IP is a door craft, money can not pile up IP

IP is a brand of social context. But there is a huge difference between IP and brand.

There is a saying in the brand: brand planning without a budget is a rogue.

IP is just the opposite. Money can’t pile up IP. Because IP is a door craft.

Personalized interpretation of IP
When those big brands look for “self-employed” net red goods, you will find: in the face of IP, the organization is stronger, and it is no match for “hands-on people” such as net red.

There are many theories and books about IP, such as Super IP. However, there has never been a way to successfully replicate IP.

The book “Super IP”, although the subtitle is “Internet New Species Methodology”, is actually a less rigorous methodology, which is inductive but difficult to interpret.

“Super IP” summarizes the six elements of IP success: continuous personalization; unique content capabilities; potential energy value of the topic; integration of new technologies; traffic realism. Five of these six elements can be replicated and can be resolved in an organized way using resources (such as money). However, personalization is just too difficult to solve with money.

In the past, companies talked about scale competition and differentiated competition, which can be solved with creativity or with resources. Differentiation is a physical or neutral expression that can be realized with resources and can be piled up with money.

Wu Sheng said in the “New Species Explosion” that personification or personalization “is to give people an emotional and value creation centered on the object. From the item to the emotion, it is an empathy process, and this kind of object-to-human framework It seems to be integrated into personality, but things are things after all. If people are not independent, it will lead to not the brand to help you express, become a brand to represent you. Personalization tries to avoid this result, people who need to use the goods as themselves People come to develop, not to be filled as consumers. To get rid of the role of consumers, people express their infinite life consciousness through all their lives through their limited life, which is the meaning of personalization of goods.”

It is too difficult to personalize the items. This is the process of artistic creation, not the process of scientific thinking.

Since IP is personified, it is easier for people to become IP directly. As a result, people with distinct personalities have mastered the spread of this craft on the Internet and quickly become a network red and IP.

How does Ubero conduct IP detonation?
Craft beer Uber, 2018 spring sugar IP detonation. I talked with Li Qing, the founder of Uber, and Fang Gang, who is a member of Uber Labor.

A returnee named “Sissi”, two speeches on Chuntang, accompanied by the stunning packaging of the product “fresh flashing”, plus the scene of “small beer yellow beer”, IP instantly detonated, let the boss Unprepared.

If the speaker is not “Sissi”, but the boss Li Qing, there may not be this effect. Because the personal charm of the speaker is critical.

If there is no stunning “fresh slap” package, it is an ordinary bottle of beer. In other words, although there is a “fresh flashing” package, there is no “small yellow car” as a scene, and it may not detonate.

At the scene of the speech, I was attracted by the “Sui Princess”, “Fresh Flash” and “Little Yellow Car”. At that time, I felt that Uber worked hard.

As a result, a spring sugar has completed the investment of hundreds of agents, which may be more than the total investment done by other sugar companies.

Is this process regular? Of course there are. For example, since then, the beer industry has been covered with “fresh flash” packaging, but there is no second detonation.

Inductive, no deduction. This is a pseudo-law. It seems to make sense, but it cannot be copied on a regular basis, that is, it cannot be interpreted.

There are so many rules for summarizing IP, but if it is only an art category, it is impossible to enter the scientific scope. Such a law may mislead people.

IP detonation and reinforcement
The success of Jiang Xiaobai, the IP detonation and the traditional “lower effort” are very powerful.

Summary Jiang Xiaobai’s articles are many, and there are many imitations, but who succeeded in Jiang Xiaobai’s routine? Tao Shiquan, founder of Jiang Xiaobai, said that if he was allowed to do it again, he would not be able to make a second Jiang Xiaobai.

Tao Shiquan is a person who is very good at thinking on methodology and philosophy. It is also difficult to summarize the laws of IP. Therefore, in sharing the success of Jiang Xiaobai’s experience, IP is not to be mentioned by Tao Shiquan. But he also put forward some ideas, such as “The product came out, the script came out; the script came out, the IP came out.”

When Jiang Xiaobai was founded, Tao Shiquan did not have any resources, but Tao Shiquan had a typical split personality trait, super sensibility and super rationality. Super sensibility helps to detonate IP, and super rationality helps companies to scale up.

Jiang Xiaobai was detonated by social media, but now Jiang Xiaobai’s spread is a heavy asset. Animation, TV drama implantation, cross-border cooperation, these are resource-invested, controllable, and can be solved by money.

The detonation of IP, the role of money is not big; IP strengthening, money can solve the problem.

IP detonation is the result of a lot of trial and error
The detonation of IP requires short-term explosive propagation, such as tens of millions of transmissions, at least one million.

Participated in the annual new marketing “Golden Horn Award” selection, found that many million-level spread did not detonate.

The current IP detonation, the general characteristics are: a hot content, short-term viral spread, quickly detonated. Then it triggered self-media attention and formed a second spread.

In this mode, IP is detonated every day, and it is accidental. But as long as there are enough participants, according to the probability, there is always a detonation. Like traditional media, every media has a headline every day, but there are always headlines of several media that can detonate.

Why are some of the tens of millions of levels of communication not detonated, the reason is to use money to “buy traffic” instead of virality.

Can you continue to produce viral content? It’s hard.

After a short video of a company was accidentally detonated, the company encouraged all employees, agents and consumers to produce short videos, but it has never been detonated since.

Advertising communication, a slogan, an advertisement, and fine craftsmanship, cost a lot of money. Because you have to invest a lot of advertising fees, you can’t try it wrong. Wrong waste is big.

The detonation of IP is the result of a lot of trial and error. Create countless pieces of content, one detonated, and it has since become a hit.

Those net reds, such as Papi sauce, are playing every day and detonated one day. Enterprises can’t do this with money, and they don’t allow the company’s money to play like this.

The practice of unifying the market content department of the group, I think it is a kind of gameplay with a high probability of detonation. By setting up a “content dream workshop”, employees and outsiders can create content, and if there is traffic, they will pay dividends.

This practice is still a way of playing probabilities. In fact, the detonation of IP is the probability of play. Just detonating wants to have a high probability, one is to introduce people who will play; the other is to play with everyone at low cost. If you decide which piece of content is detonated, then give it to God.

The probability of playing can only be played like this. If you play like this, you still have to work on IP.

This kind of gameplay is called highly promising.

Probabilistic, possible but not inevitable. Highly probabilistic, that is, a method of cognition based on the high probability of the development of things, is a means of cognition that people have to adopt when they do not reach the logical inevitability of things.

Accidentality, probability, inevitability. Probability, probability is more than accidental, lower than inevitability.

IP detonation, the pursuit of inevitability, it is necessary to pursue the nature.