How do you dance with the devil in the market of the magical dance?

At the end of last year, I participated in a customer’s business analysis meeting. This customer is an industry giant in the industry, and the market share is the absolute first. At the meeting, the boss sighed and said: “The days when our big brands cover the sky are gone.”

I comforted him and said: “X, don’t have to be so pessimistic.”

He said: “In the past, I bought out the main columns of CCTV. Those small brands simply did not have the opportunity to speak. Now it is troublesome. A net red can set off a demon wind in the market. The era of group dance is over.”

Indeed, our generation or generations are actually very miserable. Living in a fast-changing era, like a small boat in the sea, drifting with the flow, the knowledge and skills that have just been learned or just finished, are quickly subversion. In the early 1990s, as long as you got the approval in the factory, you can make money by selling the sliver at the door of the factory. Marketing at that time was a key figure in the public relations factory. I remember that in 1995, I got a batch of 2,000 refrigerators in a famous home appliance company in Qingdao. At the factory door, someone took me 300 yuan in cash and earned 600,000 yuan in one hand. That was 1995. 600,000 yuan.

In 1996, just one year later, home appliances were not so tight, and home appliance companies began to “kill big households”, set up dealers directly to prefecture-level cities, and equipped with after-sales services, began to do terminals, make promotions, and quickly subverted. Our perception. We don’t engage in public relations, we start to do exhibitions, do training, make promotions, and advertise. At that time, my home appliance wholesale company was the first major seller of household appliances in Jiangsu. Our boss and Suning’s Zhang always had a mentoring relationship (old business people are commensurate with mentoring). Mr. Zhang is very respectful to this master. I was present at a dinner. Mr. Zhang asked our boss: “X, ah, how long can we do business in home appliance wholesale?” Our boss said: “The whole life can’t be done, China has too many people. Later, we discovered that at that time, Mr. Zhang had realized the limitations of the home appliance wholesale business and began to lay out the future home appliance terminal, grasping the first outlet.

In 2006, Jingdong set up the “Office of Suning”. We felt particularly ridiculous. Xiaojing Jingdong, who dared to scream with the home appliance retail giant Suning, was really not self-sufficient. But now what the pattern is, I don’t have to say more. However, has Jingdong been stable since then? The answer is no, the people who have subverted Jingdong have arrived, and there is still a big wave on the road.

In the face of this rapid change, I found that many companies have suffered from Internet anxiety, and their ability to control the market has fallen sharply, and they have become suffering and losing. As a company that provides marketing planning for enterprises, we have experienced a nightmare process. After a period of phoenix nirvana, we summed up some experiences and shared them with you.

To know where the roots of change are
Many companies are researching the market when they are studying the market changes. For example, the latest e-commerce channels, the hottest net red, the latest live broadcast mode, the WeChat public account also began to sell live goods… In fact, there is no need to worry about these simple Change, the root of all changes lies in one word: people! People have changed. The change of people is first manifested in the change of values. Our company can no longer judge new consumers with old values.

In 1985, I played basketball at school. There was an unwritten rule at the time. The men’s team had to help the women’s team as a cheerleader. The women’s team had to help the men’s team as a cheerleader. Once we helped the women’s team to do the cheerleading team. A female basketball team player grabbed the ball during the game and accidentally pulled down the sweatpants. It revealed half a butt. The next day we got a bad news. The women’s basketball team felt like no face. I hanged the night before. If this trivial thing is put into the present, will this girl hang? Open the vibrato, small red book, I can’t wait to take it off and show it to people.

People’s values ​​have changed. When companies are doing brand image and brand communication, they can no longer be rigid. Many brands of “Sao, Lang, and Yi” are swallowing the market of traditional brands. Many traditional big brands look stunned. I don’t know where the problem lies. Even some entrepreneurs cautiously said: “Wang, I can’t ask the celebrity to endorse! The star is good, once the accident, our brand is finished.” This reason was established, but a few years ago, a customer invited a celebrity endorsement. Later, the star had an accident. The person in charge of the company called me the first time. After the end, what can I do? I was a bit flustered at the time, and later found that sales not only did not decline, but also greatly improved, because the traffic of the star increased, attracting more people’s attention.

Today’s consumers don’t foolishly think that a star is out of the way, the quality of the endorsement products will not work, and consumers’ tolerance for star scandals and scandals is unprecedentedly tolerant. Even if you sing two words online, it is just a sense of presence. It won’t be like it at all. The values ​​of consumers have completely changed, and the company has changed. What has changed? Change the concept!

