Intoxicating summer

  A few years ago, my hometown of Indiana began to implement daylight saving time, so in the summer, we have to adjust the clock for an hour. Discussions about whether adjustments are needed can be seen everywhere, but in my opinion, no matter who controls the time, no one can take my summer experience.
  I love summer nights, because those nights are always connected to happy memories. During the summer, most of my wife’s time spent in the glass room in front of our house, which was built by Spencer at the age of 18 to prove his ability. When not sitting in the sun in the room, we will ride the British triumphant motorcycle produced in 1974 and go to the dairy store on the outskirts of Lizton.
  Sitting in the car, the wind swept through my hair, I seem to have returned to the boy’s time, or the boy who is cheering for the dairy shop. 50 years ago, perhaps because Dad will always be a raise, perhaps put on a new home linens, anyway, some modest achievements to celebrate on our rallying cry: “Let’s go to the dairy bar!”
  The old Dad drove us along the No. 0 road all the way north, passing the farm of the Hess Disney home, we always stopped to look at the strange “Ma Tau Tree”. In order not to let the growth of the tree affect the wires, the power company pruned the canopy of a big tree in his house. Dad always likes to stand there with his hips. A very familiar look, “You can’t create such an image inadvertently. The person who saw the tree deliberately does not have the effect.” At that time, there was no cable TV in my hometown, and anything new was enough to get our admiration.
  On a summer evening after many years, my wife and I drove past the farm of the Hessian family. How fortunate that the father was still alive. Although the horsehead tree had disappeared, his family’s pasture was still the most beautiful place in Hendricks County. We strolled around and saw groups of cows grazing among the oak trees. The sun was jumping between the streams, reminding me of Monet’s paintings. Eating ice cream is a reward that only summer can enjoy, and the beauty at this moment is also the exclusive gift of summer.
  I chose a chocolate-flavored ice cream. My wife chose butter pecans. The shade was just over our head. We sat at the picnic table behind the dairy store and watched the highway No. 39 not far away. The car came and went, we both had the urge to travel, so we chose to go home. We passed through North Sharon and drove through the highest-rated Prut home in the county.
  That trip made us discover a good place, just around a small road near the Prut home, where the fireworks in the surrounding four towns were visible. Due to daylight saving time, the sun does not start to sunset until 9:18 pm, but the sky gradually loses color and still needs a process.
  My wife and I are like children who are expecting to eat ice cream, and can’t wait to see the fireworks igniting the summer night.