya’s Masai Mara.

When I did my homework, I saw a paragraph that explained the difference between Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti: Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. It is like the difference between the Badaling Great Wall and the Wild Great Wall. Masai Mara is more commercialized, and Serengeti remains the same. If the holiday is not enough and you want to see as many wild animals as possible in a limited time, Kenya’s Masai Mara may be a good choice; but if you have plenty of time and want to see the most original and original wildlife, then go Serengeti, Tanzania.

It is understood that the Tanzanian government pays more attention to animal protection and strictly limits the number of tourists in the national park. Serengeti has not been commercialized, nor has it allowed the travel agency to make large-scale commercial promotion. Even the entrance to the national park is extremely simple. At the beginning of the creation of the Tanzania National Park, it was established that it did not develop mass tourism at the expense of the environment. On the contrary, Kenya chose another road. Thousands of small hotels or tent camps were built along the Masai Mara gate. They were divided by criss-crossing roads and there was almost no quiet hiding place for animals. Serengeti strictly limits the number of roads. The road conditions in Masai Mara are very poor, and the large sections of the seesaw road will be turned out. The animals of Masai Mara are used to people and cars. They are already indifferent and have basically lost their wildness. While Tanzania strictly limits the number and grade of hotels, the Serengeti hotels are very few and expensive. In the busy season, basically one room is hard to find, and the expensive price limits the number of tourists. The contrast of an image is that the Serengeti area is 10 times larger than the Masai Mara, but the annual visitors are less than a quarter of the Masai Mara.

Survival and killing continue on the Serengeti prairie, a joyous and sorrowful clutch belonging to wild animals.

Although the Masai Mara and the Serengeti are linked together, in order to prevent the rushing people from entering the Serengeti to destroy the grasslands, the Tanzanian authorities closed the passage between the Masai Mara and the Serengeti, the Shahe Gate. In this way, Kenyan tourists cannot enter Serengeti directly from Masai Mara. They must bypass the Arusha or Mwanza city in Tanzania. The Serengeti is too big. If you want to play all over the national park, you will have to spend at least. A week’s time.

“Lonely Planet” said that when many people think of Africa, they actually think of Tanzania. Looking at the “Animal World”, we have an impression of Africa, which is actually the impression of the Serengeti prairie.

When the plane landed at Kilimanjaro Airport in Arusha, Tanzania, I wanted to see the peak of Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa at the airport. I didn’t expect May to be the rainy season in Tanzania. It’s foggy and it’s not very likely to see Mount Kilimanjaro, but unexpectedly feels a little cool in Africa. May is the winter in Africa. Although you don’t need to wear a down jacket, it is best to bring a jacket. The temperature difference between morning and evening seems to make you feel suddenly moving from summer to late autumn.

In Africa, travel has changed from “journey” to “safari”, a term derived from the Swahili language of Africa, which means “going away”. During the colonial period, the white aristocrats who lived on the coast or in the inland castle often rode their guns, sang in the crowds of blacks, carrying supplies, and safari in the uninhabited steppe jungle. At that time, the musket was a symbol of human power, and the white people fully demonstrated their ability to hunt. Elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, buffaloes, and African five tyrants are their most worthy trophies. A large number of hunting specimens were shipped to Europe, and it was sought after by the upper class. It was a dream of countless nobles and wealthy businessmen to come to East Africa for a safari. This kind of thinking has affected the past and has become a nightmare for wild animals.

Hemingway’s two favorite sports are bullfighting and hunting. He once traveled to Africa to do safari hunting trips, leaving a legend every time. “The Snow of Kilimanjaro” was written on a small wooden table in a tent in Tanzania.

And now safari, without killing and hunting, is full of unknowns, adventures and freedom. In Arusha, we took a jeep that was extremely African and started safari. It takes a few hours from Arusha to Serengeti, and the time on the road is not boring. Although it is the second time to come to Africa, Namibia and Tanzania feel very different. Driving in Namibia is lonely and lonely, and there are large areas of wasteland. When you encounter a cockroach or a pig, you have a greater chance of encountering a passerby.

