Lost in the forest for seven days

  Laughing on the third day of the
  second day of the second day of May, in the mountains of the United States on the border between Wyoming and the state of Lolado, the 44-year-old Su Norma removed the black rucksack and placed it on a pine needle. “It’s a bit wrong,” she said to her 10-year-old daughter, Danny.
  The mother and daughter have been in the mountains for three days. According to the plan, they should have reached the end of the Enkanmen River hiking trail in Wyoming, but the topographic map shows that the signs along the way do not match the signs on the map.
  Norma’s line of sight fell below the map and saw the hiking trail entering the forest reserve of Mount Zecker in Colorado. She understood: “Dani, we are on the wrong road.”
  Danny sat on the wood and slowly ate the noodles, which was their only food. “Can we starve?” she asked.
  Nomaha laughed and patted the thigh and said, “Baby, we still have a lot of reserves in our body.” Her tone of voice was like a mother bear who was full of fat and ready to hibernate, and Danny laughed.
  Norma has been quite unsatisfactory in recent years. Last year, her husband left her, and she lost two jobs: she originally worked for a health care company, was unemployed because of the company’s failure, and was later hired by another health care company to come to the unaccompanied Colorado. Working in Denver, but was dismissed three weeks after work. However, Norma loves her daughter. From the time her daughter learns to walk, she often takes her to the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania for hiking and fishing. Her mother and daughter are very close. At this time, she is even more reluctant to let her daughter see her anxiety. The mother and the daughter believed that there was always a dwelling in front, so they continued on the road. The back pocket of Norma weighs 30 kilograms, and Dani’s rucksack is also more than 10 kilograms. The equipment is equipped with a tent for two people, a support pole, a sleeping bag, a warm blanket, a first aid kit and a fishing rod. In addition, there are camping stoves, cooking pots, pans, etc., but these utensils are useless now because all their food is eaten up.
  After walking for a while, the mountain road became narrower and narrower, and finally disappeared. On their left, the river rushes; the right side is black and dense. They looked towards the pine forest, only occasionally from the gap between the tree and the tree, to see the snow-capped peak of the Conte Nentral. At this time, Danny found the footprints of the mountain lions on the soft soil near the river. The mother and the daughter quickly took out the whistle from the pocket and blew it, blowing to the cheeks and hurting. A sharp whistle can deter the beast.
  The two continued to move forward, and Danny walked and sang a song, and the song crossed the pine forest and floated into the sky.
  Search Black Forest nowhere
  in the 10 o’clock in the morning, this card County Wyoming Sheriff High Mickelson received a report telephone. A woman named Hua Xiben said on the phone that she met a mother and daughter at the campsite last Saturday morning. The mother and daughter said they went north along the Enkanmen River and then returned to the campsite on Monday morning. But they have not returned yet, and their cars are still in place.
  Golson arranged the search immediately. He has been a county policeman for 24 years, and he has rich experience. There are all kinds of things that can happen in his mind: The mother and daughter were attacked by bears? Lost into the river? The mother fell to the mountain and the daughter was lonely and helpless… The search team searched for the 24km long hiking trail in Wyoming, and the mother and daughter were still missing at night.
  On Wednesday, the National Guard helicopter and two aeroplanes hovered over the mountains. Dozens of search team members searched for horses on various mountain ranges and found nothing. Since Golsen took over the forest reserve, three people have been buried in the forest because they lost their way. People who have lost more than five days in this mountainous area have never survivors.
  Mother began to fear
  Norma called the day of not being called by anyone, and my heart could not help but fear thrown. She and her daughter have not eaten for two days, and there are cliffs in front to block the way.
  The mother and the daughter walked slowly along the river and finally saw a pile of wood on the water to cross the river, and then carefully walked to the other side. The river is getting more and more urgent, hitting the rocks and splashing. They found a calm pond, sat down and put a bait on the hook, and wanted to fish for hunger. In the end, nothing was caught, so their dinner was still a river filtered with a water purifier. As the night faded, Norma carefully set up the tent, put the two sleeping bags together, and hugged her daughter to sleep.
