Smart and bad

I read a book about animals in Lorenz many years ago. The author pointed out that there was a problem in the design of the zoo at that time: the size of the animal cages was often proportional to the size of the animals, thus giving some stupid and huge The animals have a lot of space, and small but clever animals like foxes and wolves have very limited space.

Smart animals are more likely to recognize that they are confined to a small space and realize the monotony of life, so they are more likely to collapse when they are small and monotonous.

In the zoo, we often see lions and tigers occupying the whole mountain, and then lying there to sleep, and wolves and foxes, walking back and forth in the narrow cage, are very anxious.

This is the case with clever animals. When you get to a place, you can make a clear distinction about how this place works in minutes, and see where it is unreasonable, and how some nonsense things are crap. Unfortunately, if your position and opportunity don’t give you more room to play, then you are like a wolf and a fox trapped in a cage, and you can see everything clearly, but you can’t do anything about it.

For another example, I have two friends, A will drive, but it is very bad, B will not open, often sitting happily in A’s co-pilot, then B himself also took a driver’s license, learned the traffic rules, I learned to judge the distance and speed. From then on, he never dared to take the A car.

But life is not a car, you work in a company or in an organization, your life is relatively fixed, when you are not so smart, do not understand, you feel everything is good, life is very moist, but If you are smart enough and understand a lot of things, you can see that the boss is operating illegally and you are backing the pot; seeing that someone’s work performance is promoted is actually a fake, he relies on his second wife; see this The project does not make money at all. In fact, it is to lie to the investors, or just to swindle other investors with the investors; seeing that the boss is brainwashing, the cake he painted can not be fulfilled.

At this time, the ideal story should be that you say “I don’t do it,” and then leave the quagmire in his pocket. Unfortunately, sometimes you are just smart, you are not capable enough, the background is not enough, you need to earn this salary, you need to endure this embarrassment, so you have to stay and continue to endure. It’s been a long time, and it’s gone for a lifetime.

Smart people are less happy.

Life is sometimes like surgery, you have to lick this knife, you have to bleed, smart people are those who do not fight drugs. They know everything, but like people who don’t know, they can’t do anything. Generally speaking, people who raise silkworms may just feel that life is difficult. Write the one who is “the singer, not the sericulture man”. If it is also a sericulture, it is really painful.

I advise all talented and intelligent people to pay ten times the efforts of ordinary people to chase what you want and to make yourself stronger, because you can’t stand the irrationality of the world more than mediocrity. Changing or leaving, you need more than just a little bit of intelligence.