Ghost tree

Jack, a college student at the Richmond College of Art in the United States, is an adventure mystery. He has heard about the “Devil’s Inn” near Bogota City in the media, and decided to use the summer vacation and Dr. Harding, a professor of botany, to visit.

Upon arriving at the destination, Jack and Harding saw the hotel in a faint smog, seemingly enveloped in a very strange, gloomy color. After the two booked their rooms, they were temporarily separated. Jack went into his room and saw an old clock hanging on the wall. There was a piece of paper on it. The above is a message: This clock will ring automatically at 12 o’clock on time to remind you to date with the ghost; if you are afraid You can prevent the ghost from appearing by pressing the switch below to prevent it from ringing.

When Jack was awakened, it was close to 10 o’clock in the middle of the night. It was just that Harding was unable to sleep at night, and the two went to the woods next to the hotel for a walk.

On the edge of the quiet woods, the two smelled a faint aroma. Harding told Jack excitedly that it was made by a shrub plant called Kamen Orchid. This plant is very rare in the world.

First encounter ghost

After chatting for a while, Jack went back first. He came to his room and saw that the pointer was pointing at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. The door suddenly sounded a loud knock on the door.

When Jack was full of temptation, the door was suddenly knocked open. A witch-like person jumped in and sneered and said, “Do you know? 100 years ago, a priestess died here. Her soul is not scattered. Every night, I have to come out and do it.” After that, the witch seemed to press the knob on her body. Then, a faint green light covered her face. At the same time, her tongue stretched out and her eyes shot a murderous cold light. Jack, who was horrified by the scalp, took the road and fled to the hotel. The witch screamed and screamed.

Jack ran into the woods in one breath, and the sky didn’t know when it was drizzling. Suddenly, he heard the song, and Jack suddenly horrified to find that the surrounding branches gradually emitted a cluster of fluorescence, they were sometimes white, sometimes green, erratic, like the wildfire in the night cemetery.

When a cold wind blew again, he actually saw the hidden devil hidden in this “world of light.” Jack can’t help but start Mao: Maybe you ran into hell!

Jack couldn’t wait any longer, and he quickly fled elsewhere. In the dark, he refused to distinguish the direction, just thinking about leaving this right and wrong as soon as possible! But he soon discovered that there was no reduction in the “devils and ghosts” along the way, and they were all chasing him. Jack found that his body was bursting with green light all the time. He just turned a corner and suddenly saw a monster near his own tree and flashed a monster. It was actually hair, eyebrows and eyelids. The old witch of the fluorescent green light rushed to him! Without waiting for Jack to react, the old witch had screamed and threw himself on Jack!

“Ah–” Jack screamed. The old witch jumped up and turned and ran. Jack once again was horrified to find that the surrounding fluorescence slowly faded, and the ghosts disappeared without a trace. Jack stumbled back to the hotel.

True and false ghosts

The next day, when Jack woke up, it was already three days. He is determined to find out what is going on with the hotel staff. When Jack came to the hall, he saw Dr. Harding chatting with the host owner Sandy with great interest. An old woman stood by her hand.

After telling the unusual experience of last night, Sandy explained: “I am really sorry, I am shocked. However, the hotel is characterized by ghost service. Here, especially at night, you will bump into various ghosts anytime, anywhere. But they are all dressed up, like her…” Sandy said, pointing her finger at the old woman.

“Oh, sir, I was the person who dressed up as a witch last night to disturb you, you won’t mind!” The old woman said as she made a tongue-stretching action.

“It turned out to be like this.” Jack finally took a long breath. At this moment, the old woman said with a lingering heart: “There was another strange thing happened last night. After you disappeared into the woods, I went in and searched, but I found out that there was really a ghost in the forest. I bumped into a monster with a flash of green light. I didn’t take it for a while and knocked it down. The monster yelled, and I scared almost the soul out.”

Jack heard, crying and laughing: “The monster is me! I wonder how my body will glow green at the time?” Harding added to the side and added: “Jack brother, after we dispersed in the night, you go back first. However, I have been wandering around the hotel. When I walked to the woods again, I sang folk songs. But later, I also saw haunted in the woods.” Jack smiled: “It’s you singing!”

“But why are there suddenly ghosts in the woods?” Jack asked Harding and Sandy. Sandy said that he couldn’t figure out why, but this horrible thing has happened many times in more than 100 years. After Harding asked the situation carefully, he seemed to have a well-thought-out saying: “The problem may be on your clothes.” Jack and the old woman looked down and observed that the clothes on their clothes really had a lot of small particles of pale yellow powder.

Ghost truth

Jack, Harding and Sandy came to the woods, where there were some low Kammelan trees. Harding took some of the pollen, and they did not match the powder on Jack. Then with the help of Sandy, they looked at the record of the haunted trees in the hotel for more than 100 years. They found that they have the following in common: the ghosts are first in the woods, and the ghosts feel like they are It became a ghost; the haunted time was between midnight and 12:00, but not more than 10 minutes each time, and it happened during the half-month of the blossoming of the Cameron tree; It was raining at night.

With the support of Sandy, they quickly got in touch with the National Institute of Science in Bogota. With the advanced equipment and technology of the institute, Harding sealed a Cameron tree with a thermal insulation film, and artificially created the air temperature and humidity of the haunted night, mimicking the rain and spraying the tree. After all the conditions were in agreement, Dr. Harding was surprised to find that the flowers on the Cameron tree gradually emitted a cluster of white and green fluorescence, and the green light was growing more and more, even into one piece. A fantasy world.

Harding started the blower again, and saw that the green light floated in the wind, and the pollen continued to fall. Once it fell on the person, the person naturally gave off a terrible green light. Harding excitedly said to people: “The large green light is emitted by this kind of pollen. Because of the wind and the trees, these lights are constantly changing. Together with people’s imagination, they become horrible ghosts. Similarly, because of the psychological suggestion, when people are running away, they will feel that they are chasing themselves.” At the same time, Dr. Harding tested the soil layer near the roots of the Cameron tree and concluded that the soil contains a large amount of fluorite. It can be converted into fluorescein after being absorbed by the roots, and fluorescein is characterized by being able to absorb light on a sunny day and releasing light absorbed during the day in the dark under specific conditions of temperature and humidity. Of course, if these necessary conditions are not met, the fluorescein will not illuminate, and no haunting will occur.