“Four Thinkings” about Private Domain Traffic

  Private domain traffic should be one of the hottest concepts in this year’s marketing circle. When friends in the circle chat, if anyone can’t talk about a few related topics, it is really far behind by peers. So, is private traffic really amazing?
  1. Is private traffic very advanced?
  First of all, what is private domain traffic? Although no expert now gives a clear definition, people generally understand that it is “private traffic that they can control”, that is, traffic that you can use repeatedly and hardly increase costs, such as friends circle, WeChat public account, Small programs, apps, etc.
  The opposite of private domain traffic is “public domain traffic”, that is, these traffic is not your own, but is spent on other platforms, and most of them are one-time traffic, such as Taobao Express, friends circle advertising , patch ads for video sites, etc. You spend one time on these traffic, there is a flow of traffic, the money is gone, and the traffic stops. According to this logic, we can think about it. Who is the most profound and most frequently used person for private domain traffic? Of course, it is a micro-business, they are the forerunners of true private domain traffic.
  Around 2012 is the time period when the WeChat public account is booming. If you have experienced that period, you may feel familiar with this “private traffic theory.” At that time, the concept of micro-marketing was booming, and the situation was similar to the current “private domain traffic.” At that time, people were talking about micro-marketing. Whether it was LBS or micro-sites, the most common rhetoric was “the biggest advantage of micro-marketing is to lock users and traffic in their hands.” This is indeed a big brand micro-marketing. Advantages, and just hit the hearts of some SME owners. Because the biggest difficulty for these business owners is the difficulty in obtaining traffic, the high cost of obtaining customers, and “taking users and traffic in their hands” is what they dream of. In those few years, companies of all sizes have their own public numbers. Even some companies have insufficient staff, so they can let the administration and secretaries come together.
  As the saying goes: “There is nothing new under the sun.” The hot “private traffic” is actually similar to the popular micro-marketing in previous years, but in the context of the mobile Internet, it has added vibrato, small programs, APP and other different platforms, the core is the autonomous traffic that was said at the time.
  2. Is private traffic very cheap?
  When people talk about “private traffic,” there is a very clear point: cheap. It may be cheaper, but not as cheap as everyone thinks. I had the privilege of being a brand executive at a major international education company. I remember that the strategy given by the marketing director of the company was to create a private domain traffic pool. Therefore, we have established a large number of account micro-blogs, WeChat public number, WeChat private number, headline, knowing and so on, including brand names and brand names, and then rely on a large number of high-quality content output to attract target consumers, and Publish soft papers or advertisements on a regular basis in the name of a brand or in the name of a third party. At that time, we had several accounts that had already ranked in the top 10 of the segment, one of which had already had hundreds of thousands of accurate customers. In the present words, this is private domain traffic, and we have also achieved good realisation from these private domain traffic.
  On the surface, these flows are free and can be used multiple times, which is of course a fact. However, we must know that behind this batch of accounts, there is a huge content team and operation team to support, in addition to the need to mobilize a large number of consultants. In places like Shanghai, a good content editor has a minimum of 8,000, and an account has at least 4 people behind it, so that the cost of light labor is more than 30,000 per month. In other words, the traffic of this account is actually bought by you for more than 30,000 per month. The traffic can be used repeatedly, but the salary is also paid monthly. The same is true for small-area, APP and other private domain traffic platforms. The wages of programmers, designers, operators, etc. are all in the form of spending money to buy traffic. In other words, “private domain traffic” is actually quite difficult to serve.
  First of all, does your content give the user enough reason to leave and open? Is the operational capability of the content strong enough? If only advertising is issued, then only the fate of being blocked and removed.
