Going to Sweden for the Nobel Prize Tourundefined

Every October, Sweden will become the focus of attention around the world because of the Nobel Prize. From the first moment you set foot on the Swedish territory, you will find that the most prestigious award in the world is the key word of this country. At the Arlanda International Airport in Stockholm, Sweden, the portrait of Nobel is hanging on the wall next to the baggage claim area, with a large slogan of “Welcome to my hometown”; walking in the streets of Sweden, various Nobels Award-themed tourist souvenirs can be found everywhere.

A trip to Sweden on the “Nobel Prize” is a very popular way to open Sweden. Entering the Nobel Prize Museum The most direct and quick way to learn about the Nobel Prize is to enter the Nobel Prize Museum. In this museum in the heart of Stockholm, you can trace the entire history of the Nobel Prize and learn all about the achievements of all the winners since the first Nobel Prize in 1901. The chair of the Nobel Prize-winning medical prize winner Tu Yu and the literary prize winner Mo Yan is also here. Columbia University professor Harriet Zuckerman said that at the beginning, a Nobel Prize was equivalent to a scholar’s ​​20-year salary. This bonus is enough for scholars to freely pursue their research interests. This is the charm of high bonuses. Together with other advantages, the international recognition and influence of the Nobel Prizes will continue to increase, and finally occupy the international awards. “.

The Swedish Academy of Arts awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature shares the same building as the Nobel Prize Museum. This former building of the Stockholm Stock Exchange was once the financial lifeblood of Scandinavia. Looking for the Nobel Prize Trail If you have plenty of time and want to enjoy the fun of exploration, the “puzzle-style” Nobel Prize is more suitable for you. The Blue Concert Hall in central Stockholm is the Nobel Prize awarding venue. Every December 10th, the Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony is held in the world’s top concert hall.

Members of the Swedish royal family, representatives of the Nobel Prize-winning institutions, Swedish politicians and foreign envoys gathered to witness the awards. After the Nobel Prize Committee representative introduced the winners, the King of Sweden presented the Nobel Prize and medal to each winner. In the distance blue The Stockholm City Hall, two kilometers from the Concert Hall, hosted a grand dinner and dance party. As a landmark in Stockholm, the city hall stands on the water and often appears on the city’s posters. More than 1,000 people from the Nobel Prize winners and other guests will dine in the Blue Hall of the City Hall. After the dinner, people will dance in the golden hall surrounded by pure gold walls. If you want to try the Novo Prize meal, the City Hall’s underground restaurant serves Nobel Prize-winning dinner dishes and desserts. The tableware used in the restaurant is also the Swedish ceramics and glassware used in the awards dinner.

After the meal, you can choose to stay at the Grand Hotel for one night. This hotel, built in 1874 and facing the Swedish Royal Palace, is the designated hotel for all the Nobel Prize winners every year. In addition, you can take the bus or train to leave Stockholm and go to the central city of Karlskoga to visit the former residence of Nobel, the former residence of White Birch Hill. “Follow the steps of Nobel” Swedish tourism practitioner Li Kai told reporters that the current Nobel Prize study tour market has a very good response. From the perspective of parents, they look forward to the scientific research and pragmatic spirit represented by the Nobel Prize. They can have a positive impact on the children who are setting the stage of their life goals. If they can stimulate their children’s interest in science through such study tours, it would be better. . “Follow the footsteps of Nobel”, enter the famous universities in Sweden, let the children feel the teaching atmosphere of the Nordic classroom and the development of open thinking, invite the Nobel Prize winners or the members of the Nobel Prize Selection Committee to give science-based speeches to the students. The main content of the class tour program. The Nobel Prize is closely related to Swedish universities. For example, the first Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded annually is issued by the Caroline Medical School in Sweden.

The Nobel elements on campus are everywhere. From the simple red brick wall of Caroline College to the school, the path you set up is named “Nobel Road” by the school. On the left hand side of the school gate, it is an inconspicuous two-story building, but this is the “Nobel Forum”, which is the award place for the Physiology or Medicine Award. The world-leading Caroline Medical School in the medical field is not only a promise. The award-winning party is also the Nobel Prize-winning contestant. In history, many revolutionary breakthroughs in the field of human medicine were born here. The school has nurtured five Nobel Prize winners. The Nobel Prize in Physics, the Chemistry Prize and the subsequent addition of the Economics Prize were issued by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Swedish academicians of the Institute are also from well-known universities in Sweden. With glory and glory, it is also mixed with controversy and dust. The Nobel Prize has gone through a hundred years of history. It still has strong vitality and great influence. In order to feel the Nobel Prize and Nobel’s hometown, you may wish to go to Sweden. A second Nobel Prize tour.