In Tanzania, the road conditions are much better. You can see villages, towns, lively markets, children who have just finished class, and aunts with big baskets of vegetables ready to go home. Faced with the rare Asian faces in the car, whether it is a big friend or a child, I am extremely enthusiastic and keep waving with us to say “hi”.

Because it is in the rainy season, along the road are large areas of green, large areas of farmland, plus the blue to the extreme days, it is unbelievable that this is Africa.

In fact, travel is a process of self-correction. I came here. This subverts all the past experiences and impressions I have gained from books and television. It turns out that this is the appearance of the land of East Africa.

“The Lion King” is not as beautiful as the cartoon
When an antelope and zebra appeared more and more on both sides, I knew that I finally reached the Serengeti, the world’s largest wild “zoo”. In the Maasai language, Serengeti is a “borderless plain”. It is a national park. It is actually a large expanse of deserts and grasslands. It is a park that is surrounded by the east and west. In other zoos, people keep animals in cages, and in Serengeti, we need to shut ourselves into “cage.” All national parks in Africa are not allowed to get off. Getting off the bus means danger. This seemingly calm place hides more than 3,000 lions and animals that are more ferocious than lions, and you are in their eyes. Large chunks of delicious meat.

Peace and killing coexist in this land, and Serengeti is playing the world of mankind in another way. We are like a paparazzi, standing in the car with long guns and short guns, chasing the running beasts. (In fact, they are very far away from them, so come to Tanzania to see animals, mobile phones and ordinary cameras are useless, can not bring telephoto, then at least with a telescope).

Wildebeests, antelopes, zebras, buffaloes, giraffes, these herbivores are the most common in the grasslands, so that when we first saw the zebras, we were excited and screamed. After half an hour, we saw zebras. The friends were no longer Then the driver needs to stop and stop.

On the prairie, herbivores are common, and the ability to see rare carnivores requires more than just luck, but more importantly, guidance. Safari’s guides are generally drivers, and African drivers have the versatility of driving, finding animals, popularizing animal knowledge, and snoring.

Because the area is too big, finding rare animals depends on the needles in the hay, mainly relying on “intelligence”. Our driver’s radio keeps ringing, constantly exchanges the latest information. Although I don’t understand Swahili, I guess probably. The meaning is: a lion group was found under a tree on a certain road.

So the driver turned the front of the car and followed a small road to a tree by the lake. Sure enough, not far from a few lions are lying lazily in the haystack, the color of the yellow fur and grass blend together, if there is not “intelligence”, this place is too easy to miss.

It is said that the lion only wakes up for four hours a day. Late night and early morning are the hunting time of the carnivore of the lion leopard. In the daytime, find a suitable bed to start sleeping, or on the mountain, or under the shade of the tree, where is it anyway. Where to cool down. If there is a lake on the edge of the tree, it is the favorite place for the lion.

The guide said that the lion is a very typical group of animals, the lioness is responsible for hunting, the men in the lion group are rarely involved in hunting, basically only responsible for “eat” and protect the children, responsible for the safety of the entire team, and the lions are generally young. Once you get older, you will leave the lion group silently, choose to die alone, or starve to death, or be killed by other animals. Therefore, in Tanzania, there are places where hunting lions are specially set up, and a 10,000-dollar hunter is hunted for the lions who are dying.

After listening to the driver’s introduction, the entire carriage was in silence, the lion of the grassland, the life in his later life was so miserable. In fact, when I was watching the movie “Jurassic Park”, I remember the deepest sentence: life has its own way. But in the human world, there is no balance of nature, only the “law of money.”

The buffalo, which looks dull and has the temperament of an old cadre, is in fact one of the five squads of Africa and will not be missed in Serengeti. Although the buffalo looks mild, it is really anxious, and the lions can’t take advantage of it.

