Why is the company of the “All Stars” not living long?

Recently, in order to study retail enterprises, I have read a lot of methodological data of this industry. One of them is the direction of “shopping basket analysis”, which is to analyze the purchase behavior of customers by analyzing the products they purchase in a single purchase. Display, plan promotions.

The most famous of these is “beer and diapers”. It seems that these two things have nothing to do with each other, but through the “shopping basket analysis”, it is found that there is a certain relationship between the two – when the young father buys beer at the supermarket on the way to work, By the way, buy a diaper and take it home.

“Beer and diapers” is actually just a theoretical hypothesis, but “shopping basket analysis” is indeed a very important part of supermarket operations.

However, I found that many methods of “shopping basket analysis” are used in the workplace to conduct employee relationship analysis, which is also very interesting. Employees stay in a company, not only depends on salary, work content, etc., but also have a great relationship with the company atmosphere and communication with other colleagues.

I use the “shopping basket analysis” method today to see several similar employee relationships.

Associated employee
The main task of “Shopping Basket Analysis” is to find related products.

Associated goods are items that often appear in the same shopping basket. Such as imported butter, fine wines and imported cheese; sheep beef and hot pot seasoning; toothbrushes and towels; sashimi, sushi and mustard… so in the supermarket, the same goods are often divided into multiple displays to stimulate consumer spending. Scene association.

There are also obvious associated employees in the workplace, the most typical of which is the gender balance of unmarried men and women.

I used to be an advertising company. Colleagues are almost unmarried youths. The ratio of men and women is basically balanced. Because the company supports office romance, it is less than 100 people. In the six or seven years, more than a dozen couples were made, and the company’s staff was also The churn rate is lower than other advertising companies.

In order to develop an Internet project, the company recruited a team of programmers who were almost all boys. The project was not successful, but the team was stable because the gender structure of the company was easier to solve the marriage than the average IT company.

The more important associated employees in the workplace are the connections between the main employees and other supporting employees.

Wal-Mart divides all its products into main products and related and auxiliary products. Although the main products account for 75% of sales, the related and auxiliary products account for 80% of the products – the magical “two-eighth principle”.

From this point of view, although most of the goods in the supermarket belong to related goods and auxiliary goods, the purpose of their existence is often to promote the sale of the main products; while the main products are sold well, they can subsidize the related and auxiliary goods. Make sure they can survive.

An excellent company is essentially because there are a group of key employees. According to the “28 Principles,” they may provide 80% of the contributions, but the number is less than 20%.

Other employees take on most of the transactional work for the main employees, so that they have time to complete the company’s key tasks, so the main employees are actually using a part of the salary to “subsidize” other employees.

There is also a kind of “association”, similar to the relationship between “free players” and “renminbi players”. The main employees harvest the worship of lower-level employees and pay “salary subsidies” to them.

This kind of connected employee is the most basic ecology of a company, and no company can and does not need to support the “All Star Lineup.”

Mutually exclusive employees
Related products are not only positively correlated, but also negatively related. They are called “mutually exclusive goods”.

The typical mutually exclusive goods are competing goods. If you buy Coca-Cola, you will not buy Pepsi. If you buy a bright Mosleyan, you don’t need to buy Ely’s Anmsi.

The meaning of mutually exclusive goods to supermarkets is sometimes greater than that of related goods, because it represents the preferences of different consumers, so they must appear on the same shelf at the same time to meet the consumer’s choice.

Many brands hope to increase the rebate to let supermarkets only sell their own brands, but this practice of hurting consumers’ choices will lead to the loss of customers.

The mutual exclusion of employees in the workplace is also very meaningful. If the role of the associated employees is to make the business partnership more closely and the sense of team stronger, then the role of mutual exclusion is just the opposite.

There are two types of mutually exclusive employees. One is an employee with a clear competitive relationship, which can increase the internal competition of the enterprise. This is what we usually call the “squid effect”. The other is the employee who has a conflicting personality concept. used.

I have seen many companies. After years of corporate culture baptism, employees often show a highly consistent behavior style. This is not a good thing. It will not only make the company’s management mediocre, the style of highly unified discussion, the lack of objection baptism, but also make it easy for enterprises to turn a blind eye to the “grey rhinoceros” problem.

