Why are people in Utopia vegetarian?

“City people are superior to the country people, adults are more authoritative than children, humans are higher than animals and plants, a rich planet is divided by human beings, and they think they are superior to everyone, so there are various massacres.” In the movie “Green Planet “The people living in the Green Planet describe the Earth as such. The Green Planet people have a position to say this. They live in a place that can be called “Utopia”. There is no “iron law, gender discrimination, distribution.” The capital, the financial system, there is no competition, literature, useless goods, war, pollution. On this planet, people are all vegetarians. They never kill, the utopia in which people and animals live in harmony, the food is logical. In the real world, most vegetarians believe that their insistence on food will make the world a better place.

In recent years, the trend of vegetarianism has been raging. The reason is that people are aware of the equality of all things. In the documentary of “Vegetarian Truth”, respondents indicated that many people decided to take food after seeing the video of the slaughterhouse. . In the view of Western vegetarians, dynamic physics should have an equal status with human beings. Correspondingly, there are also the concepts of “liberating and killing and promoting vegetarianism” in China. In addition, some vegetarians believe that vegetarians can reduce the consumption of resources and protect the ecological environment. The livestock industry and related industries have greatly increased greenhouse gas emissions, and the consumption of water resources is as high as 70% of the world, while the vegetarian diet can be reduced. These data.

In addition to the reasons for protecting animals and the ecological environment, people are increasingly paying attention to a healthy lifestyle, and it is only natural that vegetarians become fashionable in such a large environment. In ancient medicine and modern nutrition, vegetarian food is regarded as an important way to maintain health, no matter whether it is mentioned in the traditional health method, “less fat and thick taste, more light vegetarian food”, or confirmed in various nutrition journals. The prevalence of hypertension in vegetarians is lower than that of meat eaters. Vegetarians have the effects of preventing cancer, reducing liver and kidney burden, losing weight, and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, all of which confirm the benefits of vegetarians.

The International Veaetarian Union defines “food” as “no meat, poultry, fish and their by-products, with or without dairy products and eggs.” The history of vegetarians has been long. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was hailed as the father of vegetarianism. In the Socratic era, vegetarianism and even a symbol of wisdom. Clinton, Madonna and other celebrities all voiced vegetarian food. Tracing back to the history of Chinese vegetarian diet, the “fasting” of the pre-Qin period can be regarded as the embryonic form, and people only have vegetarian food during the fasting period. Up to now, vegetarians have been broadly divided into three categories: the first is for physical health, the second is for animal protection, and the third is for religious belief. Of course, there are many people who are occasionally vegetarian.

Finnish vegetarian blogger Virpi Mikkonena Instagram promoted vegetarian food for many years, but some time ago he confessed that he had a physical condition due to long-term vegetarian diet. A vegan diet is prone to imbalances in nutrition. This is often criticized. The intake of protein, fat, and vitamins in the diet needs to be maintained at the level required by the body. Secondly, the taste of vegetarian food is light and monotonous. With the development of technology and the development of vegetarian chefs for a long time, many meat ingredients and egg-milk ingredients can find vegetarian substitutes, and even can be used to simulate meat flavor, color and flavor. The mix of taste and taste has been highly improved compared to before, taste and nutrition can be balanced, and vegetarianism is no longer an ascetic.

In the list of Shanghai Michelin Guides released in 2017, Dashu Unbounded and Shanghai Bund and Meiguan were promoted to star-rated restaurants. In the existing vegan restaurant, the unbounded performance of the big vegetable breaks the boring impression of vegetarianism. In the research and development of food, the big vegetable and the unbounded world are based on the traditional Chinese health food and the international cooking method, so that the vegetarian food presents a completely different taste and appearance, and the ingredients and cooking methods are broken up and reorganized to produce an unexpected taste. It is the meaning of “unbounded”. There is one more reason for the vegetarian diet, and the new taste of the ingredients can be found.

According to survey data from the German Vegetarian Association, the Swedish Animal Rights Organization, the Canadian Humanitarian Association, etc., it can be seen that the population of people in recent years has been growing rapidly, which means that more and more people care about the whole world. They believe that they can make the earth a little better through their daily actions. Food is not a strict dogma, nor does it mean that vegetarians are more noble than meat, but people who have vegetarians have the will to improve the world. This also explains why people in the Utopia world are vegetarians.

Food is not a strict dogma, nor does it mean that vegetarians are more noble than meat, but people who have vegetarians have the will to improve the world.

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In the aspect of food research and development, the concept of big vegetables has always been adhered to?

Big vegetables and no boundaries: From the traditional wisdom of China, we take root in vegetarian cuisine and draw inspiration from the beauty of the world to create vegetables and food that break through the boundaries. The ingredients are the basis of food creation. In order to present the true taste of food, we follow the laws of nature and select seasonal high-quality ingredients.

Is the development of vegan dishes more difficult than the development of foraging? What aspects will you pay more attention to when developing food?

Big vegetables are unbounded: Because vegetarian foods have certain limitations, most of the ingredients are relatively faint, and they need to be tasted by different cooking techniques. We will try our best to use the best ingredients in the local area for us. For example, the ingredients such as pine mushrooms will try our best to ensure the original taste of the food, and try not to destroy the basic taste of the ingredients. In addition, some ingredients need to be superimposed on the taste, which is called “no taste to make it into”. Of course, in different seasons, according to traditional health to highlight or acid, or bitter, or spicy taste experience.

From the perspective of diners, what do you think is the benefit of vegan diet compared to foraging?

Big vegetables and no boundaries: There are many fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in the plant-based diet, which can make us feel full and satisfied. Vitamins, pigments and phytochemicals (such as anthocyanins) in fruits and vegetables make our skin healthier. At the same time, you can slowly calm your mind.

What are the few dishes that are popular among the most fat customers?

Big vegetable without borders: After nearly 8 years of operation, the brand has successfully created a classic dish in the diners. We will also spend our time on creative cuisine in the season. For example, this season’s summer ivory dish is a wind from Yunnan Jianshui. It is white in color and has a saying that “one grass can be a seat”. When it starts to “travel”, it meets Sichuan flavor on the way. The young and sweet ivory dish is sour and refreshing.