Little love for everyday life

  The days of sunshine are very good.
  Get up in the morning, open the curtains, the sun is blowing, the fine dust and fibers are especially obvious in the sun, and the air is flying and spinning. Light and shadow is the life of the photographer. Although I dare not call myself a photographer, I dare say that I love photography. I don’t care if I brush my teeth and wash my face. The mobile phone and the SLR are both at the same time.
  At noon, the sun slowly moved to the living room, and one side of the living room was a large floor-to-ceiling glass window, and the sun covered every corner. Move the flowers and plants to the glass window, let them sit and sunbathe. Pat this, pat the one, and give them a group photo, not enough, love is not enough.
  At dusk, the last light and shadow fell on the sideboard, like a layer of golden light, which made people inexplicably gentle and wanted to sigh gently.
  In this way, the house is at home, chasing the light and shadow, taking pictures of the day without bothering.
  The rainy days are very good.
  On rainy days, I like to read the book with the sound of rain. “The rain is screaming, like living by the stream.” I am tired of reading books, staying for a while, sometimes getting a nap in the quilt. I woke up and the rain was heavy. Layers of rain curtains on the window glass, through the rain curtain, linger in the distance, like a flowing watercolor. This scene is beautiful, grab the camera and record the rainy day.
  Cloudy is also very good.
  I like to make snacks on a cloudy day. The seaweed is fragrant and roasted for a few minutes, and it becomes a crispy seaweed. Buy two pounds of kumquat, wash it with salt water, and then carefully remove the seeds inside, and use the sugar candy to simmer, the kumquat gradually becomes transparent and soft. Put the good kumquat into the glass jar and seal it. When you want to drink it, put two out and brew it, and let it cool.
  Received the courier, is the brooch of the lamb pattern that I bought for myself, exquisite soft and cute. With a heartbeat, I took the camera and took the lamb brooch to the upstairs terrace to “travel.” At that moment, it was more than just a brooch, but it really became a living lamb. It is quietly lying in the arms of the mother-in-law, or staring down at the mint, and it doesn’t talk, but I know that it is expressed in my heart: I like you to be silent.
  The long-awaited pink cherry blossom tableware arrived, carefully unpacking the layers of the wrapped dish, and the middle-aged aunt’s girl’s heart spurted out. Can not live up to the good, put the tableware in the sun, let them and the pink little daisy happy and happy.
  My mother said that she had a phone porridge. My mother said that they had cooked vegetables today. I said that I was also stunned. I immediately went to the market to buy vegetables. The faucet smashed the water and cleaned the dishes. The inspiration was sudden. Waiting for the dish to simmer, I am eager to open the computer code word, the dish is good, the article is also written. That day, I ate two bowls of rice and I was satisfied.
  One day, a friend who never gave me a comment suddenly sent me a message: You are living in real life, and I am just alive.
  I was shocked for a second. Yes, shocked. Because occasionally, I will also consider the frequency of my own state of affairs, worrying that these everyday things that I enjoy in it, in fact, are just the “prescription” in the eyes of others.
  In her book The Fruit of Time, Li Ge said: I am an atheist, but if there is anything close to faith in my life, it is everyday life.
  I remembered having a friend who once said to me sincerely: “You are not persistent enough. You obviously write the article well, but you go to play photography. If you play photography, then you go to cook.”
  I have some shame. But still trying to convince my friends, I have no ambition in my chest, just greedy the little beauty in ordinary life. Everyday life is my temple.
  Everyday life, it is all the same, it is also ever-changing; it is plain and faint, and it is also lively and fragrant; it is not profound or unique, but it often makes me feel at ease. It will not bring earth-shaking changes to life, but slowly, it becomes a beam of light, growing a gentle force, all the way to the path of my life.