Revenge on the black bear

At that time, in addition to planting some sweet potatoes on the surrounding low ridge, the villagers had no food to grow. Therefore, men will go hunting in the mountains, one can supplement the food in the home, and second, they can take the animal’s fur to the market for change.

Speaking of my grandfather, it is the best hunter in the hands of the Four Rivers. But in a hunt, his grandfather was bitten by a black bear when he was fighting with a black bear weighing 150 kilograms. When my father heard the sound coming from the gun, the black bear had sneaked into the bushes and escaped. My grandfather was taken home by his father, and soon he died because of his injuries. On the occasion of his death, his grandfather smiled and said to us, “Maybe it is retribution. I have countless animals hunting in my life. I didn’t expect to let the animals kill me.” Father said with a grin: “I must Find the black bear and avenge you!” I saw my grandfather shook his head and wanted to say something, but he did not say it and closed his eyes.

After the funeral of his grandfather, the father handed the grandfather’s shotgun to me, who was only 14 years old. I know that he wants to train me into a good hunter.

From that day on, my father took me on a journey to find the revenge of the black bear. After half a year, I still have nothing to gain. But the father never gave up, and led me to run in the mountains when I was free.

The work was not overwhelming. On a clear afternoon, we found some traces of bruises on the trees. The father decided that there must be bears nearby. Sure enough, in a short while, we saw that on the side of the hillside, a strong black bear was shaking a tree with a big belly. The father said in a low, hateful voice: “It is it, it must be the black bear that bites your grandfather!”

In order to hit the black bear more accurately, the father kept me in the same place, and he held his breath and moved forward about 10m. Although I have seen black bears before, they have all been killed. This is the first time I saw a living black bear, so my heart was very nervous, and even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

I saw my father hiding behind a tree, took a gun and pulled the trigger. I only heard a shot from the “砰”, I was so scared that my eyes closed. But when I blinked, the black bear didn’t fall, just listened to it, then the two front legs were lifted off the tree, the hind legs were on the ground, and the whole body stood up, a dark red blood Its left shoulder is outflowing.

Perhaps it was the vengeance of vengeance. The father who has always been famous for his gunshots has not hit the key of the black bear this time. I was scared to death when I saw the black bear glaring. My grandfather once told me that beasts like bears and wild boars are dangerous if they can’t hit the shots with one shot. They will fight to attack you. But what surprised me was that this time it was an exception. The black bear just bluffed, then he went downhill like a coward and ran into the bushes.

The father looked down on his gun and looked upset. The father said that the injured bear would become more terrible. I don’t think so: “I saw this bear very timid, and fled with a shot.” Father shook his head: “It is not timid, it is ‘a good man who does not eat before the loss, afraid of hurting the little bitch in his stomach.”

It turned out that, somehow, I suddenly worried a little about the pregnant mother. I asked my father again: “Is this bear going to die?” The father was obviously a little impatient. He said: “It will not die. The bear has a high ability to heal itself. It knows how to apply the mud to the wound and know how to make it. The wound is restored as soon as possible.”

We slammed back home, my father was unhappy for a few days, and his mind was full of revenge. After that, my father and I went up the mountain several times to find the mother black bear, but never found a trace of it, it disappeared. I am a bit skeptical that the mother bear died, but my father is convinced that it is still alive. He said that it must be hiding in which cave to have a bear cub.

After three months of this, it has reached the late autumn. If it enters the winter, the mother bear will hide in the cave and it will be harder to find it. So the father decided to go through a thorough search for the black bear.

That day, we brought enough dry food for two people, two hounds, two shotguns, and enough ammunition to make it into the mountains.

The father is an experienced good hunter, but our opponent is the fierce and awkward black bear, so both are very careful. Fortunately, this time we were very fortunate. On the third morning, we found the bear’s paw print on a river. Through these fresh paw prints, we can conclude that the bear is likely to be nearby.

Sure enough, our hound screamed in front of me. My father and I climbed to the top of the slope with a gun and saw that at the bottom of the slope, the two hounds had already made a fire with the black bear. The hounds are brave, but they are certainly not the opponents of the bears. The father raised the guns, but he did not dare to start, fearing that the hounds were accidentally injured. We had to shoot at the sky while walking, hoping to scare the black bear. But this time it was strange that the black bear seemed to be no longer afraid of the shotgun, but was wrestling with the hound while moving to another hillside. When my father and I arrived at the place where the bears wrestled, our two hounds had been bitten and the bear had escaped beyond the range. Every time the black bear ran a few steps forward, he turned his head and looked back, as if he was mad at us.

Looking at the bitten dog, the father was angry and angry, just about to chase the black bear, and suddenly we heard a few “squeaky” calls. Following the sound, we found a bear in a cave. The father was very happy and soon thought of a trick.

We found a place with only one passage, tied the bear to the tree with a strap, and then set a trap on the passage, waiting for the black bear to find the heart.

But we waited for a long time, until the next day dawn, did not see the mother bear. It was dawn, my father and I had to jump from a height to see the situation, and next to the trap we found the bear’s footprints. My father said to me: “A good guy, it must have found a trap.” So my father and I put down the shotgun, ready to remove the trap and re-arrange.

I just removed the trap. I didn’t expect the mother bear to suddenly come to me from somewhere. She was screaming with a big mouth and a strong scent. I almost stunned me. Looking at the sly mother, I have been scared. The father was not far away from the bear on the tree. He yelled: “Damn, get out!” The father wanted to get the gun, but the gun was just behind the black bear.

At that moment, I really felt the existence of death and looked at my father almost desperately. At this time, the father was holding the bear in his hand, and the mother bear looked at me with death and roared. The father may be fainting, just listen to him and say, “I beg you, don’t hurt my son, I will return your child to you!” He really put the bear down and wanted to exchange it from the mother bear. I. This is really funny. Is the black bear as trustworthy as a human being?

But the incredible curtain appeared, and the mother bear suddenly stopped roaring and turned her head to one side. It is like a person who knows the rules of the game and is willing to let me go to exchange his children.

The bear ran to the black bear happily, and the mother bear screamed twice and then walked over to the forest. At that time, I was really touched, for its motherhood.

I looked at the back of the black bear mother and son, and suddenly a “snap” shot, the black bear roared, just stood up, and then a “squeaky” sound, the black bear turned and “boom” fell.

I turned my head in horror and looked at my father. I saw the smile of the Avengers’ victory on my father’s face.

The bear squats and licks the face of the mother bear. Suddenly, the mother bear snorted, lifted her body and stared at her father. The father raised the gun nervously and yelled at it. I saw the mother bear biting the bear’s neck and staring at us, slowly falling down and never getting up again.

I did not expect the mother bear to use her last strength to kill the bear. The bear did not struggle, it seems that there is no pain, I suddenly have the feeling of wanting to cry, the motherly love of the mother bear. My grandfather’s hatred was finally reported, but I didn’t have any pleasure, because I didn’t expect it to be the end.

When I looked up again at my father, my father looked at the black bear mother and son like a stupid, and the shotgun slipped from his hand. I saw tears on his face, but I don’t know if the tears are from the joy of revenge, or from the confession of dishonesty…