Winter night conversation

  At the end of the year, always check it out. Looking back, I have been in the business for 26 years and I am scared. The water-like years have washed away the radiance of the publicity and the dust of the rise and fall, which made me gradually understand the meaning of maturity. Even if there are some unsatisfactory things in life, I have already begun to understand the trade-offs.
  Our magazine has been in production for 32 years and has many loyal readers. One of the girls is Dandan, and our readers have become our authors. When she first met, she went to high school, and the confusion of her future made her feel overwhelmed; now, she is married, she is the mother of two children, and she is a freelance writer.
  That winter night, we were doing a conversation on WeChat during the busy housework. She said: Sister, I have known you for many years, thank you for your help and guidance.
  I said: Hey, for more than ten years, I can see you grow up!
  She said: I haven’t grown up yet. It’s hard to write a documentary manuscript and it’s easy to write. Sister, I only officially transformed this year, written in the media, I don’t know how, but still a little bit. Now I feel the importance of education, but it is late. I also reported myself to the test a few days ago. I still think about it. When the children are older, can I apply for a postgraduate study? The things I write are like wild roads.
  I advise her: You still look at the situation. Nowadays, lifelong learning is a targeted learning, continuous learning, not only academic qualifications. A lot of things written by highly educated people are not good-looking, and some are not graduated from the liberal arts or are grassroots. The things written are very good-looking. Just remember a little and tell the story. Just like selling things, new, strange, special, true. This will look good.
  She said: I reported to the online school writing class earlier. The teacher said that you should clear the direction of writing. However, I don’t know how to be clear? What is clear? Is it true that I am the mother of two children, we must be clear parents? Sister, but how can I learn to write a story?
  I thought about telling her: In fact, in your article, writing your father is the most emotional and detailed. You should write a story about the small town around you and write your familiar friends and family! Every little person lives in a big time, and the fate of every ordinary person reflects the changes of society.
  She said: I think that kind of article is not a little bit of a family…
  I am surprised: a small family? Perhaps what you call a small family is your special feature. Be sure to write your own familiar life, create and create, and write not long-term. Don’t be impetuous now, but also enrich yourself. First raise your two children and become their friends. Their growth is accompanied by your growth, and your maturity also cultivates their character. Only by working hard can you set an example for them.
  She made a smile: Thank you, and pointed out the maze. Also, sister, I have been studying human nature recently. I feel that many things that I don’t understand can be considered from the perspective of human nature. It is also good to combine humanity with the article.
  I said: Yes, such an article has depth. The ancients said that my life is also boundless, and that knowledge is boundless.
  She waved her hand: Sister, I will go down first. Give the baby a book to sleep, sleep!
  This is the daily life of an old editor. Really, it is because of such a good reader friend that I feel a sense of responsibility and mission. Is it also meaningful? When we were young, we said that we would like to express our enthusiasm for the new poetry. If you live your life well, you may feel the real life from the middle.
  If winter comes, can spring be far behind? See you next year, dear authors, readers, all friends who care and help us. Thank you for your support and love over the years, hehe! Pay tribute to you!