Doing portraits like water, doing things like mountains

  I have my own motto: “Be a portrait of water, be like a mountain.”
  Be a man like water. Water is flowing, water is changing, and water is flowing low. If you put yourself down very low, the capacity will get bigger and bigger, and you will become very broad. A small pond is easily polluted, but the lake and the sea are relatively unblemished, can hold more things, and bring more opportunities for yourself.
  We are all rivers, but the life of each river is different. Some may flow and disappear, or be polluted, or disappear into the desert. Our river of life is sometimes flowing, and may be regressed or timid in the face of difficulties due to defects in personality, slowly drying up, stagnating, not moving forward, nor reaching a wider ocean. So we have to do water, even though the Yellow River is eighteen bends, the curves are different, the way of operation is different, but in the end it flows to the sea. When we flow into the sea, it becomes richer, clearer and more transparent, and life itself becomes the most beautiful color – the blue of the sea. In short, we should have and uphold the spirit of water, keep moving forward, save our own strength, break through various obstacles, and even if we are polluted for a while, we must self-clean.
  Doing things like mountains means that there must be unwavering beliefs in doing things, and that beliefs must be unshakable like mountains. If there is a goal in front of you, this goal is very important to your progress, you must steadfastly pursue, can not change. Genius may reach the goal at once, and the land needs ten years of struggle to reach its goal. To the top of the pyramid, the first is the eagle, the genius; the second is the snail, the ground talent. The process of snail climbing on the pyramid may take three to five years or even ten years, but as long as you can climb to the top of the pyramid, the world you see is the same as the eagle, and the horizon and the eagle are the same. If you let me choose, I choose to be a snail, not an eagle. Because something that can be done easily is not to be deeply remembered, and the experience of the ups and downs in the course of life is not as deep as persisting in efforts.
  Therefore, we must know: to be as far as possible, to let others go, to let others, to meet the interests and reputation as far as possible, to leave room for accumulation and development; to do things must have their own ideas and goals, like mountains Just as firm, you can do things well.