Send you a summer health guide

In summer, the temperature is obviously increased, the thunderstorm is increasing, and the human body consumption is increased. Health care is especially important.

Clothing: anti-sweat, moisture-proof, comfortable

In summer, the human body sweats a lot, so pay attention to sweating in time, otherwise it is easy to suffer from eczema and sweat spots. In addition, underwear, silk, cotton fabrics with good breathability, moisture absorption, moisture wicking and heat dissipation should be selected.

Food: increase acid and reduce bitterness, complement the spleen and stomach

Chinese medicine believes that “summer gas and heart gas pass”, summer health should pay attention to early sleep and get up early, sweating after exercise, will cause yang deficiency, this time should use food supplement, follow the “acid and bitterness, kidney and liver, nourish the stomach The principle of eating sour foods and medicines can make the skin properly contract and prevent excessive sweating.

Sour foods such as ebony, hawthorn, tomato, and schisandra can enhance digestive function and nourish the liver. Eating often can lower blood pressure, soften blood vessels, and protect the heart. In summer, people should not eat greasy, easy-to-fire foods, otherwise it will cause heat inside and outside the body, prone to hemorrhoids, mouth ulcers, constipation and other diseases.

Live: Take a nap with work space for a while

Because summer is dark and early in the morning, people tend to wake up late and wake up early, causing lack of sleep, often “snoring” during the day, while people in summer are prone to heat, blood is concentrated in the body surface, and the digestive tract after morning meal. The blood supply is increased, the blood supply to the brain is reduced, and people are prone to lack of energy and sleepiness.

Chinese medicine experts reminded that in the summer season, everyone should change according to the solar terms, relative to the winter and spring, can fall asleep later, get up early, in order to comply with the changes in the natural Yangsheng yin. Generally speaking, it is advisable to take half an hour to an hour for a lunch break. The time should not be too long. Don’t rush to get up after waking up. It is better to get up for 10 minutes. Don’t be greedy when you sleep, avoid sleeping at the tuyere to prevent the cold from getting sick.

Line: massage anti-wet hole, ninety-nine nine days

Summer is also an important time for dampness. Chinese medicine believes that the moisture passes through the spleen, so the dampness should start from the spleen and spleen, and the Yinlingquan point under the knee joint can play a good spleen and dampness effect. Because Yinlingquan is the joint point of the spleen, it is also the point of dampness. The Yinlingquan point is located inside the calf of the human body, and the inside of the knee is in the depression. When pressing massage, you should sit or supine, and press the left and right legs for 60 times. It is appropriate to press each time in the morning and evening.

All in all, the focus of summer health is to raise your heart, regulate your emotions, insist on getting up late, getting up early, eating light, and sticking to proper exercise every day, which will make your body healthier.