Life is like chess

  Chess is the symphony of destiny, and Go is the pastoral scenery. The chess board is the sky of the clear night, and it is an ancient stranger. And the chess pieces, the grain is sturdy, and the crystal is as jade. Chess is a nine-tongue, and the gully is continuous. We can hear the sound of the ancient soldiers and the sorrows of the wild in the flowing water. Go is a thousand ridge trees, peaks and ridges, after the mountains of the ancient times, we can find the grass and the sky, the wind and the grass low to see cattle and sheep.
  The wise man moves, the benevolent is quiet. Chess is robbing the past and the past, asking you to quit the stage of history; Go is pursuing the up and down squares, is to squeeze your space, wants you to sneak away, and stay in the mountains.
  Therefore, the more the chess pieces are killed, the more the chess pieces are. There is no absolute safety in the chess pieces. With the spirit of “Dare to pull the emperor down,” killing a capital preservation and killing two to earn one, so the big Jiangdong goes, the ageless characters finally waved out; every particle of Go must have A certain amount of gas, once there is an eye, then everything in the heavens and the earth grows with me, so playing chess is to avoid the wood without water and the water of passive.
  In chess, nothing belongs to you or mine, except for the opponent himself, everything is flowing. In addition to the handsome, each child’s individual survival is meaningless, and they are obedient to the overall situation, ready to prepare the horses to wrap the body, and to be ashamed of the death between the slot.
  In the national chess, the living chess and the surrounding space rely on each other, the live chess must have the field, and my always is mine. Even if you are born on one side, you are older than one. The existence of the heavens, the existence of the Tao, both eyes, the spirit is not dead, self-satisfied.
  Chess is a heavy sentiment, and he is forgotten to die, but for the sake of the king; the chess is still ambition, up and down the square, only to seek gallop. Chess Yu Yu, Go Yu Yu; Chess is the beast of the beast, Go is the dance of the birds.
  Chess is one inch short and one inch is dangerous. It is to ask for the life of the other person. It must be killed and then safe, and then it is fast. Therefore, it is fearful that you will not be embarrassed by the trick, choose the means of deceit, and you will be able to kill you until you are the first. At the office. Speed ​​is the life of chess, and it does not hesitate to break the wrists. There is no fear of the family. As long as there is still a breath, even if one soldier is a pawn, he will go forward; Go is one inch long and one inch strong. The creation of Go itself is a metaphor for the mystery of the heavens and the earth: the yin and yang are growing, the four times are changing, the life is endless, and there is no parallel.
  Chess makes people specialize, and Go makes people manage. Chess becomes a thing, and Go is a man