Braces diary

Although I am not satisfied with my teeth, I never thought about correcting it. When I was in middle school, there was a person who loved my eyes and said something, and said that my teeth are like Japanese girls, messy and very cute. This sentence has a great impact on my future life. Whenever I look in the mirror to see my teeth, the honest and courageous side will shout: “How can it be so untidy!” But the next second, the side that loves to deceive yourself will immediately hypnotize himself and say: ” It’s really like a Japanese girl! It’s so cute!” Although I have always lived in the world of “I am a beautiful woman”, I am not very satisfied with my teeth, especially when I see the teeth of Big S neat.

Whenever she smiles, I think of my defective teeth. The most I can’t stand is that when I laugh, I will show my teeth and I won’t. This really irritates me because I attach great importance to the asymmetry. Once, someone really felt that my teeth needed improvement. He was the owner of our previous record company. He also felt that I was smiling and it was strange to show my teeth without revealing it.

I asked if I could make both sides exposed or not exposed on both sides. The doctor said that changing the position of the gums is a great operation. Because the gums grow on the bones, the bones on one side must be cut off, and the two sides will be the same. My mom and I are stupid on the spot. Is my teeth so severe that I need to cut my bones? After this incident, the matter concerning the whole tooth came to an end, and I fell into a life of self-deception. It wasn’t until I got out of the record that I started to go to TV and the dental problem came into my life again.

Every time I watch SOS appear on TV, I always feel that something is wrong! Especially when I was laughing at the same time as my sister, I felt that there was a place that was very unsightly. I know what it is, but I just don’t want to face it. Because knowing that it is a big, difficult problem to deal with, it is very painful to watch. After reading it, it will become my drama. Until one day, a sentence changed me. I went to the show with my sister.

A viewer said that her mother couldn’t tell who the two of us are sisters and sisters. Finally, she came up with a solution: the teeth are neatly sister, the teeth are messy sister! This sentence is too real, so I can’t find any reason to comfort myself. I think it is time, and it is not a way to escape. Things have reached this point, I decided to go to the dentist. When I entered the clinic, I told the doctor that I wanted to tidy my teeth, but I hope that in the shortest time, I have to wear a braces for two or three years. I don’t want to do it.

I want to wear dentures. The doctor replied: “Miss Xu, I don’t recommend that you wear dentures, because your teeth are very healthy, it is a pity to wear dentures. I sincerely recommend that you wear braces. After you wear them, the effect will definitely be good!” Big S also constantly encouraged me to wear braces.

My mom said that as long as I wear braces, Wei Zhongge continues to let me host, she has no opinion. Wei Zhongge will not only let me continue to host, but also very supportive of my hosting while wearing braces. They have always told me that even if it is ugly, it is only ugly for two or three years, and it is better than ugly for a lifetime. I think, after two or three years, I was only 22 years old, I could become a real beauty, not a beauty that needs to bypass the tooth. I decided to wear it now. I am thinking about it, I will become beautiful when I am 22 years old!

Once, the producer Zhan Renxiong came to me and said, “Do you know? I have a friend who says that you are more beautiful than Big S!” I was very proud to see Big S: “Oh, really? Then what?” Then he was stunned by all the people: “Are you jealous?” After listening to this story, my heart is really a bit uncomfortable, but I immediately told myself: Hey! Beauty and ugliness are not important at all.

I rely on a kind heart, and I don’t care about the superficial things on the outside, let alone I am very cute. After reading a photo of us, I have to say that the person is really embarrassed! Although the big S was very fat at the time, but after watching her, I would still feel scared.

Of course, in addition to beauty and ugliness, inner is more important, but if it can be beautiful and has connotation, isn’t it better? Therefore, now I always think that inner is more important than external, and it is an excuse for lazy people. Because you are too lazy to dress up, too lazy to lose weight, so define beauty as superficial. Fortunately, I was surprised that I was really not right. The eyebrows were too thick except for the defects in the teeth.

At that time, I really didn’t know which style I was suitable for. I grew up in the humiliation again and again. In the face of setbacks, you can stand up and escape setbacks, but it will become more and more degenerate. If someone laughs at you, you lose weight and you are not laughed. In fact, I just want to say, okay, I have worn braces, just like the thin man said “good, I have lost weight”!