Correct use of the lower bolster

  The spine of the human body is a strong structure formed by the intervertebral disc connecting the vertebral body with the support of strong muscles and ligaments. If the anterior flexion is sitting for too long, these muscles and ligaments will be loosened and elongated, which will cause pain in the muscles of the lower back muscles, and severe pain in the back, neck and other muscles. The lumbar intervertebral disc is subjected to excessive pressure for a long time, which causes the lumbar intervertebral disc to undergo excessive pressure, which may lead to degeneration of the lumbar intervertebral disc and the occurrence of lumbar disc herniation. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the correct sitting posture and good sitting habits.
  When choosing a lumbar bolster, consider the posture of your work. If you want to keep the anterior convex at the waist, you should choose a thicker bolster. On the contrary, if the working posture is to reduce the lordosis of the lumbar spine, Choose a thinner bolster.
  If the seat you use often allows you to sit inside completely, then the general bolster is difficult to support the waist, so you should choose a thicker support bolster.
  Due to the individual differences of each person, it is necessary to repeatedly test the bolsters of different sizes and shapes when selecting the bolster until they are satisfied. Different bolsters should be prepared at work and at home to meet the needs of different places. Start by rolling the towel into different sizes and tightness. If you are satisfied, you can buy a standard bolster according to this specification.