Such product power, so that consumers can not stop

Product power, the marketing element that has been neglected because of fragmented channels and terminals with Chinese characteristics, has exploded beyond imagination in the Internet age. The bosses have never realized the importance of it as they do now.

Products are the root of the enterprise, the source of profits, and the way to survive. So, what kind of product is more vital?

The essence of making explosives is the trend. Do not look for the wind, you must grasp the trend. The trend is a slow, sustained growth, and the trend stems from the formation and popularity of a new consumer concept. For example, in the past 50 years, the US SUV market has continued to grow, and today it is still one of the fastest growing segments in the US. This is called the trend. The trend did not rush to a high point two or three years after the start, but it was gone in two years. Only by grasping the trend can you grasp a long-term sustainable growth category.

Doing the trend means that what the company has to do is not to follow, but to find the blue ocean, to innovate and guide the mainstream consumption direction, and become a new benchmark for the category. If you look closely at the surrounding environment, you may find that more and more people around you like to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and more and more fresh fruit shops appear on the street. This is a trend, not a trend. High protein, low fat and no added in yogurt are important trends. When you go to the terminal to ask the sales staff, what is the consumer’s concern? Production date, ingredient list, this is the trend. Fitness is a trend, and many industries related to fitness will have long-term development.

We have summarized the characteristics of explosive products in the market in recent years. A product that conforms to the trend of the times should have the following characteristics.

New mainstream

An era has a mainstream product of an era. If the times change, companies are innovating along the direction of the old mainstream products, then this product is doomed to failure.

The change of mainstream products is that the glaciers entered the greenhouse, and the biological species not only evolved, but the old species disappeared and the new species became the protagonist. Follow the trend of category hotspots and price ranges to drive product innovation and cater to the trend of mainstream shifting. This is the correct opening posture for a blast.

The products of each industry vary widely, but for the current new mainstream, there are still common features:

First, word of mouth type. What is word of mouth? Word of mouth is beyond user expectations, absolutely exceeding expectations, and definitely has a reputation. Second, the charm type. What is charm? I love it at first sight and love it from the bottom of my heart. This is a huge change in feeling. If word-of-mouth is a requirement for intrinsic quality, then glamour is the demand for external quality. Charm is not a product that is strong outside. Third, the value type. That is, the added value is higher and the gross profit is higher. Of course, the added value of this period is not the added value needed for the face, but the added value from the inner needs and the ability to consume.


Don’t try to sell the product to everyone. Explosives must initially be niche, focused on meeting the needs of some people, rather than meeting everyone’s needs. Only by focusing on resources can we make a great product. Youth Xiaojiu Jiang Xiaobai is a small and beautiful representative in the new era. It takes the fashion trend as the first element. The target consumers are aiming at the “80s” and “90s”, positioning accurately, avoiding the red sea category of liquor, focusing on this The first in the market segment.

If the company’s products choose to engage in mass products, it means entering a competitive Red Sea, which means entering the low-cost melee stage. Most of the mass products are monopolized by mature brands, and consumers’ mental resources have been seized. The difficulty of eating tigers can be imagined.

Only by focusing on a certain ethnic group and studying their mainstream consumer demand will they be more likely to jump out. In the era of mobile Internet, consumer segmentation is more obvious, such as electronic enthusiasts, taxi drivers, comic lovers, square dance aunts, running enthusiasts, Scorpio girls, etc. These people have obvious ethnic labels, easy to reach the masses. They are separated, and they are distributed in various communities of interest, and one can find a nest. Establishing a professional position among these people, in comparison, the probability of breaking out will be higher.

Pain points

The pain point is the most painful demand point for users. In the past, companies often offered to sell and buy points. In fact, they are not consumer thinking. The pain point is the obstacle of consumption. The pain point is to find out why consumers don’t buy it, and then to develop, produce and market with the pain point of consumers. The point of pain reflected in the user is a sense of hunger, as if encountering a swill of water in the desert is a demand from instinct.

Mr. Wu Xiaobo summed up how Japanese products attract Chinese tourists in the article “Going to buy a toilet in Japan”: Many people bought a hair dryer, and it is said that they use nano-water ion technology, and girls have a hair-blowing test on the spot. Half of the hair is fluffy and smooth, unlike usual. Many people bought ceramic kitchen knives. It is said that the wear resistance is 60 times that of ordinary steel. “It is a cool thing to cut the meat and cut vegetables. It can’t use half the strength of the previous one. You can cut things neatly.”… It can be seen that the pain points are often problems that plague users in reality or can improve the improvement. Through innovation, the experience can be greatly improved, and users can feel painful.

