Forgotten livable country

New Zealand has a beautiful scenery and a mild climate. It was once praised by the world as “the last pure land in the world” and has been rated by the United Nations National Development Organization as “the most suitable country in the world” for many years. In addition to the pleasant scenery for the people, the welfare of the people is even better. There is one sentence: “New Zealanders are sick and dead all over the country.”

In the early years, New Zealand was one of the first countries to study in the post-80s, except for the United States and the United States. In order to pursue their dreams, the students came to New Zealand. After completing their studies, some of them were retained by skilled immigrants. In recent years, the number of people who choose to immigrate to New Zealand has increased year by year, and the group of skilled immigrants to New Zealand has taken up a considerable part. In this issue [Old Xie has a contract], I will talk to you about the forgotten country of the past few years, New Zealand, which will bring you another new opportunity.

Of the New Zealand immigrants each year, 60% are skilled immigrants, and 80% of the 60% of the ratios are for skilled migrants. According to the calculation, half of the net immigrants in New Zealand each year are attributed to international students. We can understand that New Zealand talented immigrants are equivalent to New Zealand skilled immigrants.

According to data released recently by Statistics New Zealand, as of August 2018, the number of net immigrants in New Zealand reached 63,300, and the resident population far exceeded 4,885,300. The New Deal issued by New Zealand did not seem to have reduced this immigration tide.

New Zealand skilled immigrants are a large number of New Zealand applicants. The aim is to attract outstanding talents from all walks of life from all over the world to New Zealand. It is also a popular immigration category in New Zealand. Every year, there are sufficient immigration quotas. Age, education, work experience and employer hiring or long-term shortages to meet the scoring requirements, to achieve the family quickly take the New Zealand green card identity.

The New Zealand Immigration Act stipulates that applicants applying for skilled immigration must meet: the skills needed to have New Zealand; be able to demonstrate that they can contribute to New Zealand’s economy over the long term; and be able to demonstrate their long-term ability to settle in New Zealand (two years, live each year) 183 days).

The Talent Work Visa is not a New Deal. It is a type of work permit issued by the New Zealand Immigration Service in 2002 to attract outstanding overseas people. The main scope was in art, culture and sports. Nowadays, it attracts more technology in the commercial field. Talent. The quota of 40,000 people a year, as long as the EOI has been automatically selected by 1 60 points, the success rate after selection is 90%. As for IELTS 6.5, as long as it is an undergraduate degree in English, you can avoid IELTS.

Immigration planning should be early! This is true, time and policy are not waiting for people! One year a year! We can see that there are three major points for New Zealand skilled immigrants – age, work, education, and so on! Meeting the requirements of the group and looking forward to New Zealand’s group, this is a good job and wages, but also a good plan for immigrant dreams, especially New Zealand’s permanent return visa, presumably the most attractive highlight of the gift plan.