Fat is actually the fertile soil of cancer cells

  Seed – soil hypothesis
  fields there is a farmer sow, sprinkle some seed fell on the plain surface, some on the bare rock, and fell on fertile soil. Over time, only the seeds that fell in the soil successfully sprouted.
  In the plant world, the relationship between seeds and soil is obvious, and the seeds develop themselves into seedlings by taking rich nutrients in the soil. Cancer cells and fat have a similar relationship. A recent study found that, just as seeds develop through the nutrients of the soil, cancer cells gain a lot of energy from fat cells to maintain their proliferation and spread.
  ”Glow” of the cancer cell
  in order to verify the cancer cells and fat cells “seed – soil hypothesis,” the researchers with zebrafish as a research object, the relationship between melanoma cells and fat cells (a type of cancer).
  The researchers fluorescently labeled the lipids in the zebrafish fat cells, just as the “small bulbs” were installed on the lipids. The lipids that were installed with the “small bulbs” could “glow” and move through the “small bulbs”. You can clearly know where the lipids go.
  At the end of the label, the researchers placed the cancer cells and fat cells in the same dish and tracked the whereabouts of the “small bulbs.” It turned out that the cancer cells turned out to be “glowing”! This means that cancer cells actually absorb fluorescently labeled lipids in fat cells.
  In addition, the researchers found that when cancer cells metastasized, more than half of melanoma cells migrated to the vicinity of fat cells. This is like the seeds that yearn for fertile soil, and cancer cells are more willing to “close” fat cells.
  Next, the researchers used the same method to investigate the human condition. They observed tumor samples from patients with melanoma and found that lipids were also present in cancer cells of tumor samples.
  Fat makes cancer cells more aggressive
  in addition to fat cells to absorb nutrients, cancer cells are more willing to “follow” another reason fat cells, fat can give it a more powerful attack.
  The researchers compared fat-free cancer cells with fat-containing cancer cells. The results showed that cancer cells containing fat can more easily destroy cell membranes into other cells, so they are more aggressive.
  Someone raised the question: “Is cancer cell attack really because it absorbs fat?” To answer this question, the researchers used drugs to block a drug called fat transporter, while other factors remained unchanged. Protein, blocking this protein can completely cut off the way cancer cells absorb fat.
  It was found that when cancer cells did not absorb fat, the aggressiveness was weakened, and not only that, but also the growth and spread of cancer cells slowed down. This means that fat cells do make cancer cells stronger.
  Obesity has long been considered a risk factor for cancer, but specific links between obesity and cancer have not been confirmed. The current common method of treating cancer is surgical removal of the tumor. If the “seed-soil hypothesis” is true, it may be possible to control the cancer by blocking the cancer by blocking the cancer and preventing its growth and metastasis. This will be the treatment of cancer. A new way.

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