In general, pain points are inseparable from strong demand. No matter how thoughtful your product is, how exquisite the work is, if the user doesn’t need it at all, or if the demand is not so urgent, everything is no good. The so-called strong demand is the need for education, dressing, eating, and taking public transportation. This kind of demand does not require education. The need to use computers, play mobile phones, and watch TV has been guided. If the products you develop are not related to demand. No matter how wonderful the product looks, you may have invented it for invention.

User participation

All the innovations in the Internet era are “user-centric”. In the “Consumer Dynasty: Creating Value with Customers,” management guru CKPrahalad pointed out that the “company-centric” innovation has died out. Instead, consumers are playing an increasingly important role in creating value with their unique personal experiences. In Prahalad’s view, a revolutionary force is taking shape, and future competition depends on a completely different and new approach to value creation—based on the individual, the value created by the consumer and the enterprise.

In many traditional enterprises, the relationship between enterprises and users is one-way. In the eyes of traditional businesses, users are often the objects that need to be affected and consumed. This also creates a phenomenon that is difficult for business owners to understand: some products sell well, but consumers just don’t buy it. Because in this era, no matter how good you are, consumers always feel that you are self-proclaimed and have nothing to do with him.

At present, some successful Internet companies have proved that the relationship with users can be two-way, or can form a deeper connection. Business users are called opinion leaders (KOLs) or fans. They are not just consumers of the enterprise, they can even be the communicators of the entire business logic, a part of the business logic, or even producers in the business (such as users). Original content UGC).

In fact, marketing is not simply to transmit information or sell products, but to do a beautiful performance, continuous ritualization, and each process is constantly blessing and inviting to achieve the connection between external materials and the user’s heart. Marketing is like pleading for the opposite sex, and you need to constantly invite at the ceremony to create tangible benefits for users. The essence of the sense of ritual is to let the user be on the lookout, and continue to invite, so that users have a sense of substitution.

Word of mouth

Customer value = use value + feeling value. Word of mouth is mainly derived from the value of the experience, and only the part that exceeds the value of use will be felt by the user. For example, in a one-star restaurant, enjoy five-star service.

Creating a word of mouth that exceeds expectations is to create surprises for users, so that they can’t help sharing and spread in a circle of friends or other occasions. Good word of mouth means that consumers will become the highlight of product communication. In the mobile Internet era, this word of mouth can even produce exponential fission effects.

Therefore, when a company launches a product or service, you must first think about whether you can have a word of mouth.

The word-of-mouth of Xiaomi mobile phone is super cost-effective, which is what Lei Jun said. The performance of the product is doubled and the price is cut in half. Product performance and price complement each other, making users marvel.

The energy saving of Apple notebooks has always made fruit powders well-known. An experience that makes users particularly cool is to automatically put the Apple notebook on standby. Jobs made a deep excavation for the user’s key requirements. Apple notebook defaults from 15 minutes to off the screen, the hard disk until hibernation, the power consumption is made low enough to be negligible, and then the mouse can be used immediately. It is said that the Apple notebook will cut off the keyboard circuit to save energy.

There is one key point to remember about how to create word of mouth: to please 10,000 customers, it is better to serve 100 KOLs (key opinion leaders).


Today, judging whether an enterprise can carry out product iterations, whether it can quickly form a consumer claim, often depends on its ability to define the scene itself and its ability to influence subcultures, that is, the power of the scene. When companies have this kind of scene power, they will find that all problems can be solved.

Especially in the era of e-commerce, even if you sell things very affordable, but consumers do not have the desire to buy, this is because you did not bring consumers into the scene.

The consumer scenario is who, when, where, how to use a product, and what is the motivation for using it. When the business owner describes this more concrete and vivid, the more realistic the consumption scene, the more impressive the product will be when the product is finally displayed.

As we all know, “Victoria’s Secret” is synonymous with sexy, gorgeous, but in 2013 and 2014, in addition to the basic underwear main models, the fastest growing sales category, one is sports bra, the other is yoga clothing series.

The sports bra is a typical new scene, and it is also a social feeling and a confirmation of identity. Today, the meaning of the fitness venue has changed. It has become a wonderful scene for many boys to observe girls and see if she is still clear after makeup removal. This change implies two new scenarios, one is the healthy life of women’s slimming and exercise, and the other is that girls actively pursue their favorite boys. These two scenes are realistic enough that the sports bra is thus expanded from a single item to a new category.

Similarly, the importance of yoga clothes is not the stretching and breathing in the yoga room. People who have practiced yoga know that yoga classes are expensive, so walking in yoga clothes can convey three messages: rich, self-willed, Have leisure, have requirements for their quality of life, physical and mental health. Yoga has become a unique label for identity and detail, and it has also shaped new scenes.