The mystery of life-saving “blackjack”

  This is a rare and mysterious “blackjack” in the world. Not only is its life mysterious, but the water poured into it is more mysterious! Is it a product of earth civilization or a product of alien civilization?
  Igor Podhhich, a resident of Krasnodar, Russia, cherished a treasure he once called himself a “live cup.” It is said that any liquid that is poured into it will become a drug that can cure all diseases. Even some scientists echoed and thought that this magical treasure from the outside world could indeed cure all diseases and bring them back to life… What is going on?
  Recently, reporters from the Russian “Summary” Weekly conducted a detailed investigation of this mysterious event and mysterious treasures.
  Blackjack can be life-saving
  , according to the owner of the treasure波杜赫维奇introduced in 2004, his family was unfortunate – the daughter of a serious car accident. The doctor has said that she could not help his daughter, and she had to send her back from the hospital. At this time, Poduhvich remembered the big glass left by his great-grandfather and decided to use it to feed his daughter. He thought that he would become a living horse doctor. I never thought that there was a miracle: the fracture quickly healed and it no longer hurts. When the patient is returned to the hospital for routine examination, the doctor can’t believe his eyes. Poduhvich realized at this time that what he had was really a treasure. Look at the cup carefully and find that the cup is full of bells and whistles.
  Poduhvich sent these and other materials to his website, after which people rushed to the Krasnodar border area, and it was not so easy to find Podhuvich soon. In order to get this kind of cure for the disease, people need to line up to find him a few days in advance, which is a bit like the people in the war who lined up to buy tight daily necessities.
  However, the miracle has also emerged continuously. It is not that this cures heart disease, that is to say, it cures myopia, and some people have cured the cough. A 60-year-old man with a flower armor cured the disease without surgery. A woman who was severely burnt was wiped with only Shenshui and soon it was fine.
  Where is the magic treasure?
  According to Poduhovic, the owner of the treasure, his former great-grandfather, nuclear physicist Kiril Kabanov, who was a member of the national expedition in the early 1960s, went to the Tunguska River in Siberia. It is the place where the legendary Tungusian comet fell or a nuclear explosion occurred. From then, my great-grandfather also picked up a piece of baby something back – that is, this high-alcoholic glass made of whatever material. His great-grandfather used this cup to drink water. He even lived to nearly a hundred years old, but he never announced his secrets of longevity. He left this extraordinary home to his great grandson Igor before he died. Podovich told him about this secret.
  According to Vajim Chernobrov, the head of the Russian Communist Youth League Exploration Association, they have only listened to the words of Poduhvich, both for the magical nature of the wine glasses and for its origins. So they did some related investigations separately. They searched the list of personnel in various scientific research institutes in the Soviet Union, and also searched the people who visited the Tungus River in the past to see if there was a name of his great-grandfather. The result was not found. Perhaps his great-grandfather was an expert with a secret mission. Although he participated in the investigation, his name was intentionally hidden.
  In fact, in the early 1960s, the government did send a lot of experts to those areas, including doctors, biologists, soil scientists and physicists. Scientists of all kinds of professions have indeed not searched in that area. According to the Soviet hero and astronaut Georgy Grecchi, at that time, Sergei Korolev, the chief architect of the famous Soviet rocket and space system, the academician of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and the pioneer of manned space flight, once Young experts in the field of rocket satellite technology were sent to investigate the location where the legendary Tungusian comet crashed or a nuclear explosion occurred. Gliciche was the captain of the expedition. At that time, all the expedition members were required to keep secrets. Only recently, the matter began to be discussed openly because the time limit for confidentiality had passed. But unfortunately, the truth that people get is that there are no special relics found on the scene. It seems that no disaster has occurred.
  Of course, it is possible that people do not have information about everyone, and this does not rule out the existence of valuable discoveries. This treasure may have been discovered by a foreign grandfather of Poduhvich in an investigation.
  Treasures, treasures, tell me!
  The origin of the treasures seems to be somewhat mysterious, but the mystery of the treasure itself is even more mysterious.
  Poduhvich once sent the treasures to some research institutes and appraisal departments to test. As a result, the scientists involved in the test were all shocked because the water in the cup changed the physicochemical properties, and the water contained some under normal conditions. Possible ingredients. One researcher even asserted that this is very similar to the famous Cleopaly bowl that the Westerners have been searching for for centuries. It is said that the god bowl can help people to eliminate disasters and help people live forever.
  The Saratov Forensic Laboratory in Russia also studied the wine glasses carefully. They used X-ray fluorescence analysis to study the elemental composition. The conclusion is that 90% of the material composition of the treasure is silicon, and the rest is calcium, nickel and iron. 9 kinds of ingredients such as lanthanum, cerium, selenium, bromine, phosphorus and cobalt.
  In 2009, the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology at Kuban University in Russia also tested the water in the cup. The test used the general water supplied in the city, but after pouring it into the cup, it found that the copper content increased. 25 times, zirconium increased by 10 times, and molybdenum increased by 40 times. The staff of the teaching and research section concluded that such a change cannot be said to be a test error.
  Nikola Podgorny, a deputy Ph.D. in geology and mineralogy at the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, concluded by X-ray microanalysis that the glass has extraterrestrial properties because of isotope contrast. completely different.
  After the identification of the treasures, the Russian antiques repair expert Ye Maliyanov believes that there is no trace of lathe processing on the wine glass, because silicon itself cannot be processed; casting is impossible because the casting requirements are more than 3000 degrees. high temperature. Therefore, this blackjack is not like the product of the earth.
  So, is it possible to think that the treasure is carried by the alien civilization to the earth? This argument seems to be insufficient evidence. For example, Alexander Semenov, president of the Russian Association of Unknown Ecology, believes that this treasure is not necessarily a product of alien civilization, perhaps it was made by the ancients, because the ancients are different from today’s people in some respects, and they hold some of them today. Process technology that people don’t know.
  ”God water” to cure the disease,
  It seems that the production of this treasure of the blackjack is still an unsolved mystery. Not only that, but its healing effect is still difficult to say clearly.
  Some people say that it is very likely that the special material of the large glass itself has caused a lot of changes in the water inside, and it has become a “God Water”, and this change of “God Water” has a very strong nourishing effect on the human body. Improve people’s immunity, so many diseases can be well treated, and some critically ill patients can be transferred to safety, or even return to life.
  But Natalya Beloborodova, MD, of the Institute of General Resuscitation at the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that people love to believe in miracles, so they artificially exaggerate the role of water in the blackjack; even if the water in the blackjack produces A little change, but it will never cause the scorpion to recover or the malignant tumor to dissipate on its own. So strictly speaking, the water in the blackjack is not a “god water” at all, and there is no medicinal value.
  Vladimir Vorobyov, MD, Ph.D., chief researcher of the National Center for Mental Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, reminds people that the Russian domestic market is now full of various kinds of “Shen Shui” in the blackjack. “The panacea”, manufacturers all claim to cure all diseases, in fact, there is no benefit to the human body. If these miracle drugs can achieve a placebo effect, it’s not bad; if the patient takes these fake drugs at the same time without giving up the regular treatment, it is not a problem; but there are also many hope patients who have saved lives. However, due to the use of these so-called “magic bullets”, the real treatment time was delayed, and eventually it was saved in vain.
  So, is “God Water” really only a placebo effect, and does it have a therapeutic effect? It seems that there is still no ultimate answer. The secret still needs to continue.