Manufacturing conflict with competitors

In the book “New Map of the Pentagon”, it is mentioned in the Pentagon that there is a tracing notice for many years: Who is the next opponent of the United States?

American strategy scholar David Rotkopf said: “The United States has been making indomitable opponents. The United States needs opponents from the bottom of its heart – politicians like their opponents, because hitting opponents helps to raise public sentiment and their Attention shifts away from domestic problems; the defense industry likes opponents because it helps them make money; scholars like opponents because their opponents make their publications sell well…”

“Without a great opponent, there would be no great America.”

To be a great company, you have to make great opponents for yourself. In this era, heroes also rely on the enemy to glory. If the enemy is not enough, not strong enough, the hero can not become a legend.

If enterprises want to create achievements, they must find enemies that are big enough and strong enough to jointly create a world-famous battlefield and jointly create a legend that will be unforgettable.

The stronger the opponent, the greater the conflict and the greater the chance.

Who is your opponent – find the one that can be played most!
This is not only the secret of kicking the pavilion, but also the principle of maximizing the creation of opponents.

Jay Conrad Levison, the father of guerrilla marketing, tells us that your opponent’s role is to force you to become better.

Yao Ming’s opponent is O’Neill; Sun Yang’s opponent is Phelps; Liu Xiang’s opponent is Alan Johnson…

Even if our brand is not strong enough at the moment, we must also hold the “phoenix strikes nine thousand miles, the cloud is full of clouds, the sky is over, the clouds are in the air, and the clouds are on the top of the earth.” The “Idol” is made into a “great opponent” in order to use your opponent to create your own greatness.

The real opponents of Kung Fu are McDonald’s and KFC.
The real Kung Fu was originally called “double seed.” The first double seed was born in Dongguan in 1994. As the double seeds grew rapidly, they decided to go out of Dongguan and explore the Guangzhou and Shenzhen markets. However, the problem also appeared at this time. The same products, the same management, more expensive rents, and larger traffic. When the two seeds go to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, there will be “slow fever” in the store, many people in the past, fewer people entering the store, and the turnover will always falter. At the same time, they are puzzled by the double-seed and Western-style meals of McDonald’s and KFC, which are of the same quality or even better. They are sold at a lower price and are not accepted.

After in-depth research, we established a conflict between manufacturing and competitors, using McDonald’s and KFC to create opportunities for real Kung Fu.

Where are the conflicts between Western-style fast food such as McDonald’s and KFC? Western-style fast food is delicious, but not healthy enough to be nutritious. Using Western-style fast food and health conflicts, how do we attack the left and right brains of consumers?

Attacking the left brain: cut off Western-style fried foods such as French fries and chicken wings, strengthen the core value of Chinese, steamed, and nutritious, and create the truth about the product of “nutrition or steaming”. One yuan more expensive than the competitor: In the past, the price of the double seed was 12 yuan, and its competitor McDonald’s was 19 yuan, so our pricing principle at that time was: from now on, it will always be 1 yuan more than McDonald’s; we are “have “Nutrition fast food”, of course, should be more expensive than “nutritious fast food.”

Attacking the right brain: Borrowing Kung Fu culture – the brand name of the double seed is easy to reminiscent of an honest and approachable peasant. Such a brand name and image cannot compete with KFC’s Colonel Sandek and McDonald’s clown uncle. of.

We chose China’s Kung Fu culture to empower the brand, renamed the “double seed” to “real kungfu”, chose Xiaolong as our symbol, and stood on the opposite side of Colonel Sanders and the uncle of the clown. hit?

Standing on the opposite side of McDonald’s and KFC, the formation of a Western-style fast food and real Kung Fu conflict pattern: Western-style fast food is fried, not nutritious; real Kung Fu is steamed, nutritious.

The conflict created by the real kung fu made McDonald’s and KFC sullen, and even the latter two were included in the “blacklist.” When McDonald’s and KFC later signed a contract with a property, they often asked the contract to rent the surrounding property to the real Kung Fu.

We all oppose all the enemy’s support; we support all those who oppose the enemy.
The conflict between manufacturing and competitors is to completely stand on their opposites and create new and opposite conflicting needs of consumers. It must be done in the opposite direction with competitors: they appeal to fried and delicious, we must appeal to nutrition or steaming; they appeal to the big, we must remind consumers to “think small is good.”

Remember the shock that Google brought to netizens when it was first released? In 1995, on Yahoo’s mainstream browsing page, full of information – news, sports, stocks, society, and even weather forecasts, emails, auctions, etc., Yahoo will add a new feature almost every day. Netizens can enjoy a new service every day.