  Danny felt that her mother was afraid.
  Helicopter did not look back
  on Wednesday soon after dark, a police dog in a forest reserve Rattus Seckel Mountains near the entrance to find an apple core. The hound trainer also found two sets of boots on the soft soil not far away. A group, a small group, should be left by an adult and a child. This gave the police hope. After receiving the report, Golson ordered the searchers to go to Colorado for a thorough search the next day. He hopes that it is not too late.
  Norma looked around with a telescope and her eyes stayed in front of a steep mountain: “We must climb to the top of the mountain to see if there are pastures or roads nearby.”
  Shortly after noon on Thursday, the mother and daughter came to the north slope of the mountain, one step. Step up and climb. There are countless obstacles on the way, and there are big trees, rocks and snow everywhere. The snow is sometimes thick, sometimes only a thin layer, Danny lost into the snow pit, straight to the waist, scared to scream.
  When they reached the mountainside, suddenly there was a roar, and Norma listened: the voice of the helicopter. The helicopter is approaching them. She immediately shouted: “Get a blanket!”
  Norma opened the rucksack, pulled out the warm blanket, spread the silver side, and the mother and daughter grabbed the side of the blanket and lifted the blanket. The green military helicopter flew over them and did not look back. It was going to be dark. They set up tents at a leeward location. Norma used the wax and wooden strips in the fire pack to create a small fire that emitted smoke, looking forward to the search team. In the cold wind, she trembled and looked at the smoke in frustration as the wind drifted down the mountain.
  On Friday afternoon, my mother and daughter finally climbed to the top of the mountain. Daniel squatted on the stone to warm the sun, and Norma carefully observed the surrounding area. The mountains were covered with mountains and forests. The mountains and rivers were flowing, and the sun shone in the sun.
  Norma felt a dizzy, she took the compass out of her backpack and gave it to Danny: “We are going north to Wyoming. You are responsible for making sure we don’t go the wrong way.”
  ”Let’s get there,” Danny said.
  Are you Norma?
  Sergeant Golson decided to stop searching in Colorado, and plans to personally lead the team back to the mountains of Wyoming on Saturday to try to search. One of the hounds has been specially trained to find human remains.
  But Hua Jia, a 40-year-old law enforcement officer from the Forest Bureau, vaguely felt that the mother and daughter were still in the world. On Friday night, she called her friend He Lisi: “I will go to Zekel Forest with me tomorrow. My instincts tell me that I should be able to find them there.” On
  Saturday morning, Hua Jia and He Lisi drove to the south. Zeker Forest. At noon, they turned to horseback riding and walked along the mountain road. About two hours later, they walked to a large mud. He Lisi’s horse refused to walk through the mud. When the two were discussing whether to go back or find another way, the two horses suddenly erected their ears.
  He Lisi looked across the horse’s line of sight to the south: “There is a black shadow, is it a camel or a bear?”
  She looked at it again and saw that the black shadow split into two.
  Norma felt dizzy and poured ice on the face, hoping to drive away sleepiness.
  ”There are some white things over there, it seems to be horses,” Danny said. They walked toward the white thing, and Norma saw two horses and saw two people immediately. She immediately rushed to the muddy ran and ran to the front of the horse about 30 meters, she clearly saw two women riding on the horse.
  ”Are you a Su Norma?” one of them asked.
  Norma finally couldn’t help, and cried on the floor and said, “Yes.”
  In the ambulance, the doctor checked with Norma and Dani: After 7 days of forest lost, the mother and daughter were exhausted, dehydrated, bruised, but not life-threatening. Norma lost 7 kilograms and Danny lost 3 kilograms.
  Su Norma mother and daughter thanked all the people who ran for them, then drove back to Denver. On the way, Norma parked the car on the side of the road and got off the bus and looked out into the mountains. Now all the disappointments in her heart have completely dissipated. Danny shook the window and said eagerly: “Mom, go home.”