Solve these three problems, the new marketing will be on the road!

What is marketing? What is new marketing?
Marketing is simply how to sell products to more people, how to let more people buy more products, and continue to buy products.

In the past, doing marketing well requires three major actions: brand promotion, channel construction, and terminal sales. Brand promotion solves consumer’s cognitive problems, channel construction solves market coverage problems, and terminal sales solves terminal sales problems. In general, the focus of marketing is on marketing at the B end. Because in the past technical environment, the marketing of brand owners can not directly reach a large number of consumers.

Marketing is a means of generating in a competitive environment. With competition, you need to use marketing methods to establish your own product advantages and form your own market advantage. Therefore, any marketing concept, marketing model, and marketing methods are all about the times. Different marketing concepts, models and means are needed in different periods.

What is new marketing? At present, there are two aspects to understand:

First, the new marketing is based on the past three major marketing actions + new means. That is to use a new means of communication, new Internet technology to reconstruct a new and more efficient brand promotion, channel construction, terminal marketing new marketing system.

At present, many companies have made some very valuable innovations in this respect. On behalf of the brand is the time-consuming music. The time-consuming music is basically using some new modes of communication, community means, WeChat platform, Internet tools to promote the past brand, Channel construction and terminal sales are more efficient and more in line with the current marketing environment. The unified enterprise is also actively trying to use some of these new marketing methods to improve the efficiency of the marketing system. Uniformly launched 1, 2, 8 marketing strategies: 1 is targeted at marketing, 2 is the combination of online and offline marketing tools, 8 is the offline four marketing elements, online four marketing elements. The so-called offline four elements are traditional marketing actions such as distribution, display, and sales promotion. The four marketing actions on the line mainly rely on the new communication method to make the four actions under the line more efficient. .

The new marketing that is understood from this perspective is integrated with the previous marketing, or it is a fusion. In the past, the marketing structure remained basically the same, with the focus on adding some new marketing tools to make the previous marketing model more efficient.

Second, new marketing is the reconstruction of the overall concept, model, and method. The core is the reconstruction of ideas, that is, marketing shifts from commodity-centric marketing to customer-centric marketing, and then reconstructs a new marketing model system and tools around this concept change.

For a long time, brand owners have mainly solved the problem of product scale. Through technology and factories, product scale can be quickly realized, but users need to find one by one. In the Internet era, by connecting platforms, users can be scaled up quickly, and users can connect to large-scale products or personalized products.

In the past, the marketing era achieved rapid product scale, and the Internet era achieved rapid user scale. Is it easy to go to “+ users” after product scale, or is it easy to go to “+ products” after user scale? Obviously, the latter may be easier. This is also the key to marketing reengineering. The core of this new marketing is to reconstruct a new marketing system centered on customer value.

These two understandings of new marketing have very important practical significance. However, from the perspective of future development trends, new marketing will eventually move towards model reconstruction. That is, from merchandise-centric marketing to marketing with customer value as the center.

Judging from the overall industry trend, the FMCG market has gone through the era of product sovereignty and channel sovereignty, and is now entering the era of consumer sovereignty. In the era of consumer sovereignty, it is inevitable to reconstruct a consumer-centric marketing system.

New marketing must solve three major problems
Reconstructing the new marketing system of the enterprise needs to grasp three key points: First, establish three major connection systems to solve the problem of improving the efficiency of the marketing means of the enterprise; second, reconstruct the new commodity + service system and solve the business of enterprise marketing. The logic problem; the third is to establish a member management system centered on the operation of customer value, to solve the problem of value exchange between the enterprise and the customer.

The specific analysis is as follows:

Establish three major connection systems

The biggest impact of the Internet on the current society is connectivity. In essence, the Internet is a connection tool. But the efficiency of the connection has changed dramatically from the society in the past without a connection.

It is more obvious that the connection brought by the Internet is after the popularity of 4G, 4G completely turned the mobile phone into a mobile terminal, and turned the Internet connection into a mobile, fragmented, anytime, anywhere connection, and the connection provided by 4G. The unit has achieved a human-to-human connection.

However, the real problem facing all enterprises now is how to fully apply the high-efficiency methods, means and platforms brought by these mobile Internet to the marketing and operation of enterprises, especially how to use these new methods to comprehensively improve. The marketing efficiency of the enterprise.

