The health of the ocean ball pool is worrying

  In recent years, large and colorful marine ball pools in shopping malls or outdoors have been loved by parents and children. However, a new study recently found that the marine ball in the children’s ocean ball pool carries a variety of harmful bacteria, and even in severe cases, it can cause sepsis.
  Dr. Mary Allen Austell and his team at the University of North Georgia in the United States conducted an analysis of the collection of samples collected from six marine ball pools in Georgia. It was found that all the marine balls in the marine ball pool contained bacteria, up to 31 species, 9 of which were serious pathogenic bacteria, mainly including Enterococcus faecalis (which can cause endocarditis, sepsis, urinary tract infection and meninges). Inflammation), Staphylococcus aureus (a disease that causes blood infections, especially neonatal severe sepsis), oral streptococci (which can cause endocarditis, respiratory distress syndrome, and streptococcal shock).
  The hygienic conditions of several recreational marine ball pools in Haidian District and Fengtai District of Beijing are also worrying. At the entrance to a children’s playground, there is an admission notice. The above clearly requires that “the attendees should wear socks, shoe covers, food, chewing gum, and discarded debris.” However, these systems are ineffective. When children play inside, parents sometimes send food to their children to drink and drink. After eating, they don’t wash their hands and then go to play. “Every time the child is white socks, black socks come out, I can imagine how dirty it is. But there is no way, the child loves to play.” “My child went back to go to sick, I went in with her several times. There are a lot of things falling under the ocean ball pool, sometimes you can get your feet dirty, how dirty it is.” Several parents who are waiting outside for children to play are talking about.
  Is there a disinfection system for the marine ball pool? The staff of a venue said: “The disinfectant is sprayed every day, but the number of balls is huge, so it is impossible to wipe them one by one. Moreover, the cleaning of the ground is also a big project, usually it is concentrated once in a while.”
  Therefore, experts remind parents Children should play in the ocean ball pool. Be careful to keep them clean. Don’t let the children pick up the ball. Don’t eat when the children play. Parents should not feed them. Wash hands after playing to prevent weak resistance. Or a small wound on the body causes a bacterial infection.