A family with a sense of ritual is more likely to cultivate happiness

Life needs a sense of ritual

  Why does life need a sense of ritual?
  A good answer is: to make life a life, not a survival.
  I have seen some young people, and the days have passed: the
  room is full of littering clothes; the
  food in the refrigerator is just a meal;
  busy with work, I have forgotten what birthday, anniversary…
  one side Complaining about the boring life, while not
  wanting to make any changes… Wang Xiaobo said: It is not enough for a person to have this life alone. He should also have a poetic world.
  The sense of ritual does not require much material to make the foundation. It reflects our respect and love for life, a delicious breakfast, a bouquet of flowers on the table, a new school bag before the start of school, and a “stand up” from the class leader before class. The Spring Festival couplet on the door of the Spring Festival… This little thing can give a sense of life ritual.
  In ordinary and trivial days, the sense of ritual can make you expect, not related to the feelings, and has nothing to do with the material foundation, but your love for life, the importance of happiness, and the importance of yourself.
  Life is there, and what it is like depends entirely on your own attitude.
A sense of ritual needs between parents and children

  Do you need a sense of ritual between parents and children?
  I have a colleague, in order to participate in their children’s university graduation ceremony, put down the important work tirelessly, flew from Beijing to Guangzhou, the people around them tried to persuade her: “Just take a graduation process, do not need such a big fuss.”
  Colleagues Laughing and said:
  I just don’t want to miss every stage of my child’s growth. Although the graduation ceremony is only a form, it is the final farewell of the children and school life. In the past, I was the most basic respect for my children. I also hope that my children can pay attention to their graduation and formally bid farewell to the past. There is a new beginning.
  For a child, having such a mother is really a happy thing.
  Some psychologists believe that
  normal physical and mental growth requires a certain sense of ritual. In this small ritual, it is actually a strong self-suggestion, so that your attention is more concentrated, more serious, and more attentive.
  The ceremony of giving mom and dad to the child is not only on a special day, but also a hug before going out every day; it is a good night before going to sleep, a story.
  These seemingly small things have become the best memories of children.
Marriage requires a sense of ritual

  Some things, you never say, never do, even if you love each other, but it is easy to walk and walk.
  I have seen a short video of a “30-day commitment” in Korea, and I am deeply touched.
  The female host in the short film, the last 30 days of the divorce, asked her husband to hug, kiss, and personally say that I love you every day.
  The husband said: “The care and love that I have neglected during that time, I once again deeply felt it.” A
  marriage began to be vigorous and vigorous. If there was no business, there was no sense of ritual. The initial heart together will be completely ruined by trivial life.
  In fact, the occasional ceremony is to show respect for each other. It has never been a flashy thing.
  Just like the line in the movie “Beijing Meets Seattle”:
  ”He may not take me to the yacht to eat French, but he can run a few streets for me every morning to buy my favorite soy milk fritters. ”
  No matter how bad formalism is, it is much better than being too lazy to go through the game.”