Artificial intelligence, from science fiction into reality

American sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov, who is known for his robotic work, wrote a novel “200-year-old man” that he also likes. In this later adaptation of the film of the same name, he tells a profound story: the butler robot named Andrew, who has human emotions because of the manufacturer’s technical errors, and gradually craves in the process of service.

Become a person. To this end, Andrew replaced the metal casing and parts in the body with artificial organs made by humans. Finally, because of the court decision that “human society can’t accept the eternal life,” it set an irreversible aging program for its “brain.” At the age of 200, he passed away as a human being. Highly developed artificial intelligence technology enables machines to have the ability to think and even emotions like humans. Such episodes have appeared in science fiction more than once. In real life, advances in technology are making illusions a sign of realism.

The voice of artificial intelligence reading text has already faded the “mechanical sense” of oysters, which means that more and more audio and video programs are likely to hand over the work of dubbing to the machine. The combination of facial recognition technology and other algorithms enables people to “escape” or “change their heads” in the film and television works, so that the actor who has already passed away “reproduces the world”. Artificial intelligence artists and musicians are getting their own materials online.

Create decorative and background music for hotels and restaurants at a speed that is unattainable to humans. The machine not only surpassed humans in physical strength, but also gradually entered the spiritual world that once belonged to mankind by the intelligence given by human beings. However, is human society ready to embrace the future with artificial intelligence?

Anyway, amazing changes are happening. Artificial intelligence carried on portable terminals such as mobile phones and personal computers is playing the role of a portable assistant. More and more people who want to go on holiday, planning their trips with the help of artificial intelligence, to enjoy the cheap and comfortable travel. In recent years, some of the new models of pure electric vehicles that have been put on the market have been designed around car-mounted computers and artificial intelligence systems, providing a more humane and more technological sense with the idea of ​​being closer to electronic products than traditional cars. Driving experience; not to mention, many technology companies are eager to rely on artificial intelligence for driverless traffic and road analysis.

The tentacles of artificial intelligence are being extended to many industries. The emerging direction of machine learning in artificial intelligence is, from time to time, an unexpected fruit. For example, in the field of quiz competitions such as Go, poker, and video games, artificial intelligence can grow into a top-level master or even a human being in a short period of time through self-learning and “between and melee”. It shows a different angle of thinking than a human player and turns it into a winning chip.

As a result, artificial intelligence that even top human players can’t beat has become their best sparring, making it possible for them to re-examine the competitions they are familiar with from a new perspective. Learning to get along with artificial intelligence, a new friend who goes into reality from science fiction, is an important issue that human society needs to face in the future. We don’t know where it will lead the development of human society, but what is certain is that the desire for a better future will make us more likely to train them as good helpers.

As another sci-fi sci-fi movie, Artificial Intelligence, shows, the robot boy who was a “foster child” of the human family is still fortunate enough to be injected with innocence in a dark, chaotic world that is about to go to destruction. Of course, the current results of artificial intelligence are still “individual”. In order to realize the “universal” artificial intelligence system, it is also necessary to undergo a research paradigm. The exciting thing is that this day will come soon.