  Followed by the service. It is difficult for a market department or a new media department to invigorate a mature private domain traffic pool. It must have an inter-departmental cooperation in a wider scope, such as customer service, sales, and consultants. So, how to mobilize resources across departments and serve private domain traffic? For example, in our previous education industry, if you want to serve students well in private WeChat, then the professional knowledge of the marketing department or the new media department is definitely not enough. You must mobilize the teaching department or the consulting department to bring real value to the students. . So teachers who use the teaching level as a performance appraisal indicator, how can they help students who have not paid (or even pay)? This tests whether the person in charge is strong enough and whether the incentive mechanism is perfect. Why did Haier’s new media develop so fast? Because of the sufficient attention at the strategic level, as early as 2014, Haier declared that it would abandon the traditional magazines and turn to the new media. This is the strategic basis for their efforts in new media.
  In addition, the establishment of private domain traffic is difficult to see immediately. If it is a zero-based establishment, at least two months or even longer incubation period can bring some profit. So can the decision-making layer leave the team with enough growth and strong support to test the water? Moreover, traffic will not come out of thin air, always draining from other directions, at least the first batch of “seed fans” will be drawn from other directions. More critically, how does the traffic you draw hold and activate? Once the business is not good, the traffic is easily lost and even becomes dead traffic.
  We can see how many WeChat public accounts and circle of friends have been blocked? Who has not a few dead WeChat groups in their hands? So the topic is back. If you want to create a “private domain traffic” closed loop, you have to have a strong content and operations team. Otherwise, nothing can be said. Because private domain traffic is not thought by many bosses, the people entering the store are pulled into the circle of friends, and the private domain traffic is built.
  3. Private domain traffic is just integrated traffic?
  The current mobile Internet traffic is basically constant. Under the premise of the disappearance of the Internet dividend, there are so many people on the Internet, and there will be no big growth in the short term, that is, the sum of the available traffic is certain. Traffic will not be generated out of thin air, nor will it disappear. It is nothing more than competitors grabbing these traffic and rushing back and forth. So if you want to get a lot of traffic, you have to redeem it with a lot of resources. When you don’t have the resources, your traffic will go away and go elsewhere. For example, exchange your content, like high-quality content accounts such as visual and new world; exchange with your creativity, such as Durex’s hot ideas; exchange with your services, such as some knowledge accounts.
  When your high-quality content, eye-catching ideas, or good service are gone, traffic will go away. However, there is an exception, that is, Internet products have discovered a new traffic slogan through innovation, such as the rise of the public number, or the emergence of live broadcasts and short videos, which has created a new traffic flow. In this depression, the flow is relatively cheap, and in the early stage you can harvest a batch of traffic at a lower cost. But as time goes by, the price of these flows will definitely return to the average.
  Then let’s look at private domain traffic. The essence of it is not to innovate a new traffic, but to integrate the original offline traffic and through traffic into the private pool. When traffic enters the private pool, you still need to continuously provide valuable services to users. Since it is providing services, it will inevitably generate another cost. Empty glove flow is never possible.
  4. Can private domain traffic be established immediately?
  When I was chatting with a business owner, the most common scenario was that they often said, “It’s not private traffic. I will let the people in the marketing department build it tomorrow.” Building a number, even building a small program is very good. Easy, but as mentioned above, the biggest question is how do you keep traffic and activate traffic. Can the current staff do a good job of content, service and user operations? What if they don’t have enough? Give them the right to recruit people? Can you recruit a few people? Is there any incentive mechanism for the establishment of private domain traffic? Why do they give up a new way by giving up the already mature sales methods?
  Carved the Lord said that the strategy guides the operation and the operation guidance team. When you don’t really support private domain traffic at the strategic level, the specific direction of operation will not focus on private domain traffic, and the team will not be serious. The result is that your so-called private domain traffic will become a useless account, which is useless, and it is a pity to abandon it. Therefore, in order to make private domain traffic truly available, it is necessary to pay attention to it from a strategic point of view, at least from the perspective of market strategy. Only in this way can we build a proper operating system and configure the team under this system, and then the team can truly carried out. And those who think that private domain traffic is just a leader who recruits a few people to build a few accounts, and perhaps the only thing that is finally obtained is just those zombie accounts.