The terror predictions of “The Matrix” 20 years ago have become a reality today

In September, New York City began school, and the relevant departments of the municipal government began to become united, intense, and inactive. In fact, they were almost afraid of waiting. why? They are worried that the measles epidemic, which is almost out of control in the school year, will come back. Measles, the World Health Organization announced in 2000 that it has disappeared in the United States, who thought that it began to resurrect last fall, the largest outbreak in 30 years, New York is the hardest hit, concentrated more than 90% of the United States.

Why is schooling a hurdle? More than 20 years ago, a British doctor named Andrew Wakefield published a paper saying that measles vaccine is associated with childhood autism. This paper was later revealed by the peers, and Wakefield was also revoked the doctor’s license. But a large number of parents would rather believe that there were 26,000 children in New York who did not get a vaccine when they started school.

The city government made a sigh of relief this time, saying that it is strictly prohibited to go to school without vaccination except for medical reasons. As a result, guess what?Many parents are now planning to resign and let their children study at home .

In August, Jeffrey Epstein, who was waiting in court for sexual crimes, suddenly died in prison. Epstein is accused of collecting sexual services from underage girls , entertaining friends in his own mansion and island, and his friends are surrounded by celebrities, from current President Trump, former President Clinton to Prince Andrew of England. Sitting on the guest.

After being imprisoned, Epstein tried to commit suicide and was included in the key care. The key care was released before he died. After his death, the official character was suicide, but there were rumors. It is said that he was assassinated, and that he did not die at all, but that the smoke-making disorder has escaped from prison. Trump, who loved this kind of fun, first tweeted the tweet of Terrence Williams on Twitter, suggesting that Epstein’s death was related to the Clintons . Even the mainstream American media that have always opposed conspiracy theories have begun to discuss the suspicious aspects of this incident. Until now, Epstein’s team of lawyers did not accept suicide, and had hired an independent investigation agency to investigate the cause of death .

In March, US Special Investigation Officer Robert Mueller finally completed an investigation into whether Trump had colluded with the Russians for the presidency. A two-year investigation, a 600-page report, a seven-hour congressional hearing, turned the 2016 presidential campaign to the bottom. However, few Americans have changed their views on the “TongRumen” incident because of these latest consultations. They believe that they still believe in their own existence, and they are clamoring to impeach the president, believe it or not. No, and shouted for the president. It seems that everyone from different planets, not to mention the president’s ethics, even the gravitation of this matter can not reach a consensus.

Last year, a video of a former President Barack Obama’s speech was madly transmitted on the Internet. His voice, tone, lips and eyes were all right, but the last shot shook, revealing the dubbing comedian Jordan Peele. Pell deliberately left a flaw, intended to remind people that the current technology can do even the image can be fake.

If you don’t see any connection between these things, then you need to review the Matrix.

In the past two decades since the birth of this classic, the world has changed, but what is certain is that the world we live in is infinitely close to the world that is designed, manipulated, and difficult to distinguish.

At the same time, when I was watching the film, I was still ignorant, and at any time I could not be stunned by self-doubt, and I was ready to meet the infinite possibilities of the future. Now I have gone through the unknown world to find my age. The heart has a hard core, wrapped in the self-confidence of the middle-aged self-satisfaction, self-righteousness and self-centeredness, uncompromising and not retreating, but also stubborn and self-sufficient. This is really an extremely dangerous thing.

Of course, the world has not been occupied by AI as in the movie, and human beings have not lived in the illusion of machine manufacture. But the lack of information in the opaque system and the proliferation of information on the Internet are more incompatible with the AI. In the kingdom it established, people have ample opportunity to choose a predecessor to search for the daggers. There may be a simple life that I have hoped for a moment – no need to be obsessed with the truth, just believe that you are willing to believe, because no matter what you believe, you can find a lot of information within the three-to-five click to prove that you are correct.

The late US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan has a famous saying: ” Everyone has the right to have their own opinions, but they have no right to have their own facts . ” But we have clearly entered everyone. Have an era of their own “facts.”

This makes the situation quite complicated. Even if the illusion of high-tech manufacturing such as retouching software and face-changing software is abandoned, the actual data obtained through rigorous investigation and research may be differently directed to serve different interest groups, and they are often incompatible with each other. You have no me. How many facts are needed to come to a conclusion that is as unclear as how much hair is lost, and that the facts of a single and their proportion in all facts are equally important to the final conclusion, if not all Information, it is difficult to judge whether the part that is in the palm of your hand is the mainstream or the last. However, in the era of information explosion, poverty and all are no longer possible. Therefore, it is universally accepted that the blindness of the world is so unconscious, and it has become the symbol of this era.

In a speech in Maryland in 2014, Cui Yongyuan joked that ” In fact, there is a fact in this society ? The unified calibre is the fact . ” In fact, there are facts in this society, but too many people have lost the facts of gathering and then go Patience to find the truth. The easiest way at this time is indeed to unify the calibre – not necessarily the unity of you and others, but the unity of you and yourself. In order to save a lot of trouble, you tell yourself to believe what you see in front of you, firmly believe in your judgment of true and false, and refuse to consider other possibilities.

“The Matrix” has a very talented child. From the sharp eyes and the “no spoon at all” spell in his mouth, he bends a spoon that looks hard and straight and is just an illusion. But this requires an open mind that is beyond ordinary people. I believe that it is incredible and skeptical. Most people do not have this ability. As the human rescue captain of the film, Murphys, said, we were born as slaves and were locked in “a mental prison. ”

This sentence is also applicable outside the screen, except that this prison is not a digital matrix built by AI, but our rejection and suspicion of other people’s opinions, and the conviction that we can’t move our opinions.

As the world becomes more and more noisy, when more and more sounds are superimposed and unrecognizable, there is no better way to see the truth, besides believing and doubting – doubting yourself and believing others . I suspect that I may be as radical and blind as my opponents. I believe that those who are embarrassed in my eyes may be more awake than myself.

In fact, how can you master the whole truth by your own strength? The truth is a jigsaw puzzle. Everyone who sees the world from different angles holds one of them. The way to get it is not to talk to different camps, but to talk and listen. Although no one can piece together all the pieces together, as many collages as possible will always give you the most close to reality.

This is the only way to the truth in the modern era.