In the world of the Internet, we will eventually “do nothing”

 In the bleak and vast wilderness of Texas, a hunting cowboy accidentally strayed into a gangster drug trading scene, and found a box of US dollar bills from the dead, a total of 2 million US dollars, which triggered A big drama of chasing and slaughtering – this is the main story of the 2008 Oscar for best film “Old Nothing”.
  The cowboy who wants to carry a huge sum of money to escape is a retired giant. His physical and mental qualities are excellent, and the detection and anti-detection techniques are first-class. The gang hired a murderer to track the cowboy. This murderer is carrying a gas cylinder gun that kills livestock. There is no bottom line, no rules, no scruples. All creatures that hinder him, regardless of opponents, policemen or accomplices, must die.
  Josh Brolin, who is also the actor of the tyrant, plays a cowboy in the movie, an ordinary person with all the goodness and weakness of ordinary people. Because of his soft heart, he returned to the scene of the fire to send water to the dying person, causing his whereabouts to be exposed; going out to escape, unable to let his family secretly contact his wife, and eventually the mother-in-law unintentionally exposed his whereabouts and died under the killing pistol.
  And Javier Baden – with this film to get the Oscar best supporting actor – played the murderer Anton is chilling. There is no cowboy weakness and embarrassment on his body. In the movie, he sits with a gun and executes the enemy. Before his death, accusing Anton enemy is a madman, rivers and lakes do not comply with the rules, Anton smile, “if you follow the rules leads you into such a situation, that these rules, what use is it?”
  In the film, an old The sheriff traced the entire killing process of the murderer, but he felt more and more helpless and desperate. The battle for $2 million is a process of constant competition and constant demise. The bottom line, morality, and honor that the older generation believed in did not seem to exist. This is a society that is completely separated from the past.
The first generation of BAT giants and the second generation of TMD newcomers have basically divided the traffic. If you want to overtake a car, entrepreneurs must be as embarrassed as the perverted killer in the movie, even ignoring or even reshaping the rules of the game.

  It’s been 12 years since the film was released, but the allegory it reveals has spread in recent years, especially after ZAO went online.
  Around 1999, when China experienced the first wave of Internet entrepreneurship, it was the golden age of the global Internet. Around 2011, when China’s second wave of Internet entrepreneurship emerged, the giants had already slashed the land and the remaining sites became scarcer. In this case, the swaying heart can’t hold back the desire for wealth, and some things are quietly changing.
  The representative companies in the second Internet entrepreneurial tide, such as the US group, today’s headlines, Didi Chuxing and the fight, despite the help of the mobile Internet, but in the face of the formation of the previous generation of Internet companies, they must find out The methods of survival in the cracks, crazy subsidies, algorithmic distribution, and extremely cheap, are inevitably used.
  How terrible the iron wall is, from an example, it can be seen: In 2016, in order to break the social monopoly of WeChat, Alipay made a “campus/white-collar diary” that hit the ball and tried to give social attributes, but the result was very fast. The Alipay was brushed into a genre of paintings, and it was dubbed by the netizens as “payment 鸨”. The giants are still so, why are grassroots entrepreneurs even more embarrassed?
  When the dividends of the mobile Internet are also divided, the new generation of entrepreneurs must be able to take the lead and use the dark side of human nature. Instant gratification, hedonism, addiction and addiction, teasing, borrowing money, spending money to bribe users, and guiding sharing of privacy… Today’s entrepreneurial picture is increasingly ridiculous.
  Users and traffic, like the huge box in the movie “Old Nowhere”, everyone wants to grab, everyone wants. Eating, drinking, clothing, food and shelter, the first generation of BAT giants and the second generation of TMD new rich have basically divided the traffic. If you want to overtake a car, entrepreneurs must be as embarrassed as the perverted killer in the movie, even ignoring or even reshaping the rules of the game.
  The first generation of Internet entrepreneurs who went to sea in 1999 were not white lotuses that were not stained. They didn’t do it, just because they were blue oceans and they didn’t need to do it.
  For example, Zhou Hongyi, the first generation of Internet products masters in China, stressed that Western religions believe that humanity has seven sins—lust, sloth, greed, gluttony, pride, and anger. Wrath) and envy (envy) – think that a good product needs a thorough analysis of human nature to complete its design.
  Therefore, in the era when the Internet had formed a wall of iron and steel, a group of elites who graduated from the Qing Dynasty and graduated from the background of Google and Facebook were scratching their heads in the CBD of Beishangguang. They were eager to use mathematics models to calculate what seven other crimes were among the people outside the five rings. The demand is unsatisfied, and what are the contents of the middle class in the five rings? Demand and anxiety are urgently needed to be developed.