The elephants in Serengeti are still relatively easy to find. There is a group of elephants in Serengeti. Generally, other animals will not take the initiative. However, the most elephants are said to be in Botswana, there are almost 200,000. Head elephant.

Rhinoceros, unfortunately, I didn’t see the rhinoceros at close range. When the car stopped, the driver pointed to the right and told us, there, a dark piece, saw it, Thats rhino! Well, the telescope doesn’t seem to help, it can only help the rhinoceros.

In the Serengeti safari, there are all sorts of weird species, various birds, and various trees. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 70 large mammals and 500 unique birds in the whole Serengeti. If you don’t come here, you may not see it for a lifetime.

In the Serengeti safari, you have to stay at least for more than two days. Staying in the park, whether it is a luxury hotel or an ordinary tent, you can see the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Watching the sunset in Serengeti is also a must. When immersed in a free cruise on a vast plain, the sunset turns the sky into an orange haze, and the sound of the wilderness is an illusory reality.

In Serengeti, we live in the seronera wildlife lodge serengeti. The waiter said that this is the oldest hotel in Serengeti, built in the 1970s, and the entire hotel stands on a large round rock. The price of this hotel in Serengeti is relatively medium, good value for money, and I also saw a beautiful hot air balloon when I got up.

The price of hotels in Serengeti ranges from 200 knives to 2,000 knives. There are special extravagant four seasons safari villas, as well as more ordinary cabins and slightly more luxurious tent hotels.

If young people can endure hardships, they will participate in the safari of the mobile tent. They will change places to set up tents every day. This safari can also be booked in Tanzania. It is hard and hard.

It is home to the world’s largest and largest population of wild animals, making up the world’s largest animal natural ecosystem. Visitors can take the off-road vehicle into the reserve to learn about their true life.

Volcanic ecology of Ngorongoro
The Ngorongoro Crater is a 3-hour drive east from Serengeti.

At the gate of the reserve, a group of people greeted us on the road, and they were particularly happy to rush. In Africa, the most important thing to watch out for is the cockroach. These fine cockroaches, as long as they smell the food, will jump into the jeep with the window open, or sneak into the hotel room in the middle of the night to open the guest’s suitcase. Eat snacks, bite cigarettes, and some even steal camera lenses (rumors that they like bright things). So in a hotel in Africa, go out and sleep at night. If you live in a room with a balcony, be sure to lock the windows and put the snacks.

If the animals living in Serengeti are full of killings and strong people, then the animals here are full of harmony.

The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest volcanic crater in the world. It is 610 meters deep, 20 kilometers wide and has a bottom area of ​​310 square kilometers. It is the eighth wonder of the world.

Why do animals living here have great happiness? Because the edge of the crater here reaches an altitude of 2,300 meters, most of the animals outside the crater are difficult to migrate into, so that the various wild animals inhabiting the nature reserve can “settle and work” and prosper, such as the paradise. ecosystem. Most of the animals living in Ngorongoro do not need to migrate every year to find water and fresh pastures, but settle in the crater for many years, even in the dry season, there is no shortage of water in the crater.

More than 20,000 wild mammals are reported to be inhabited here, with more than 500 species of birds, endangered black rhinos, lions, cheetahs and hyenas. They exist at various levels of the food chain and are mutually dependent.

The children in the tribe learn English at school.

It is said that one side of the water and soil to raise a lion, Ngoro’s lion and Serengeti’s lion compared to a lot of lazy, but also a little bit of domineering.

Therefore, looking for animals here is much better than Serengeti. In fact, there is no need to find them. In a sea of ​​flowers and green, the wildebeests, antelopes and zebras are particularly obvious, and they graze leisurely not far away.

The most beautiful is not just the harmony of the animals. May is the flower season of Ngoro. The large green stars are dotted with yellow wildflowers. The sky is like a filter-like blue sky and white clouds.

