Parrot advice

  A businessman raised a parrot. This parrot is very smart and can talk. He likes this parrot very much, keeps it in a silver cage, and often feeds it with fruits and nuts. But parrots are eager to be free and often demand freedom. The businessman always replies: “You still have something else.”
  One day, the parrot said to him: “Give me freedom, I will give you three suggestions, which will be of great benefit to you.” The businessman thought: If its advice can It is worthwhile to help me accumulate wealth.
  ”Okay.” He opened the cage.
  The parrot jumped into his hand: “Never grieve for losing wealth.” Merchants think this suggestion is unremarkable.
  The parrot flew to the roof of the merchant’s house: “Please listen to my second suggestion: Never ask someone to say anything.”
  ”Follow me about things I don’t know.” The businessman said that his tone was very dissatisfied.
  ”What you don’t know is that there are two invaluable gems in my stomach,” said the parrot.
  ”Two invaluable gems! Ah, I am so stupid, I have let you go! I will regret it forever!” The businessman shouted.
  ”You don’t want to hear my third suggestion?” asked the parrot.
  ”Tell me.” The businessman said painfully.
  The parrot said: “I advise you not to grieve for losing wealth. You are now sad for losing gems; I advise you not to believe what others say, but I tell you that when I have two gems in my stomach, you immediately I believe – if I really have the stomach two stones, I can survive it my third advice is: listen to suggestions, to learn to listen with the mind, not just listen with our ears? “.
  then, The parrot flew away, leaving a stunned businessman.