Iceland’s most proud national health level

  In the 2018 World Cup, a football team that became a patchwork became the focus. The Icelandic team, which was ridiculed by a team of dentists, workers, and businessmen, 1:1 draws two World Cup champions Argentina. Let Iceland, a small Nordic country with a land area of ​​only 103,000 square kilometers, receive attention.
  In addition to the “stunning debut” of the World Cup, Iceland’s health is also worthy of attention! In 2016, the top international medical magazine Lancet listed the list of the world’s healthiest countries and regions, and Iceland ranked first.
  All free football stadium
  Iceland extreme climate, time of year there is ice and snow seven months. However, this did not hinder Icelandic people’s enthusiasm for sports.
  Without the “time and place”, you will fight “people and”! Iceland’s ambassador to China Gu Shixian said in an interview with the media that there are many indoor playgrounds in Iceland. In 2015, Iceland had 179 standard football fields and 128 small football fields. All of these courses are free and everyone can receive regular football training until the age of 19.
  Icelanders have a strong interest in sports. In order to watch the World Cup, Iceland is very excited all over the country, shops are closed, and even those who plan to marry have postponed the wedding. According to reports, about 30,000 Icelandic fans went to Russia to cheer for their national team, which means that 1/10 of the country’s people are dispatched.
  In addition to the love of football, swimming is also a sport that Icelanders like. Most Icelanders are born in a few months and will be taken to the spa to learn to swim. They believe that swimming is not only a mechanical stroke, but a healthy and happy life. In Iceland, there is at least one public swimming pool in each town, and elderly and children can enjoy discounts.
  Quit alcohol limit more fish
  quit smoking, limit alcohol increases the life expectancy of Icelanders. According to a survey by the Institute of Health Measurement and Evaluation of the University of Washington, Iceland, Iceland has been one of the countries with the largest decline in smoking since the 1980s. Iceland’s 2011 smoking population report shows that nearly half of the population has not smoked.
  Icelandic drinking rates have been low. Iceland has banned the production and sale of spirits long ago, and even in 1989, beer was illegal. Without alcohol abuse, the incidence of cirrhosis is the lowest in the world.
  Iceland is located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and has abundance of fish. In 2015, a documentary by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) talked about the healthy way for Icelanders to eat – love to eat a variety of deep-sea fish.
  Huang Lianzhen, a professor of nutrition and food hygiene at Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said that fish is the best food for preventing coronary heart disease, especially deep-sea fish, which is good for preventing dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease.
  Availability of quality medical world’s first index
  in May this year, “The Lancet” published medical accessibility and quality of the latest global ranking 195 countries and regions, Iceland and came in first.
  The so-called accessibility can also be regarded as convenience. It is an important indicator for evaluating medical services. It means that the disease can be treated widely and conveniently, and the medical quality represents the medical level. According to this ranking, the medical accessibility and quality index depends on the cure rate and mortality rate of 32 preventable diseases in a country or region, including cancer, heart disease, infectious diseases, maternal and child diseases, respiratory diseases. The cure rate is high and the mortality rate is low, so the index score is high. Iceland ranks first, meaning that Iceland’s treatment level and medical convenience are at the forefront.
  Iceland is a public health care program. If you are seriously ill and have troubles in Iceland, you can go abroad for treatment. The cost is borne by the government.
  And advocate simpleness and tranquility
  as “fire and ice within a state”, in fact, Iceland is a troubled country, where there are large glaciers, also occupy more than 100 volcanoes, once the plague so that the number of the Icelandic population is greatly reduced. Suffering makes them warm and very collective.
  At the same time, the “multiple disasters” also made the Icelanders form a philosophy of “the boat is naturally straight to the bridge.” A study by the University of Iceland in 2017 showed that nearly half of Icelanders firmly believe that “the ship is naturally straight to the bridge” is their philosophy of life. This puts the attitude of the Icelanders’ life – leisure, peace, and humor to the extreme. Just like talking about volcanoes, they often say “why panic? Anyway, they can’t control.”
  Icelanders are still the happiest people in the world. According to the OECD Better Life Index, Iceland is one of the most harmonious countries in terms of human relations; a poll showed that 82% of Icelanders expressed satisfaction with their living conditions and a high happiness index. In the 2015 Global Peace Index rankings, Iceland topped the list of 162 participating countries.