Are you the one who likes to bite by mosquitoes?

Recently, a hot search topic on Weibo has attracted the attention of netizens: eating sweets and drinking beer is the most popular mosquito. In fact, people who like mosquitoes can do more than that. It is easy for several people to win the favor of mosquitoes. Tong Xiaoyun, a dermatologist at Zhejiang Hospital, said that these people are the objects that mosquitoes like.

Dark-skinned person

Mosquitoes have a darkening effect. Mosquitoes are afraid of light but do not like light too dark. They like to be in low light conditions. During the day, when people wear dark clothes, the reflected light is darker, just to vote for it. Therefore, people who wear dark clothes and dark-skinned people are more likely to be desecrated.

Easy sweating person

Mosquitoes have a special liking for people who sweat more and have faster metabolism. Tong Xiaoyun explained that sweat is a foraging signal of mosquitoes. Because sweat contains a lot of amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, mosquitoes are very sensitive to this. Once they smell the smell of these substances, their appetite is widened. Therefore, some people who have just finished exercising and sweating are the “favorites” of mosquitoes.

Gasping person

When people are engaged in sports or physical labor, the breathing will be accelerated, so that the carbon dioxide exhaled is relatively more, which is convenient for the mosquito to perform directional tracking. Therefore, people who are gasping, fat people, and people who are breathing heavily are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes.

Makeup person

The use of fragrances such as perfumes, hair gels, and face creams increases the probability of being bitten by mosquitoes. Because most cosmetics contain chemical ingredients that attract mosquitoes. Therefore, the person who wears makeup is more sought after by mosquitoes than the one who is facing the sky.

Pregnant woman

Pregnant women are also more attractive to mosquitoes than ordinary people. Because pregnant women will have a higher expiratory volume during the second trimester, and the temperature of the pregnant woman’s abdomen will rise, it is easy to be harassed by mosquitoes.


The baby has a strong milky taste, the mosquito will bite because of the milky taste, and the baby has no defense ability, and it is easy to become the object of mosquito attack.

Repel mosquitoes, do this

● often take a bath less perfume

Take a bath, keep your skin fresh, and wipe off sweat in a timely manner after sweating, which can reduce the attraction of sweat odor to mosquitoes. Less soap and perfume, mosquitoes like nectar, so the use of perfume, cosmetics, creams and other floral scented items, the probability of being bitten by mosquitoes will increase. However, not all scent will attract mosquitoes. For example, the cologne commonly used by men has a sandal scent, which acts as a mosquito repellent.

● Put a few pots of mosquito repellent plants

Mosquitoes are afraid of special smells, and some natural plants have a repellent effect on mosquitoes. For example, night scent, sage, the most obvious of which is pyrethrum, which has a strong repellent or even killing effect on mosquitoes. Mosquitoes such as lemongrass oil, lemongrass and geraniol do not like it.

● Wear light clothes when exercising outdoors

When you are active in places with more mosquitoes, try to wear light-colored long-sleeved clothes and wear socks at the same time. This will not only reduce mosquito contact, but also reduce the humidity of the human skin, reduce the volatiles on the skin, and reduce the bite. .

● Correct use of repellent

Repellent is a drug that is applied to the body to drive away mosquitoes. It can be applied to bare skin, such as arms, face, neck, calf, etc. It is usually effective for 4 hours. After this time, it should be reapplied. Also, pay attention to see if you have allergies. The efficacy of the drug is related to the amount of activity and the amount of sweat. If it is outdoors, the duration of the effect may be shortened and it should be applied in time.

●Use traditional mosquito nets and fly swatters

Hands, newspapers, fly swatters, electric mosquito swatters, everything you can think of can form a physical attack on mosquitoes. The best way to prevent mosquitoes in infants and young children is to use mosquito nets.

●Clear water in the home

In addition, timely change the water in the vases and aquatic plants, thoroughly clean the air conditioning trays, water in the bottom of the flower pots, check the floor drains in the bathroom and kitchen, keep the indoor dry and no water, and prevent mosquitoes from breeding.