But Google said “no”, it only provides an input box for the search button.

Yahoo gives consumers a world of flowers, and Google chooses to give consumers a pure land; Google stands on the opposite side of competitors, creating “extremely” and “minimalist” conflicts, leading consumers to the opposite direction and becoming Today’s mainstream.

The conflict between manufacturing and competitors can not only pursue the “differentiation” of the surface, but firmly stand on the opposite side of the competitors in an all in attitude – we all oppose whatever they support; whatever they oppose, We all support it.

Only by using this extreme way to create conflicts can we borrow strength; especially for those start-up entrepreneurs who choose to stand on the opposite side of strong competitors in order to create consumer psychological cues and let consumers compete with them. The opponent is considered to be the equivalent of the contestants.

“Who rules that the toilet paper must be white?” Renova color toilet paper creates a conflict with traditional white toilet paper.

Renova’s release of black series of hand papers has been greatly welcomed by consumers. Every year, new color papers are introduced and become fashionable brands. (Of course, their webs are food grade, they will definitely not fade, very environmentally friendly. ), even Renova was selected as the designated paper by the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Renova’s slogan “Who rules that the toilet paper must be white?” created a conflict with white toilet paper and created its own success.

What conflicts did Franzinka create?
The conflict between manufacturing and competitors, using competitors in the upper position, the opponent can be a specific brand, or can be a relative category.

As a natural skin care brand, Franlinka has been tepid for ten years. Appealing for better raw materials, better craftsmanship, and even more powerful spokespersons seems to be unable to attract consumer attention.

How to help the François card break through quickly?

We have found that female consumers generally have a mentality when using chemical skin care products: they are worried that chemical ingredients will harm their skin. Can we use the consumer’s concern?

Ye Maozhong’s conflict strategy is called out by François: we hate chemistry! Created a conflict between natural skin care and chemical skin care: “We hate chemistry, we hate chemistry, we hate chemistry! Natural skin care! Francinka, François, ten years of natural skin care.”

Why hate, hate chemistry, how to understand is not important, because a thousand consumers have a thousand kinds of worry. We only need to take advantage of consumers’ worries and emotions, and create an exclamation mark in the hearts of consumers by creating conflicts between natural skin care and chemical skin care.

The “Hate Chemical” conflict-like advertisement has made the brand of Flemingka, which has been blurred for ten years, appear prominently in front of consumers. In the “conflict” with the experts, François has obtained additional Spreading, saving a lot of communication costs – “Hate Chemical” triggered the mainstream media such as CCTV and Dragon TV, actively disseminated news about the “Hate Chemical” debate, and the University of Peking University and Professor Tsinghua University on the Internet The debates of the people have also achieved a wider range of communication effects for François.

Fire at the nearest place to the opponent
Conflicts between manufacturing and competitors, it is best to rub the sparks like the Franconka, to magnify the value of the conflict, so we not only have to create conflicts with our opponents, but also to fire at the nearest place to the opponent.

On August 8, 2005, fast food giant KFC released “rejecting traditional foreign fast food and making new fast food” in 16 cities across the country. After KFC’s slogan, Kung Fu started to make eye-catching advertisements at the bus shelter at the end of August. “Nutrition fast food promoters warmly welcome KFC to join the ranks of nutritious snacks”, and then on the façade posters and menus of all restaurants in the country, “real kungfu welcomes traditional western fast food for China and changes nutrition,” and lists the tradition. The seven advantages of the “seven sins” of foreign fast food and the “steaming” of real kung fu.

Insiders pointed out that this is a foreign fast food “horizontal” in mainland China for many years, Chinese fast food for the first time confronted it, and the war of the local fast food was officially ignited.

On the first day of Apple’s flagship store in London, Huawei first ran to the scene to create a conflict: Huawei sent free fruit juices to the “fruit-free, absolutely long-lasting juice” and “Apple phones must be used.” power Bank”.

Let the people who heard the gunfire call the gunfire, or fear the artillery fire, and make artillery fires – Huawei chose to fire at the nearest place to the opponent! The conflict between manufacturing and Apple has made the fruit powders remember that Huawei’s battery life is stronger.

The conflict between manufacturing and competitors requires us to have the courage to not be afraid of conflict. Choose great opponents, dare to “challenge common sense, break the law”, actively broaden the “cognitive boundary” of consumers, and even change the “path dependence” of experts, in order to usher in the crazy growth on the new track and create great success. .