Nivea X Durex: The deep deep black routine of men

In September, Tmall gathered a giant “Dulais” with a length of 35 cm on Super CP Day. This is certainly not a condom. It is a man’s deep black routine gift package from Nivea Men and Durex. This is a wave. Very color marketing!

Imagine, my girlfriend said, “Come tonight tonight, remember to bring everything to you,” so you bring a toothbrush towel and cleansing supplies. In the evening, you took out a black “DEEP”, but it was Nivea Cleansing Mud. Just as your girlfriend rushed you out, you then took a thin Durex from the Nivea Men’s Moisturizer box… Black oil control moisturizing cleansing mud with yellow ultra-thin Durex, your smirk hit her blush, good fun!

Condoms are daily necessities that adults can’t avoid, but the risk of accidentally exposing or losing a single pack, but the whole box is too conspicuous. There is no paste in the moisturizer tin box in the routine bag, but 3 pieces of cleansing mud. There is another box of Durex and a box of cleansing mud in the package. Each has 12 pieces, they can be replaced with “moisturizing cream”. “The iron box.”

Men’s cleansing mud and ultra-thin condoms can be placed in the same small iron box of the famous man’s moisturizer. It is small, portable and safe. It pays attention to facial cleansing and black belly. Just ask you man? Not enough fun? Can’t buy?

In order to promote the refrigerated drink Xingyi Cup, Starbucks recently joined the Himalayan APP to play auditory marketing for the first time in the cup, launching 3 million cups of “Reading Poems for You” special edition Xingyi Cup, in the country’s major convenience stores, boutique supermarkets a.

After purchasing the Star Yi Cup, consumers only need to scan the QR code of the cup to listen to the selected poems performed by Chen, Guangliang and Huang Zhizhong. The listening style is H5, the literary and fresh design style, the gentle and slow BGM, coupled with the anchor’s awkward and affectionate recitation, creating a calming atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the rich coffee aroma while listening to people The poems of the heartstrings perfectly interpret the idea of ​​“letting the moment, the heart of the people”.

On the one hand, auditory marketing can bring new sensory stimuli while liberating both eyes and hands, so that the taste and sound of coffee complement each other and bring consumers a deeper experience. On the other hand, Starbucks and Himalayan APP are highly compatible. The values ​​and similar consumer groups have improved the accuracy of marketing and promoted brand linkage. In addition, the channel for the distribution of new products will help bring more traffic.

This cross-border activity uses both art and life to transform poetry into a cup of coffee, to incorporate sound into fragmented time, to bring emotional connections, and to make the brand’s voice “flow” into consumers. heart.

For most brands and public figures, facing negative comments is a far-sighted and silent statement. However, the clothing brand Diesel has to be bolder, not only to face the controversy, but also to make the network bad reviews into clothes for you to see.

Diesel and a number of controversial stars have released the Autumn and Winter Marketing Campaign with the theme of “Anti-cyber Violence”. These invited stars often receive a lot of negative comments on the Internet and have a good understanding of cyber violence. Therefore, Diesel, who advocated “freedom” and “daring”, took a different approach and printed these celebrity online criticisms and Diesel’s ridicule on clothing. He released the “Hate Couture” theme fashion with a spirit of self-defense, and boldly accepted the controversy. Pointing to language violence in social networks. At the same time, Diesel also posted a black slogan in the flagship store to encourage people not to care about these negative information.

Whether it is a star figure or the general public, we are inevitably experiencing or witnessing the occurrence of cyber violence on social networks. These hateful speeches are polluting our online culture. Diesel exposes social ills in a personalized way, and uses fashion expressions to highlight brand attitudes. It not only responds to controversy, but also highlights the brand’s temperament, and achieves a good combination of charity and brand marketing.

Every second half of the year, the major awards ceremony will scramble to screen the social network. Stars, stage and awards are the most interesting aspects. However, in this year’s GQ annual character ceremony, GQ official blog’s copywriting was “successful” and became the protagonist of the entire award ceremony.

The “striking” of the copy is in its distinctive tone. Wu Dajing said to the skater: “There is no ice on the red carpet, which obviously makes him not used to it. In order to let him go back earlier, we have arranged for people to go to the frozen road.” In front of Zhao Wei, who was suddenly fat and thin, asked: ” The skinny and thinner is getting thinner and thinner. What is the weight now?” In addition, it’s not too easy to tease Yang Zikai: “It’s really not very early to hear the names of the guests who are late.”

This bold operation quickly sparked a hot discussion. The related topics on the evening of the event were posted on Weibo on the 6th. The number of Weibo topics read exceeded 600 million, and the net increase of fans was 150,000.

GQ broke the inherent routine of commercial activity copywriting, and there was less business between the lines, and a little bit of good friends, trying to discover the other side of each celebrity and creating a different memory point. After the teasing is completed, not only the image of the star is more solid, but GQ also gains some praise, leaving a naughty and lovely impression in the hearts of the audience. This wave of “rushing” copywriting is not a loss.

Food safety has always been a topic of concern. Once the public’s food safety trust is lost, any food company will not be able to stand. Wal-Mart, as a global retail giant, pays sufficient attention to this issue. Now that blockchain technology is leading new changes, Wal-Mart is also planning to ride the blockchain chain to collaborate with IBM blockchain laboratories to help circumvent food safety risks.

Blockchain technology itself is a way of storing and sharing information. If it is to be applied to food, simply by recording the entire source information, storage, processing data and transportation details of the food on the blockchain. Such data is accurate and cannot be changed. Wal-Mart has done experiments to prove that it takes only 2.2 seconds to trace the source information of a box of sliced ​​mango using the blockchain, which is nearly 7 days faster than the traditional traceability method.

In this way, the source and production of food will be clear at a glance, which means that the blockchain can be used to track the sale of various foods at any time, and once problems arise, it can ensure that the cause of the problem and the destination of the goods can be quickly found, and even Immediately determine the individual, which will effectively solve the problem of food fraud.

Although the blockchain is still in its infancy, several companies, led by Wal-Mart, are already working to promote the full use of the technology, and the blockchain will quickly change the food retail industry and even change our lives.

Speaking of oral health problems, people always pay attention when they feel pain. As a small accessory of the body, teeth are often overlooked. Therefore, with the World Love Tooth Day, the Yida Oral Health Program and the Fruit Shell Technology jointly produced the science popularization “The Oral Microenvironment” filled with the ocean atmosphere in front of the audience.

In the “Inter-tooth Watch”, the oral cavity is compared to the marine environment, and the flora in the oral cavity is defined as the “new species” of the ocean, while the saliva secreted by the oral cavity is like the tide, and it is called “the interdental tide”. It has a vivid oral concept. Through the imaginary connection, people can associate with the cause of the acidification of the ocean to the acidic environment of the oral cavity, resulting in dental health problems such as tooth loss and tooth decay. Yida has also designed a corresponding handbook for the oral health plan. It is hoped that in the daily health concept of the popular science, people can also implement the action, use the attached pH test paper test, visually see the oral pH, and conduct daily punching records. .

The significance of Yida Public Welfare Science is not only to make parents and children pay attention to the importance of oral health, but also to enhance the awareness of the audience through such scene creative entities, so that people can really act and protect their teeth. Develop a good habit of love your teeth.