Consumers’ perception of consumption is changing
As the older generation slowly withdraws from the historical arena, a new generation of young people has become the backbone of society. They have not been hungry, and have not experienced the age of lack of materials. Naturally, they will not save as much as the older generation. The previous opportunity in the Chinese market was called “from scratch”, and people were poor, as long as they had it, they didn’t have to pay attention. The next market opportunity is “from good to good” and “from the public to the minority.”

Over the years, every time we do the whole case marketing planning for our clients, the most controversial is pricing. My courage is also getting bigger and bigger in these years of pricing, until it is very firm. Corporate salespeople are always fiercely opposed to our high pricing. We feel that it will not work at all, but countless times it turns out that we are right. Don’t underestimate the purchasing power of today’s main consumer groups, and do not want to make up the mainstream consumer view of today’s consumers.

Some time ago, the authoritative department released the divorce rate in all provinces in the country, and the divorce rate in the top 5 provinces averaged 41%. Many people can’t believe it, but the fact is, what does the high divorce rate mean? It means the progress of society, the freedom of human nature, the unwillingness to make do, the unwillingness of marriage, and the reluctance of consumption. This point is related to a series of product planning and pricing systems of enterprises, and must not be ignored. The opportunity of the Chinese market to “go from being good to good” is flying in the rain.

Change in reading habits
Many customers told me that the advertisement did not know how to vote. Indeed, in the past, as long as the three major media, such as television, outdoor, and newspaper, were grasped, advertising was relatively simple. Nowadays, consumers rarely watch TV, newspapers have basically disappeared, and they have invested in the Internet. There are too many contents. Everything is good. The vibrato is good, Weibo is also ok, the video is hot, and the information flow is good. How to vote? The budget of the enterprise is not unlimited, and it is impossible to place it everywhere.

On the vast Internet platform, everyone reads a lot of things, but no matter who you are, no matter what your income or hobbies, after you read financial, gossip or a unique theme, you will return to the circle of friends. In the non-Internet era, we have to bomb the TV media; in the Internet era, we must first bomb the consumer circle of friends. But TV is a public domain media, and a circle of friends is a private media. How to effectively bomb the circle of friends?

We now regularly draw product rewards in the group by pulling a 500-person WeChat group in a certain place. After the operation is mature, members are required to send a WeChat tweet before each lottery, and 500 people send tweets, which can theoretically affect 100,000 people, but the actual operation can affect about 30,000 people. The cost is less than one percent of the previous newspaper advertisements. The influence is more than the previous newspapers. This is just the “real secret recipe” for our Internet advertising. one.

Enterprises operating their own private domain media, the key is to concentrate on the special situation, do not always want to use a one-night stand to run private media, first of all from the traditional marketing organization structure of the enterprise to subvert. The traditional marketing organization structure is not suitable for the marketing environment. Enterprises must have a group of people who “play mobile phones”. The company cooperates in all aspects of marketing organization structure, operation details, cost budget, personnel assessment, etc., and cannot adhere to the rules. As for the conventional network red, information flow, short video transmission, we will not elaborate on them. Those are public methods. The “secret secret recipe” requires us to explore the experience. The spread of the Internet has not yet formed a formula, and it has just begun.

As for the so-called new species such as new sales channels, network red goods, and public broadcasts, there is nothing unpredictable. You should be a traditional sales channel, follow up in time, understand the operational rules of the channel, and timely Matching rules, improved follow-up of organizational structure and staffing, no difficulty, it is difficult to humanity and communication.

Some time ago I went to Jingtai, Gansu, and visited the local Yongtai Ancient City and found a very ordinary box. I wouldn’t have looked at it a bit. The customer told me that this was the box used by the general’s wife. People, forever, are most interested in people. I slowly opened the box and realized the mood of the general’s wife when she opened the box in the winter of a thousand months. An ordinary box, there is a soul in an instant. In the Internet era, the market is full of magical dances. The dances are all human, and what vibrato, Weibo, circle of friends, little red books, and jumps up and down, can not escape Freud’s conclusion on human nature. Therefore, you don’t have to worry, the mode is not important. The important thing is to grasp the human nature and dance with the devil. This magic dance will become your girlfriend. When you fear this market, you think it is a demon; when you grasp this market, this magic will be more and more beautiful.