The incense of the years of fireworksundefined

Someone once said: “Fireworks are material foods, and the book is a spiritual food. It is indispensable.” How good it is to say that such a text is comfortable to read, as if to see the warmth and comfort of the fireworks years. In the days, there are rice oil and salt, and there are also books. A woman who knows a writing is a full-time mother who loves poetry and books and likes words.

In addition to looking after children, washing and cooking, most of the time is in the ocean of words. When you walk into her home, you will find that from the living room to the bedroom, large and small cabinets are filled with books, world famous books and children’s books. After a meal, she is the best time for her and her children. In the lounge area of ​​the balcony, a cup of tea and a plate of fruit, she is immersed in the beauty of prose poetry, and the children swim in the magic of fairy tales. Holidays, in addition to taking the children to play, she spends most of her time in the library or bookstore with her children. She quietly reads prose essays in the reading area.

Children read children’s books in the children’s area, and they are surrounded by people. Towards, their hearts are quiet and serene, and it seems that the years are quiet. In addition to reading books, she also likes to write words. When she sleeps with her children, it is her writing time. It is far away from the busy day. She begins to calm down, writes life feelings, writes reading notes, writes film and television reviews, and Write a little emotion in life… The accumulated words are thrown into newspapers and magazines, and there is another waiting surprise in life. Over time, she gradually became famous, and she became a columnist for several newspapers and magazines.

Under her infection and influence, the child also likes to write a diary, and the composition written has always been a model in the class. Asking her to educate her cheats, she always smiles: “There is no cheat, it is to lead by example, lead the children to read together, the fireworks years, and the troubles of chores, the book fragrance is the spice in the rice and oil, the text makes me feel good, let My life is full.” She once regretted resigning her high-paying career as a full-time mother, but now she has harvested another beautiful, harmonious family in the fireworks years, a well-behaved child, a warm husband, and a daily routine. A porridge and a meal, there is also a scent of books in the fireworks. Life is like this, and will not treat everyone who works hard. The red dust is the world, the years can be expected, the days when there are fireworks and books, the days are wonderful, the taste of a porridge and a dish in the fireworks, and the chewing of the word in the book.