  It can be said that hard work pays off, the elites calculate the non-elites, always win more and lose less: a cash loan application flies to the mobile phone of the town youth; one for you to instantly satisfy the reading and short video application stealing The time of countless users has gone; and the young lady behind a filter has completely replaced the hair salons and KTVs of the 4th and 5th tier cities.
  For example, at the China Development Forum in March 2018, Li Yanhong, one of the Internet’s three biggest players, speaks fluent and smooth English. He said to the chairman of McKinsey & Company, Bao Damin: “The Chinese are more open and have no privacy issues. So sensitive” – ​​After 20 years of mixing in the dyeing tank, Robin, who used to be in the air, did know China accurately.
  The ZAO, which turned out to be born, is a testament to this. The AI ​​software launched by this Momo team has a fatal problem: ZAO’s original user agreement not only allows ZAO to use and modify the user’s portrait for free, but also can arbitrarily authorize it to a third party that he wants to authorize, or even possibly Information sales.
  Even so, the first step of satisfying the user’s vanity and daydreaming software was a huge success. The server that rented 7 million yuan had already consumed 1/3 of the first night. Investors are also sought after overnight, even Zhu Xiaohu can not help but comment: “The screen is only overnight, but the most important thing is that there are more than a dozen VCs in the early morning to meet the team.”
  This phenomenon is not only the West Second Banner The problem with the Houchangcun Internet Circle is also a problem in the Silicon Valley Palo Alto Internet Circle.
  Silicon Valley entrepreneurs can be summarized as three generations: the first generation (1950s to 1970s) was dominated by technological innovation, representing the company is Fairchild and Intel; the second generation (1980s to 2000) was based on product innovation. On behalf of the company is Apple, Oracle and Google, to the third generation, the main business model innovation (after 2000), on behalf of the company is Facebook, Twitter and Uber.
  The changes in entrepreneurs across the Silicon Valley reflect the changing curve from technological innovation to applied innovation. Silicon Valley started out as a major technological innovation in transistor technology from the 1950s, which was the origin of Silicon Valley. After the 1980s, the technology and product-driven Internet and software industries began to dominate, and Silicon Valley gradually entered the silicon-free era.
  This has also caused three generations of entrepreneurs to have different styles. Gordon Moore, the inventor of Moore’s Law, is the founder of Intel, a genius of computer technology; Steve Jobs, despite the bad code, but a product genius; wait until the third generation of entrepreneurs, the media to them The focus of the report is that there are only luxury homes, lawsuits and scandals.
  For example, Snapchat, which was listed in 2017, was created to facilitate a group of party youths to send nude photos to each other. This is a typical entrepreneurial model that uses the seven sins of human nature. The founder was extremely greasy and narcissistic and publicly declared that “I am a young white man who is receiving higher education. Life is unfair.” First, the secretive angel Miranda Kerr will go home and say.
  When “human innovation” can’t be found, we can only find a way to “fake innovation.” In 2016, a Stanford girl born in 1984 built the Silicon Valley’s largest entrepreneurial scam, the blood test company Theranos, with a maximum valuation of $9 billion. The shareholders included former Secretary of State, five-star generals and the godfather of the venture capital, and were finally exposed to the health care products. No difference.
  The path of entrepreneurship along the path of “Technology Innovation – Application Innovation – Model Innovation – Human Innovation – Fraudulent Innovation” is the largest common denominator in the Internet circles between China and the United States.
  The bigger background of this phenomenon is that the fourth industrial revolution that has been waiting for 20 years has not come, the basic research has stagnated, and the entrepreneurial pattern of applied science has already been on the top of the hill. The global economy is sluggish and the economic cake is difficult to expand. Looking up, the various hills are full of people, and the sites left for follow-up entrepreneurs are even rarer.
  In a society where the hills are well-established, whether you earn money or not is just like Ge You said in “Let the Bullets Fly”: Don’t scrape the money of the poor, who do you collect?
  Back to the beginning of this Oscar for best film, the end of humor is absurd but it is endless: the murderer who ignored the rules was seriously injured at the last moment because of obeying the traffic rules. Recalling the sentence he said when he executed the enemy, “If the rules you follow lead you into such a situation, then what are the rules?” The irony is coming.
  However, if we completely let the social Darwinism and the jungle law, we will only catalyze a chaotic, disorderly, insecure Internet world, and ultimately we will have nothing to do.