Young boys often wear tights to influence sexual development

 In recent years, many young and middle-aged men like to wear tight pants (including tight-fitting underwear) in order to shape their external body shape, and think that it is so chic and sexy. As everyone knows, this practice is very unfavorable for boys who are in adolescence.
  After the boy enters puberty, under the influence of endocrine, the morphology, function and secondary sexual characteristics of the male reproductive organs develop rapidly, and the testicles develop rapidly at 12 to 16 years old. After about one year of testicular development, the penis also begins to increase. Thick, developed to adult level at the age of 17. The epididymis, seminal vesicles, and prostate also develop rapidly and secrete related fluids. At 12 to 18 years of age, the boy may have a first spermatorrhea, which indicates a qualitative change in the development of sexual organ function – already fertile. However, young boys often wear tight pants, which will bring about various adverse effects on sexual development, sexual organs and sexual functions. The specific points are as follows:
  First, the boy wears tight pants for a long time, and the lower body is tightly stretched to make the penis The testicles, scrotum and other reproductive organs are pressed into the narrow crotch, which not only hinders the normal circulation of local blood, but also limits the normal developmental space of the penis. Over time, the acromion development is asymmetrical, which may lead to deviation of the penile erection angle. It is the bending of the penis, which will also affect the healthy growth of the testicles.
  Second, there are many folds on the surface of the male scrotum. At the same time, the scrotal sweat glands are also very rich. When the temperature of the outside (or body) increases, the scrotum folds will relax, and the sweat glands will discharge a lot of sweat, which will reduce the temperature inside the scrotum. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the scrotum is usually 2 to 3 ° C lower than the body (maintained at 34 ~ 35 ° C), in order to facilitate the normal production of sperm. However, when wearing tight pants, it is bound to make the scrotum and testicles close to the abdominal cavity, the temperature can not be adjusted, sweat can not be scattered, easy to cause local wetness of the lower body, not only destroys the optimal environment for sperm production, but also makes the quality of semen for a long time. decline. Adolescents are active and active, often participate in running, playing and other more vigorous sports, so that tight pants and skin continue to rub, often will smash the skin of the scrotum or cause scrotal eczema and other symptoms, itching and pain and not easy to cure, Bring unnecessary pain and trouble.
  Third, the long-term compression of the scrotum, testicles, and perineum in tight pants can cause local venous blood flow to be poor. The blood vessels near the testicles are blocked, and the varicocele is caused by severe blood stasis. It not only causes discomfort such as pain and pain in the genitals, but also causes harmful substances produced by testicular metabolism not to be discharged in time, and can not get enough nutrients in time. Causes a decrease in the secretion of testosterone. Testosterone is the main component of androgen. It is very important for the production of male sexual desire and the maintenance of sexual function. It is also indispensable for promoting sperm production, maintaining and promoting the development of secondary sexual characteristics and sexual organs. Medical research has shown that males have a lack of testosterone during adolescence, often affecting the development of secondary sexual characteristics, resulting in low or even loss of sexual desire after adulthood.
  Health experts pointed out that adolescent boys must pay attention to the health and hygiene of the reproductive organs, in addition to the usual as usual, it is not appropriate to wear tight pants (including underwear), with a slightly wider cotton products, so soft and comfortable, and Conducive to the development of the reproductive organs and will not cause local skin injuries, but also pay attention to changing the underwear, to develop a good habit of cleaning the lower body frequently; the boy who rides a bicycle to school (or go to work), the lower the cushion should be properly lowered. Prevent the test organs, penis and other reproductive organs from being crushed and damaged; when attending various sports in physical education classes or in spare time, pay more attention to the safety protection of the lower body to prevent the reproductive organs from being hit by external forces or accidental injuries, so that they can be healthy. growing up.