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After the fall, the hands and feet changed from wet to dry, and even cleft. Recommend two small recipes for cracking the hands and feet: Apply fresh orange peel juice to the cracks of the hands and feet, so that the hard skin at the crack gradually softens and the cracks heal; the orange peel can be soaked in water. You can also receive the same effect by washing your hands and washing your feet.

It is best to use them for two weeks. Morandi yellow silk shirt with lemon yellow plaid skirt, a pair of classic black cats and Mules shoes, the retro and elegant to the end. The French style’s large V neckline design, the shoulders create a visual stretch, revealing a sexy collarbone. The overall color style is symmetrical, comfortable to wear, full of Queen Fan. Dryness in autumn is easy to hurt the lungs, causing discomfort such as dry cough and phlegm, while lily can nourish Yin and lungs, clear the heart and calm the nerves. I will introduce you to the tips of picking lily. Fresh lily purchase: a large, white color, fleshy and plump and less clay in the bottom recess.

Dry lily purchase: dry, no impurities, thick meat, crystal clear and transparent. Autumn skin is easy to dry, you should eat more yam moisturizing skin. Recommend a red jujube ribs soup. Practice: 1. Wash the ribs and squash, remove the yam peeling and rolling knife; 2. Remove the ribs and yam from the water; 3. Put the water in the pot and boil it, then put it into the ribs, onions, and boiled. After a minute, add yam, red dates, salt seasoning, cook for another 10 minutes, and put in the pot before the pot. In the fall, people’s immunity has decreased, and many people are prone to diarrhea. Ways to relieve diarrhea: 1. Drink with aged radish and boil water.

Dried radish has the effect of digestive stagnation, which can relieve diarrhea. 2. Apple has a diuretic effect on diarrhea, and it is mild, and it can be used to slice and boil water to relieve diarrhea. 3. If the diarrhea is serious, seek medical advice promptly. The animated film “Snowman” directed by Gil Carlton and Todd Wildman will be released on October 1, 2019. The film tells the story of the little girl Xiaoyi who met a magical snowman. After learning that it came from the distant Mount Everest, she went through the hardships and trials with two other friends to escort the story of the little snowman and his family.undefined