Happiness and miracles, just like this

  On July 18, 2019, my little princess was born, weighing 3.25 kg, very healthy. My doctor believes that this marks the complete success of a new conditioning approach to a recurrent adverse pregnancy. A bit of a mouthful! To put it simply, my doctor just cured my recurrent pregnancy by just adjusting my diet. Below, let me talk about my story.
  I am from Zhejiang, 27 years old, 165 cm tall and weigh 46 kg. I am married for 4 years, 4 times pregnant, once a year, all abortion, including 2 spontaneous abortions and 2 biochemical pregnancy. My husband’s semen check showed normal. My uterus and sex hormone tests are also normal. The chromosomes of both husband and wife were normal.
  I am visiting Zhejiang Ruian People’s Hospital. In the examination of abortion, Dr. Cai Zhuhua from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was surprised to find that the human chorionic gonadotropin in each of my four abortions was lower than the previous one. Therefore, comprehensive considerations suggest that the main cause of recurrent adverse pregnancy should be abnormal immune system, and the immune rejection is still strengthening.
  Later laboratory tests found that my serum immunoglobulin IgG was higher than normal, and complement C3 was lower than normal, further supporting the conclusion that the immune system is problematic. At the same time, I have allergies and food intolerance, which also proves that the immune system is defective.
  My gut health index is as high as 16 points, which is a severe intestinal flora imbalance (more than 13 points are severe disorders). In addition, I also have severe constipation, severe allergies, and depression. Laboratory tests have found that I also have insulin resistance. Usually, I love all kinds of snacks, junk food, and various kinds of drinks. The main food is rice, I love red meat, and I like to eat barbecue. Vegetables and fruits are not eaten much.
  Therefore, the doctor’s clinical diagnosis is as follows: recurrent miscarriage, immune disorders, insulin resistance.
How to prevent miscarriage

  Dr. Du Nannan is a researcher at Case Western Reserve University in the United States. His main focus is on the balance of intestinal function and intestinal flora. More attention is paid to the intestinal tract itself and the conditioning of some metabolic diseases. Last year, Dr. Cai Zhuhua said in an interview with Dr. Du Nanan that many of her infertility patients had intestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhea and food intolerance. This information allows Dr. Du Nanan to realize that the reproductive system and the gastrointestinal system may also be related.
  Recurrent adverse pregnancy includes recurrent spontaneous abortion, biochemical pregnancy, and implant failure. The cause is mainly genetic factors and immune factors. In the fertilized egg formed by the combination of sperm and egg, half of the genetic material comes from men, so pregnancy is essentially an allogeneic transplant, which requires the mother to adaptively establish immune tolerance in order to successfully conceive. Repeated adverse pregnancy caused by immune reasons, it is clear that the immune tolerance in early pregnancy is not well established, the fertilized eggs are rejected by the mother. In other words, the maternal immune system is not friendly to the fertilized egg, and the antigen on the surface of the fertilized egg cell stimulates and stimulates the rejection of the immune system, and the fertilized egg is removed by cytokines, inflammatory factors, and the like.

  Therefore, the abnormal response of the immune system is the root cause. It is most important to keep your baby and keep your immune system in a reasonable working condition. But how can we get the immune system in the right direction? This is a world problem. The current practice of improving the immune system is relatively inefficient. How to protect your baby?
I am pregnant by improving my immune system through diet.

  Dr. Du Yunan wrote an article about the intestinal-related immune system, knowing that up to 70% of immune cells are distributed around the human intestines and are found in gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). As an important part of the mucosal immune system, they have a huge impact on the body’s immune function. So Dr. Du believes that diet can affect intestinal health, which in turn affects the immune system.
  Based on the adjustment of intestinal flora, Du Weinan designed the “Du Bo meal” for me. He suggested that I first make a huge adjustment in the diet:
  stop eating junk food and stop eating rice pasta (excessive carbohydrates, especially branched-chain carbohydrates, can increase the number of bad bacteria such as E. coli and Enterobacter. So need to avoid), stop eating red meat.
  Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in order to increase the number of beneficial bacteria.
  Eat fish and chicken to supplement protein.
  Eat nuts. Eat more cereal-rich grains.
  Dr. Du Nannan also provided some health products, such as probiotics and prebiotics, to further adjust the amount of my flora. Cai Zhuhua’s basic plan is to use heparin and aspirin. After half a month of conditioning, my body color became noticeable, my skin became better, and I was not depressed. It felt like I was changed.
  In less than two months, I did not have contraception and was pregnant. When I was ashamed to talk to the two experts about the news, they were very happy and more closely cooperated: Dr. Du was responsible for my intestinal conditioning, and Dr. Cai was responsible for my pregnancy protection.
  Interestingly, this unintended pregnancy occurred without any immune-related miscarriage drugs. The HCG value first detected in 34 days of menopause was 3568 IU/L. In view of the first 4 cases of adverse pregnancy, Dr. Cai gave aspirin and heparin to improve the anticoagulant therapy for circulatory anticoagulation, but Dr. Du thought it might not be necessary, just to be on the safe side.
  Next, the fetal heart was born on time for 42 days, and the HCG rose to nearly 150,000 IU/L after 54 days of menopause. 13 weeks passed the early NT screening and entered the second trimester. Everything is beyond the expected normal. 22 weeks to complete the system of B-ultrasound examination, fetal size and amniotic fluid are normal. 37 weeks of natural delivery of a lovely daughter, I successfully achieved the goal of being a mother.

