French tidal road, released twice a day

A magical scene is described in Exodus: Moses, the prophet who led the Jews to escape, was ordered by God to divide the Red Sea into two. He opened a path in the sea, making everyone successfully leave Egypt. In the province of Vendée, France, the reporter unexpectedly found that there is really a magical road that can turn the ocean into a thoroughfare – the Geys channel. It is surrounded by powder, and every day, people who drive, walk, run, ride motorcycles and cyclists are not in the minority. In summer, traffic jams occur because there are too many fans. Of course, no matter which way you cross the sea, you must grasp the time before boarding the Geys channel.

Otherwise, you may fall into the dangerous situation of “water flooding, dilemma”. Release time changes every day The reporter recently went to Nova Murti on the Atlantic Ocean for sightseeing. On the way back, friend Eric looked at the watch and said, “While it is better to wear the sea and break the waves, go along the Chaoshan Highway?” Eric’s mouth The official name is the Gwys Passage, a magical road that rises out of the sea after a long tide. I haven’t reached the starting point of the passage. I have seen people moving from afar.

Many people hold wooden shovel in one hand and look at the beach with their hands on the beach. The original people are squatting and squatting. On the Geis Pass, everyone consciously limited the speed to 30 kilometers per hour. The tar and slate roads were still slippery. Although there was a lot of traffic on the road, there was no traffic in the downtown area. The stagnant seawater forms a lake in the depression, driving under the blue sky, and between the clouds, the mood is extraordinarily hearty.

Parked on a flat roadside, we walked onto the Gois Pass. Walking, cycling or walking a dog, you can see that everyone enjoys this unique “Ocean Highway” walking experience. Because if you miss this ebb tide, you will have to wait 12 hours after the Geith channel is exposed again! The local travel website forecasts and updates the ebb tide time every day. From the above, it can be seen that the Gois channel is very “willful”. Not only is it “released” twice a day, but the release time is one hour apart from the first day. After 12 hours of diving and 2 hours of release, the Geys channel became the only one in the world’s highway industry. Some people described it as “like to strike” like the French. As a result, many foreign fans have come to the tidal roads of the “only one family” to take a photo. At 16:45, Eric reminded us to go ashore. At 17:45, everyone stood on the shore and watched the flooded road. Within 45 minutes, the Geys channel was completely invisible under the magic.

Finally, the street sign that is more than 2 meters high has also become a buoy. If you don’t experience it yourself, you can’t imagine that there is a secret passage under the sea. Running against the sea The Geyser channel is 4.2 kilometers long. The earliest in history can confirm its existence. It is a map of 1701. From that time on, the locals often walked and drove the carriages to the island of Novamuti and the land via the Geys. Because of the connection to the island, this road is “prosperous” for the national road. It was not until the completion of the Novamutti Highway Bridge in 1971 that the Geys Passage was “downgraded” to the provincial road.

Although the administrative level has dropped, it has been listed in the “National Historic Buildings” list since 1942, and it is an award that is enough to make other roads paralyzed. In order to ensure a solid roadbed, the Geys Pass has undergone several reinforcement projects. There is also a “opening ceremony” before each release. The road maintenance workers pick up the sandstone, seaweed and sea otters piled up on the road surface, and also fill the damaged road surface quickly. When they turned on the green light, the team that had long queues at both ends cheered on the road.

From the straight-line distance calculation, compared with the over-the-road bridge, the tidal road can only save 20 minutes. However, some fans prefer to get up at 4 in the morning to queue up for the first time to “go on the road” and ask the reason. Many people replied that “the feeling of the first step on the sea to recede is priceless!” Contrary to these drivers who took the lead when the sea water fell, some people came to the Geys channel to leave first after the high tide. This is the “Gays Run” where the adrenaline is soaring. Every June, 30 professional athletes gather here to start when the waves flood the road, including racing masters from Africa.

It was difficult to race against the waves on the “disappeared” runway. When the participants reached the lowest point of the Gois channel, the water was close to the buttocks. They should wave their arms to maintain balance, and struggle to jump against the resistance of the water. The running became a “diving”. Wrapped in the calf by the kelp, not paying attention to the road, causing the water to be deep or chest or directly fell a few mouthfuls of seawater… In order to ensure safety, the whole course has lifeboat monitoring, encouragement, and guide the athletes. The 4km track, this championship only took 12 minutes and 40 seconds (about 20 minutes for ordinary people to run 4 kilometers)! The last one to reach the end, Jean-Corod, said that because of the slow running, the draft is tens of centimeters more than the first one. It is extremely difficult.

The pressure to run out of the ocean is anxious or even desperate, but after running exhausted, it runs out. The joy is also absolutely indescribable. Dangerous road The “Gays Run” held in 1987 is not the most famous sporting event on this road. In order to seize only two passes per day, the Tour de France used it twice as a track and used it as the starting point for the competition in 2011. The world-famous Geith Pass has been crowned with the titles of “Ocean Highway”, “Most Beautiful Highway”, “Favorite Strike Highway”, “Most Stimulating Highway” and “Most Unique Highway”. But the most important thing to ignore is that because of the tide, it is a “dangerous road” that can kill people. There are always people who ignore the prohibition sign and force the passage. As a result, they are caught in the tragedy of the car, and some people have taken a life for it.

In 2017 alone, the Maritime Rescue Team dispatched 37 “salvage” trapped by the sea. When the tide rose to the highest point, the road surface sank more than 4 meters underwater, and the daredevil who could not swim out of the sea could only climb the safety tower to save himself before the rescue boat arrived. The safety tower is a 9-cement column standing on the side of the road with a climbing ladder. Some can be saved by many people, and some have only one person. Therefore, to experience the beauty of the Chaoshan Highway, don’t forget the safety first.