In Ngoro, we live in ngorongoro wildlife lodge, although it is an ordinary hotel, but the location is very good, you can see a peaceful lake on the viewing platform of the hotel restaurant. Many hotel resources in Tanzania still have no way to find them on regular booking or agoda, and more concentrated in local travel agencies and some local agencies. For example, our hotels in Ngoro and Serengeti are recommended locally.

Just arrived in Ngoro or rainy days, driving visibility is no more than 100 meters, I have been worried that the weather is not good enough to see the animals in the crater, and as the car along the winding mountain road slowly approaching the crater, the sky is getting more and more clear. So don’t worry about whether it’s rainy or dry season, no matter what the outside weather is, the crater is like an Eden, always bright.

Ngoro is like a place full of fairy tales. He wants to live here often, but it is already a world cultural heritage. It is protected by the United Nations. Apart from animals, only local tribes like the Maasai are allowed to live in its border areas. Only the Maasai animals are allowed to enter the crater to find water and salt.

Maasai tribe
Yes, in Tanzania, in addition to the animals that walk freely, the most popular are the Maasai people wearing red cloaks.

This is one of the most unique tribes in East Africa and has lived in Kenya and Tanzania to this day. It is said that the Maasai tribe in Kenya has successfully become an attraction by developed tourism. In Tanzania, the Maasai people are still diligently grazing cattle, still living a life of heaven and earth.

The Maasai people usually have a few hundred people as a tribe, thousands of them are few, and tens of thousands are few, which is also characteristic of a typical nomadic nation. They are wearing red or blue cloaks (some differences between different tribes), one for sun protection, self-defense, and two to scare the beasts. They believe that red can prevent lion attacks during nomadism.

An ancient custom of the Maasai is the adult ritual of Marseille men, who must go to the grassland to kill a lion. If the person does not come back alive, it means that you have already killed the lion’s mouth, which directly proves that you are not qualified to be a Marseille man. Fortunately, the government has now banned the Maasai tradition of hunting lions. Otherwise, according to the fierce character of Marseille, the lions of Serengeti have long since disappeared. However, if the lion takes the initiative to attack the animals that the Maasai are shepherding, they will instinctively choose to kill the lion. Because for the Maasai, livestock is everything for them. In this primitive tribe, measuring how rich a person is depends on how many animals and children he has.

The cloak of the Maasai is their symbol, and the costumes also have distinctive features.

Therefore, the strongest fighting nation in the world may not be Russia, but Marseille!

In Tanzania, not all Maasai tribes can be visited by tourists. In the vicinity of various protected areas and national parks, there is a fixed village of Marseille, which is visited by tourists.

When we arrived at a village in Marseille, wearing red and blue cloaks, men and women holding wooden sticks stood in a row and greeted us at the door. They inherited the special skills of Africans to sing and dance. The dance that is most proud and will perform is “Adumu”. They stand in a row and jump in the air. It looks very relaxed. It is said that this can be closer to the sky.

After careful observation, the Maasai people are basically tall and the males are more than 180 centimeters. Because they mainly eat raw beef, they usually drink bovine blood and milk. Because they have no place to live, they take local materials and build a thatched house surrounded by thorns and a dwarf house built with cow dung and mud. Although the Maasai people warmly invited us to visit their cabins, but when I heard that the house was built with cow dung, I was dizzy, small space, no light and fire, even my 160 cm head. They can’t stand up, and such a room usually needs to sleep 3-4 Maasai.

With the support of the government, every Maasai tribe now has a primary school, and the Maasai family has begun to let their children go to school. Although their original intention is to let children learn English, they can receive foreign tourists, but at least education gives these children a way out. They can choose to leave the Maasai tribe and enter the modern society. They can still choose to stay.

Visiting such tribes, often with complex emotions, is extremely curious about their traditions on the one hand, and on their other hand they are still annoyed and circumcised, and polygamy is incredible. How to respect the traditional culture of the tribe and protect human rights and spread the concept of modern civilization is a subject that needs to be studied all the time.