The US Justice’s sexual assault scandal adds new material

The US Supreme Court Justice Cavano, who has been in office for less than a year, has once again become the focus. In October last year, he was nominated by President Trump to nominate the judge, and he was nominated by a weak majority in the “sexual assault scandal”. Nowadays, the New York Times has not hesitated to show more evidence of its sexual assault, and some Democrats have called for impeachment. Cavano has not come out to argue, but Trump has been unable to hold back. He bombarded relevant reports on Twitter and called on the Justice Department to “save” his nominated judge.

According to a report by CNN on the 15th, the allegations of sexual assault on Kavano came from the forthcoming book of two female journalists, New York Times, Kelly and Boglebin: “Cavano’s education: A survey. According to the new book, Cavano faces other allegations of sexual assault, far more than the “misconduct” that was revealed during the Senate hearing. Cavanno’s classmate at Steele, Sylt, told the Senate and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that he witnessed the drunken Cavanao undressing at the party during his freshman year, after which his friend Kava Novo’s genitals were pushed into the hands of a girl. In addition, the new book also mentions that Cavano’s female student Deborah Ramirez during Yale University recalls that at another bedroom party, the equally drunk Cavanao took off his underwear and took the genitals to her. Shaking, she inadvertently encountered it in the process of resisting.

According to the new book, Cavano strongly denied the charges against Ramirez and Steele. Kavano claimed that if Ramirez’s accusation is true, there should be a lot of talk on campus, but it is not. However, investigations by Kelly and Boglebin have shown that at least seven people, including Ramirez’s mother, have heard of it. In addition, there is also the witness of Steele. In fact, Ramirez’s team of lawyers gave the FBI at least 25 lists of people who can testify. However, the FBI did not ask anyone, although Kelly and Boglebin said that they learned that the 25 witnesses had tried to contact the FBI, but ended up without results. The US “Time” magazine said on the 15th that the Democratic Party believes that the FBI’s investigation of Cavano is fraudulent and is manipulated by the White House to benefit Cavano.

A spokesperson for the US Supreme Court said that Cavano would not comment on new allegations or requests for impeachment. Trump sent a tweet on the 15th that the report of the New York Times reporter was a false accusation. He said, “The lie about Cavano is unbelievable. Cavano is not just a good person, but a great person. They are trying to influence Cavanno’s point of view. Can’t let this happen!” Pu also said that Cavano should “start prosecuting some people” or the Ministry of Justice “should come to save him.”

Cavano is a candidate for Trump’s righteous judge. After he was nominated for Trump in July last year, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party continued to argue for several weeks as a judge. In the meantime, faced with the accusations of three women who had suffered sexual assault in high school and college days, Cavano rebutted. After being confirmed by the Senate vote, Kavano officially became the US Supreme Court Justice on October 8 last year. This was widely regarded as a major victory for the Trump camp.

In response to the new content of Kvarno’s sexual assault scandal, many Democratic candidates who participated in the 2020 presidential election publicly called for impeachment. According to the US CNBC website on the 15th, the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential candidate, including Harris, Warren and Orlock, has begun to appeal to Congress to impeach Cavana. Harris wrote on Twitter on the 15th, “Cavano lied to the Senate, the most important thing is to lie to the American people. He was promoted to the Supreme Court through false procedures. His position in the Supreme Court is the pursuit of truth and justice. The insult. He must be impeached.” Warren said that the latest content of the Cavalno sexual assault allegations “is disturbing. Like the person who nominated him as a judge, Cavano should be impeached.”

During the Obama administration, the former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Castro, on the 15th, while calling for the impeachment of Kavano, also called on Congress to review the Justice Department’s failure to properly investigate the matter. The US Vaux News Network said that impeachment may be initiated in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

According to the report, to bomb the Cavana, it needs the support of the Senate. The Republican Party currently controls the Senate, so it is unlikely. Evidence of the sexual assault on Kavano rekindled the controversy surrounding his nomination of the Chancellor, which could have a major impact on the Supreme Court, the 2020 general election and the country.