Looking for a saucer in the water

In 1902, when the British freighter “Volt Surrey Bailey” sailed in the Gulf of Guinea on the west coast of Africa, the crew found a huge monster that was half-sinking and floating in the water. Under the illumination of the searchlight, the crew clearly saw that the slightly rounded monster was made of metal. The central part was about 30 m wide and about 200 m long. It looks like today’s space shuttle. It sneaked into the water without a trace in the light.

In the 1870s, two round UFOs appeared over the Dutch ship Jane En, which was sailing in the Pacific Ocean. One of them glowed and the other did not. Later, the glowing object made a loud noise and a strong flash, fell to the surface of the water, and then sneaked into the water. And the non-illuminating object suddenly disappeared in the air. The crew of “Jen En” witnessed the whole process, but when they returned to China to tell this strange thing to everyone, no one believed that they were telling the truth, that they were lying in the group, they were anxious to swear and swear It does not help.

In fact, there were many similar reports throughout the 19th century. In these reports, the description of the unknown divers is round and can be suspended vertically in the air, then suddenly falls into the water and disappears into the depths. When they were suspended in the air and sneaked into the water, they were almost silent, and they did not hear the roar of a power system similar to that made by humans. The difference is that when some unidentified dive falls on the surface of the water, it will splash huge waves; some are like a feather, and there is no water that floats when it falls. It is worth mentioning that in the 19th century, submarines were made from humans for a long time, and these unidentified divers were far from the submarine.

Maneuverability is beyond imagination

During a naval battle in the Second World War, the Japanese Joint Fleet and the US aircraft carrier “Kitty Hawk” have been tracked by a mysterious submarine. When the mysterious ship was found to be attacked, it disappeared without a shadow. Traced. In the Mariana Islands, when the US and Japanese fleets fought fiercely, this mysterious submarine appeared again. It only watched but did not participate in the war and did not support either party. However, the officers and men who fell into the water were sent to the lifeboat by a mysterious current. This move dispelled the doubts of the Japanese and US fleets.

In the early 1960s, USO was frequently seen in the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, tracking warships in the United States, the Soviet Union, and even other countries. The speed and response of this unidentified underwater object that has disappeared without a trace is even more amazing. Once, the US “Enterprise” nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was tracked in the South Pacific and was waiting to respond, but the other party quickly disappeared beyond the positioning of the sonar and detector. The “Enterprise” sent several anti-submarine helicopters to search around and dropped a number of deep-water bombs, but eventually found nothing. At first, the US Navy generals considered it a Soviet nuclear submarine. Later, after careful analysis, this statement was denied because the Soviet submarine did not have such superb technology.

Although many countries competed to develop conventional submarines and nuclear submarines after the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union were far ahead in this respect, but no matter how advanced their submarines were, they were far less than USO. It is many years later, the science and technology forces of all countries in the world can not build such submarines.

Many strange stories are guessing

The USO is constantly appearing in the ocean and cannot be ignored by all countries. In the late 1960s, USO was repeatedly found in extensive waters from Australia to Argentina. It tracks the fleet and sometimes the whole surface is revealed. When the fleet sent the helicopter to approach it, it suddenly disappeared without a trace. By the end of the 1980s, the USO had emerged in the Scandinavian waters of northern Europe, causing panic among some coastal defense teams in northern Europe. It also sneaked into some military ports in Norway, Sweden and other countries from time to time. At first, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization considered this to be a Soviet reconnaissance submarine, which was later studied by the US Navy intelligence analysts and denied this statement.

In 1990, in a military exercise held by the NATO Navy in Sweden, USO made a public appearance. More than 10 NATO warships launched a large “encirclement and suppression” in the Gulf of Enakna, in an attempt to capture the USO. Shells and deep-water bombs attacked the target like raindrops, but it was known to disappear silently. When the USO surfaced, all radios, radars, sonars, etc. on all warships failed, and the USO returned to normal when it left. This incident has shaken scientists from all over the world. What is particularly surprising is that the NATO navy launched the most advanced “killer” torpedo to USO. It can automatically catch up with the target. It is unexpected. The anti-submarine “killer” torpedo not only did not explode, but disappeared. Nothing.

In 1991, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, it was discovered in the Navy’s Chronicle of the Soviet Navy that more than 90 witnesses of USO tracking warships reported. According to some marine surveys, scientists have found many incomprehensible phenomena in the vast ocean. For example, in 1963, when the US submarine drilled in the East Sea of ​​Puerto Rico, it discovered a monster, a double-stream underwater boat. The speed of the ship was amazing, and it was beyond the reach of modern human technology. At that time, the US Navy’s sonar instrument had detected its position and sent destroyers and submarines to track it. In just 2 hours, the USO disappeared without a trace. In 1975, when the American scientist inspected the ship “Gudas” for underwater exploration in the Gulf of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic, he found a flat-body ship about 50 m long. The underwater ship rushed to the “Gudelas” at a high speed. As soon as it touched, it suddenly passed around the ship and disappeared silently. In 1992, French diving expert La Masque discovered a large round body in the Caribbean underwater. It was transparent and shiny, and a front half and a fish in the back half were swam out from it. monster”. It met with La Masque and met without violating each other.

Various mysteries still to be solved

Some Russian scientists believe that the intelligent animals that can build USO far surpass humans at the technological level, which cannot be achieved by the intelligent animals living on the earth. USO does not pose any threat to humans, but humans often attack it constantly, and it does not fight back. This shows that the intelligent animals driving USO far surpass humans in moral civilization.

According to the archives of the former Soviet military, in the Arctic, USO often cooperates with the UFO-UFO, and echoes up and down. In the late 1960s, in the waters near the Northland Group Peninsula in the Arctic Circle, the Soviets discovered that a mysterious submarine was frozen by ice. The military believed that it was a US nuclear submarine that invaded the Soviet waters, so it sent a large number of military aircraft to try to intercept the “uninvited guest.” At this time, UFOs appeared in the sky – flying saucers. The communications, radar, and various instruments of the Soviet aircraft were all stopped. The flying saucer flew to the sea of ​​the mysterious submarine, breaking the ice and opening the road, so that the mysterious submarine quickly got out of trouble. The Soviets were shocked, and this became clear that they were not nuclear submarines invaded by the United States.

To this end, some Russian scientists believe that some high-tech specific aliens are likely to inhabit the ocean, and USO and UFO are built by them.

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