The future society will surely be a deeper Internet society. The coming 5G is not only the connection between people, but also the connection between people and things.

The biggest significance of the connection for marketing is that it can effectively activate users. Compared with the marketing without connection in the past, it is an important marketing revolution. In the unconnected environment, the means for enterprises to activate users is blind marketing investment. “I know that my marketing expenses are wasted half, but I don’t know which half.” But in a connected environment, such problems will be obtained. Better solution.

At present, the connection means that can help enterprises to achieve marketing efficiency changes are mainly three major connection platforms:

1. Technology platform: Mainly through the establishment of a new digital information system system, establish an online connection between enterprises and customers and consumers, realize the efficiency change of the overall trading system of the enterprise, and also enable your customers and consumers. Enjoy the trading anytime, anywhere, and high efficiency like a high-speed rail ticket.

2. Content platform: For marketing, the content platform has two major values. One is to use the content to influence the target users of the brand, to find the user, to establish the connection, and to have an impact; the second is to connect the target user to the content platform. On, continue to use some good content to influence him, to promote consumer deepening of brand awareness, close relationship and transaction.

3. Community Platform: The value of the community platform is also connected, you can connect your target customers to the group. The relationship between the company and the customer can be gradually realized by means of the social interaction of the group. And the group can continue to produce social communication fission. Channel community and community channelization are a very important development direction for future marketing.

At present, the three major connectivity platforms in the Internet environment have brought new opportunities for efficiency change in corporate marketing. And around the efficiency changes, the entire marketing model will also change.

Reconstructing new commodity + service system

Marketing is important, but marketing is not a panacea. For many companies, the basic premise of marketing reengineering is the reconfiguration of the product system.

There are three main points:

1. How to adapt the new product system to the current market demand for consumption upgrades. Overall, there are indeed many products that cannot adapt to the current upgraded market demand.

Many products are still in a popular market position and cannot meet the needs of the middle class, which is gradually becoming the main force of market consumption under the stratified market environment.

Therefore, upgrading products and identifying target consumers are urgent issues facing many enterprises. How to better meet people’s needs for a better life, and the current mismatch between the overall supply is a very prominent industry problem.

2. How to position the brand effectively to impress current consumer perceptions. Under the market environment where commodities are extremely rich, consumers are also changing their perceptions of products. Consumers are not only concerned with the basic functions of products, but also pay attention to some scenes and individualized demand factors.

Therefore, how to redefine the brand, how to use the new brand connotation to impress the target users, become the focus of new marketing.

3. How to combine products and services to create a new product + service marketing system. In a market environment where commodities are extremely rich and consumers are more concerned about the needs of the scene, the innovation of many products is not only about the innovation of their own functions, but also needs to meet the demand of their scenes with new products + services.

In recent years, the rapid development of tea shops has gradually turned tea into a socialized product. The rapid development of baking shops has also gradually extended to social attributes.

In terms of the way of purchasing, some current consumers are not only buying a way to shop, but also constantly expanding the demand for home purchase. Therefore, the innovation of products has gradually become the innovation of products + services + scenes. How to present new products to consumers better with better service methods and better scene expressions is a complete system of product innovation.

Establish a member management system centered on operating customer value

Marketing is essentially to solve the problem of value exchange between brands and customers. Either an exchange of psychological values ​​or a direct exchange of values.

The exchange of psychological values ​​is to form brand awareness, so that users are willing to pay for the brand premium. Direct value exchange is to transfer the direct value of value customers.

Therefore, the enterprise marketing reconstruction is ultimately to establish a member management system centered on the operation of customer value, to solve the problem of value exchange between the enterprise and the customer.

The goal of this system is to effectively manage user value. It is not a marketing model based on the number of users, but a marketing system based on the level of user value.

This system can maintain a relatively stable group of loyal users for enterprises. In such an environment, it can help companies effectively reduce marketing costs, and share these reduced costs with loyal users. The ultimate goal is to achieve the marketing essence of customer value creation. Breaking the wrong thinking of creating value for a long time.

Finally, the new marketing is about the marketing of the target users. It is necessary to reconstruct a set of operators’ marketing system and use a set of value transfer system to make consumers get real value.