Different styles of collisions and conflicts brought about by employees can provide a variety of work styles for enterprises.

In general, competition between mutually exclusive goods can benefit consumers and supermarket fishermen, but excessive competition can also be counterproductive. Many brand promoters often smash each other under the pressure of sales indicators, and ultimately lose consumer trust. .

For supermarkets, the more exclusive products are not the better, within the best of 2 to 5, more than the “selective phobia” that inspires consumers.

A company’s mutual exclusion of employees’ excessive competition also hurts the competitiveness of the company. The most typical is the “last elimination”. Under this cruel competition, employees are under great pressure, selfish, and even at the expense of the company.

Isolated employee
In the supermarket, in addition to related goods and mutually exclusive goods, there are also some isolated goods, such as electrical appliances, tobacco, high-end liquor, medicines, health products.

Consumers are very purposeful to buy them. When they come, they buy them, buy them and leave. No matter where you put them, there is no obvious associated sales; but if they are missing, consumers will give up buying instead of looking for alternatives.

Supermarkets can tolerate their “lonely character”, entirely on the face of their high price or high gross profit. Moreover, supermarkets will still try their best to connect them with other goods. The most common is to buy this kind of goods in the purchase line, so that consumers have to go through other commodity areas.

Many companies also have isolated employees. The most typical one is the new team that the company has set up to enter the new field. For example, the project development team in the advertising company I mentioned earlier has nothing to do with the original business, so it is rarely in the workflow. Deal with other employees.

This “mysterious force” under the same roof will cause psychological discomfort to everyone. The company should try to break this barrier, such as adjusting the office area and strengthening the communication between employees in different departments. Will exchange knowledge in each other’s professions and also lay a good foundation for future cooperation.

The so-called “unqualified” employees
In a very popular supermarket, there are always a lot of goods that don’t seem to be bought, but there is also the inevitability of its existence.

There is a kind of low-end food in the supermarket. The gross profit is low and the sales are not good. It is naturally eliminated. After being eliminated, the supermarket found that some low-end foods that had been sold well before were gradually sold, and then through the member system for “shopping cart analysis”, it was found that some regular customers of the goods did not come, indicating that this elimination The goods are precisely the reasons that attracted them before.

The same thing will also be found in some low-end high-end goods, they are also the reason for some high-end consumers to buy, once eliminated, will be “continuously” other good-selling goods.

Therefore, when many foreign supermarkets clean up the types of goods, they must calculate the “shopping cart coefficient” of the goods, and analyze the associated status of the goods in the related goods.

Similarly, many companies with stable developments, on the surface, have a lot of “unqualified” people, in fact, they all have the rationality of their existence.

The most typical is the old employees who have been in the company for a long time. Although they have limited ability and stay in the bottom positions for a long time, they are familiar with the company culture, management style and business process. They are the lubricants for newcomers to integrate into the company, and they are often used as a buffer between the main employees and the conflicts between the main employees and the company.

However, this kind of “association” function is very invisible. After the company changes a new leader for personnel adjustment, it is easy to “injure” such employees, which eventually leads to the destruction of corporate culture and the long-term balance of the company’s employees is broken. Even more unfortunately, due to the lack of quantitative analysis, managers will never realize the mistakes they have made.

Employee ecology
Into a supermarket, Lin Hao’s goods rushed to the surface. It seems that in addition to the simple big class, its display is not regular, even a little messy.

In fact, all goods have their own unique personality, there is a complex or associated or exclusive role, plus balance the interests of supermarkets, dealers, brands, employees, consumers, etc. The final position is the balance achieved after a long-term game.

Writing these, you may be more likely to understand the layout of a company’s employees, not just the position on the business card, nor the options on the personnel resume, but also the figures on the KPI assessment form, their position, because of the ability experience The difference is because of the difference in interest appeals, and because of the differences in personality, there is always a dynamic game.

A good company will eventually form a balanced, stable, and developmental “ecological structure.” Some key nodes will be involved in the whole process. Any manager should recognize and respect this existing ecological structure.

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