  I made a keynote speech on intestinal dysfunction and recurrent miscarriage at an academic conference. During the lecture, I took the desire of a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus after my bowel conditioning: “Let the theory of intestinal conditioning let more people know and help more people.” After the lectures, the peers felt that they were still unfinished. Some of them sent WeChat: “Thank you for opening a new field for everyone. There is a new direction besides the injection of medicine.” Everyone asked me if I can share the slides. Of course, I hope more people. Let’s explore this new approach together.
  As a traditional obstetrician, the concept of a survival of the fittest is also ingrained. But when there were more and more patients around the fetus, I began to get confused. Why is the fetal stop more and more, is the quality of the embryos bad? Inspired and guided by Professor Liu Xiangyuan, I found that the cause of immunity can explain a large part of repeated adverse pregnancy. This part of the patient has a high success rate through immunization. When it turns out that the cause of repeated adverse pregnancy immunity is getting higher and higher, and the immunization method is effective, I am confused again. Why is immune disorder so popular? Is it because our lifestyle has changed? Environmental pollution? Still more and more popular takeaway food?

  With these confusions, inspired by Du Weinan, a medical doctor from the United States, I began to pick up functional medicine books. After studying hard, some of my confusion was solved. One of the most worthwhile to share is that “intestinal dysfunction is associated with immune dysfunction, which means that intestinal dysfunction is associated with repeated adverse pregnancy.”
  For most patients and obstetrics and gynecology, the first thing to accept is the idea of ​​pre-treatment of diarrhea constipation. Do you agree with this conditioning method?
Du Minnan: Returning to life in nature, making people more complete

  Closing this file, let us jump out and think about it: Is the success of this case universal? The incidence of infertility is getting higher and higher, and where is the problem? Is the development of modern science and technology taking people step by step to a place farther away from nature?
  Some people may disdain, saying that there is nothing wrong with staying away from nature. They say that technology makes people enjoy new life and can’t enjoy such a lifestyle in nature. But when we are away from nature and hooked up with the disease, we should think deeply.
  There are many patients who live a life that is almost isolated from nature, including the heroine of this article. Her diet is industrial processed food, barbecue, and refined rice noodles. These foods gradually pushed her to the life of “anti-natural”.
  However, human beings are born from nature and are an integral part of nature. Staying away from nature will inevitably expose the body to the pain of being abandoned by nature. On the contrary, returning to nature will make people healthier.
  I suggest that patients return to a natural life, eat less or not to eat refined foods, eat more vegetables and fruits from nature, and do not eat industrial processed foods. These are the ways to return to nature.
  So she succeeded. After her, this year, there were two more women in their 30s who were pregnant after adjusting their intestines. And they didn’t do any treatment, especially a woman who had not been pregnant for 3 years and was now pregnant for 5 months.
  People have a long history of understanding the importance of gut health to the human body. As early as more than 2,500 years ago in ancient Greece, Hippocrates, known as the originator of modern medicine, has pointed out that all diseases begin from gut. Although it is a very simple observation, the ancients have recognized the importance of intestinal health. Li Ding in the Yuan Dynasty of China also emphasized in his book “Spleen and Stomach” that “intra-injury spleen and stomach, all diseases are caused by life”, “the old man is eating out of season, cold and warm, and the spleen and stomach are injured.” This is the most reasonable interpretation of “sickness from the mouth.”
  I greatly admire the powerful insights of Hippocrates and Li. Based on the observations of more modern evidence, I also strongly agree with their views. Therefore, I strongly urge everyone to try to do “natural diet” on the diet, not to over-process food, try not to eat industrial processed food. In fact, nature itself has a strong ability to cure diseases, or the body has a strong self-healing ability. Self-healing begins with destruction, and destruction begins with inflammation. Inflammation begins with external enemies, and the enemy originates from an unhealthy lifestyle.
  Being close to nature can become a complete person.