How much is banana nutrition?

Who can’t eat bananas?
1. People with weak kidney function/nephropathy: Because they can’t remove potassium, they will have arrhythmia and even death if they absorb too much potassium.

2. Diabetic people: It is better to eat raw bananas, because blood sugar will be more stable, but a banana already has about 3 teaspoons of sugar, it is recommended to eat between meals and meals.

3. People with gastrointestinal dysfunction: cooked bananas contain more fructose and fructooligosaccharides. Fructool oligosaccharides can not be digested and absorbed by the human body. When the intestines are digested by bacteria, they will produce a lot of gas, which may cause stomach gastrointestinal motility. Inflation and stomach pain.

Raw banana Vs cooked banana
1. Raw bananas: The glycemic index is lower, and the feeling of fullness is longer, which is more suitable for people who are losing weight. It is also rich in pectin and resistant starch, helps probiotics to multiply, produces digestive enzymes, helps the intestines absorb nutrients, and reduces the risk of bowel cancer.

2. Cooked bananas: The plum blossoms are the more ripe bananas. People who lose weight can eat them. It is only the starch that breaks down the sugar, so it is sweeter, but the heat is similar. In addition, there are bananas with plum blossoms, which have stronger antioxidant factors and higher anti-oxidation and anti-cancer ability.

How to save bananas?
The banana will release a gas called “ethylene”, which has a ripening effect, which can cause a little black spot on the skin. You can cut all the peels with your nails or knives to make the bananas release more ethylene and ripen faster. Or use banana bags and other fruits to make the other fruits ripen faster, especially apples. But be careful not to put the refrigerator, otherwise the banana peel will turn black.

Part 1 What are the benefits of bananas?
A medium-sized banana is equivalent to 2 servings of fruit and contains 90-105kcal, making it a convenient supplement.

1. The potassium content of banana is three times that of red apple, which helps to lower blood pressure and edema.

2. Rich in vitamin B6 and magnesium, help stabilize the nervous system, make serotonin, relieve stress and tension.

3. It has anti-gastric acid effect, which can help relieve stomach ulcers.

4. Banana can help the inner layer of the stomach to form a protective film to block gastric acid attack; another compound in the banana, “Protease inhibitor”, can eliminate bacteria and prevent ulceration.

5. Can reduce the risk of kidney disease. A total of 60,000 women in the United States and follow-up for 13 years found that women who ate bananas 2-3 times a week had a 33% lower risk of kidney cancer than women who did not eat bananas at all! You can reduce your 50% by eating 4-6 times a week!

6. Can reduce muscle soreness and cramps. Because it is rich in electrolytes, including potassium magnesium. It is rich in sugar and replenishes energy to improve exercise performance.

7. Effective prevention of constipation. A banana contains 3 grams of fiber, which is higher than a lettuce. Raw bananas are also rich in pectin and resistant starch, which is a prebiotic that helps balance intestinal bacteria, fight harmful bacteria, help probiotics to multiply, and is good for intestinal health.

Part 2 Banana VS Plantain VS Milk Banana
Preferred for decompression
Banana (Cavendish) 90kcal/100g

A 6-inch banana is about 100g, about 90kcal. All of them contain vitamin B6 and magnesium, which can relieve mood and decompression. In the same amount, bananas contain the highest vitamin B6.

Most fiber
Lady Fingers 53kcal/50g

The shape is small, about 30-50g, about 53kcal. In comparison with the same weight, the fiber contained is the highest among the three.

Go to edema
Plantains 244kcal/200g

Indians usually cook plantains and use them to make bananas, which are about 200g larger than normal bananas and contain about 244kcal. Starch and sugar are heavier than bananas and milk bananas, and the glycemic index is also high, so it is not suitable for diabetics or dieters. High vitamin A content can prevent night blindness and help the secretion of the upper respiratory tract mucosa, thus improving immunity. Because of its large size, it also contains more fibers, which helps defecation. In addition, the potassium content, in terms of the same amount, is the highest among the three, effective to edema!