Go to the Jordanian desert for a trip to Mars

Wadi Rum is located in southern Jordan and is called “Moon Canyon” by locals. This spectacular desert is located between the ancient city of Petra in Jordan and the small town of Aqaba in the Red Sea. It is only an hour or two away from both places. The more convenient transportation, unique natural features, immersive cultural experience, and the reputation of “Mars Travel” have attracted a large number of travelers from home and abroad. The 74,000-hectare Wadi Rum Reserve was listed as a World Heritage and Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 2011.

The most like Mars on earth

The name Wadi Rum may be very strange to many people, but when I first saw the photos of it – the vast desert was dotted with magnificent rocks and sand dunes, everything in the setting sun With a rosy look, this spectacular natural scene makes me feel like I have known each other – yes, like Mars.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, we made a travel minibus with other people in the ancient city of Petra. After more than two hours, we finally arrived at Wadi Rum. After that, we changed into a cross-country Jeep and drove into the desert. On the way, we flashed a block of strange rock and towering hills, which really gave me the illusion of being on Mars. Known as “the most Mars on the planet,” this film is the location of many famous movies including “Mars Rescue” and “Red Planet.” With the film’s enthusiasm, Wadi Rum’s international popularity has increased dramatically, and local tourism has become more prosperous.

In addition to travelling by car, Wadi Rum is also a paradise for hikers. The guide can take the lead to the highest point in Jordan, the Jabbar-Lam Mountain, or walk through the Kazali Valley. This seemingly hot and quiet desert is actually not dead, but a good place to combine ecology and cultural tourism. Here you can share the inexhaustible Lawrence spring water with the camel. You can drill into the canyon to find the mysterious rock paintings on the rock wall. You can climb up to dozens of meters of rock “arch bridge” overlooking this red land, which can be in orange red. On the sand dunes, you can enjoy a traditional Arabic coffee in the hospitable Bedouin home, or you can learn to lie on the roof of the car and count the stars.

Experience Bedouin life

This desert, like the ridiculous Mars, is the home of the Bedouins. “Bedouin” means “people living in the desert” in Arabic. Every visitor to this place will almost come to a desert trip with the Bedouin guide to experience the life of a local. The summer desert is very hot, and you will feel hot feet when you wear sneakers on the sand at noon. This is a good time to climb a giant stone to cook and rest.

When we arrived at noon, Bedouin picked up the shady face of a huge rock without thinking, and took the blanket three steps and climbed up in two steps. Finished. In addition to the innate climbing skills, the Bedouins are all masters of cooking. After the branches are piled up together, the tomatoes, green peppers, onions and other ingredients are washed and cut. Add the sauce to the pot with the beef, and the meaty dishes will be baked in a short time. I have a pita in one hand, some meat in a hand, or a hummus or a tomato gravy. This is a delicious and hearty desert lunch. In addition, the Bedouin Wizard will also cook the Bedouin tea on the spot for visitors to enjoy. They joked that the tea was “bed dunes.”

The author tried to extinguish the burning fire when he was about to leave the tea. The Bedouin guide said that this was the fire that God gave us and wanted to leave it to the passing people. The Bedouin’s home is a tent scattered throughout the desert. When they are idle, they cook a pot of tea in a tent and chat with their legs. Sometimes the guests come, they will greet everyone to sit in a circle and show everyone their unique traditional instrument – Lei Beiqin. This is a stringed instrument that is somewhat like the Chinese Huqin. In the exotic sounds of the piano and the melody of the melody, everyone closed their eyes and enjoyed a refreshing heart in this hot summer day.

Stay one night “Mars” tent

In the Wadi Rum Desert, you can’t find any hotel in the traditional sense. Want to spend a night here, the tent is the only choice. In addition to the traditional tents built by the Bedouins, a camp known for its “All Star Tent” has become a popular choice for many tourists. There are a total of 12 such tents, each designed to look like a white ball, like a space capsule on Mars. The most special thing is its door design, which requires two doors to enter the bedroom from the outside. The staff told the author that it is important to open the two doors at the same time. You must close one to open the other, otherwise you will “loss the pressure”, just like on real Mars!

“All Star Tent” means that all the stars can be seen in the tent. The top of the tent is fully transparent and visitors can lie in bed and watch the stars. However, such a starlight has a layer of transparent material behind it, and the outside of the tent is an excellent place for stargazing.

The author saw the most stunning stars in this life in Wadi Rum. People living in cities may find it hard to realize that the universe is so vast that the shining stars in the night sky are neighbors who are with the Earth. In the bustling city, they are hidden behind clouds and haze in the brightly lit nights, and in this vast desert like the universe, they choose to be honest and show their own charm. I once thought that the Galaxy was only a dense place of stars. When I came to Wadi Rum, I realized that the Milky Way was really like a big river, so that people’s eyes could not be removed from it. In just ten minutes of looking up at the stars, the author even saw a few rushing meteors.

After the star-gazing, return to the “space capsule” on the comfortable big bed, close your eyes, and the entire universe is accompanied by Wadi Rum. People who “wear the stars and wear the moon” have a good night’s sleep.