Is the child precocious?

Due to imbalanced diet and overnutrition, children have more precocious puberty, which affects their lifelong development. However, many parents have missed the best treatment time when they found their precocious puberty. A few days ago, we invited the director of the Department of Endocrinology, Zhejiang Children’s Hospital, Director Dong Guanping to explain to you what is precocious puberty.

Prenatal development is precocious puberty

Adolescence is an important stage of a person. At this stage, the child’s body undergoes a series of changes, from child to adult. Precocious puberty means that the child’s puberty begins much earlier than normal. Girls’ puberty usually starts at 9 to 12 years old, and boys start at 10 to 13 years old. If the girl is adolescent before the age of 8 before the age of 8, it suggests that the puberty is advanced, that is, precocious puberty.

What are the performances of sexual precocity?

The main effect of the girl is breast development before the age of 8. The child may say that the breast is a little bit painful or a little itchy, and it feels a small hard block. The main manifestation of the boy is the testicular enlargement before the age of 9. If the parents do not deliberately observe it, it is easy to be ignored. Another precocious boy may have hemorrhoids on his forehead.

Children with precocious puberty

There are two types of precocious puberty.

●Treat sexual precocity

This is the most common, accounting for about 80%, is the premature puberty caused by the secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in the hypothalamus, and the process is exactly the same as true puberty.

● pseudo precocious

The pituitary gland secretes gonadotropins in advance, or the gonads secrete hormones in advance to cause sexual development. Due to the lack of activation of the hypothalamus, it is slightly different from normal puberty.

The prevalence of precocious puberty is reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, children develop sexual development too early, and the actual age cannot keep up with the degree of psychological maturity, which can easily lead to psychological disorders, such as easy inferiority, disharmony, and possibly precocious puberty. And the sexual impulses that do not match the age, the emergence of early love and so on.

On the other hand, sex hormones have the effect of promoting bone development, which can cause early closure of children’s epiphyses. Therefore, children with precocious puberty are taller and taller than their peers, but their height will be shorter than others. The earlier the sexual development, the shorter the final height.

Why does it cause precocious puberty?

In children with precocious puberty, the following main factors are mainly considered in the exclusion of organic diseases and diseases:

● Genetic factors: If parents have precocious puberty, the possibility of precocious puberty is increased.

● Obesity / overweight: Global children are overweight, obesity rate is increasing, children are overweight, and obesity is significantly associated with precocious puberty. It is currently believed that childhood obesity is an important cause of precocious puberty and it is worthy of the attention of parents.

●Dietary malnutrition and overnutrition: Nutritional status is a major potential influencing factor for precocious puberty in children. Overnutrition, excess energy, and eating supplements have the risk of induced precocious puberty.

● Environmental endocrine disruptors: In recent years, the literature reports that environmental pollutants, especially substances discharged from the detergent, pesticides and plastics industries, and their products can produce a series of environmental endocrine disruptors, induced precocious puberty.

● Others: Children often use cosmetics, sleep at night, sleep on TV or online adult video, and anxiety and stress can induce precocious puberty. How to prevent precocious puberty

● Reasonable and healthy diet, reasonable quality, balanced nutrition, not picky eclipse, especially do not eat supplements.

● Appropriate exercise, you can do more skipping, basketball, swimming and other sports, not only can strengthen your body, but also help the height increase, but here you should pay attention not to exercise too much, exercise time should not be too long, keep an hour every day Exercise is appropriate.

● Develop good habits, go to bed early and get up early, do not open night lights at night.

● It is forbidden to contact electronic products for a long time, such as TV, computer, mobile phone, to avoid the impact of over-adult video on children.

In addition, sexual development is a stage that every child must go through, so parents and moms are not overly nervous and anxious in the face of children who want to step into adolescence. Timely and correct adolescent education and counseling, maintaining a happy and harmonious family atmosphere, is also vital to the growth of children, to avoid the physical and mental health of children affected by the negative emotions of parents. remind:

Precocious puberty affects the height of the child, and the impact on height is different at different stages. The later the visit, the greater the impact on height. In general, the chances of a girl growing taller after menstruation are small. Therefore, children must be alert when they are too fast. If parents find that their child has breast development or testicular enlargement before the age of 8, go to a regular hospital and go to the hospital as soon as possible.