Pyramid of Supernatural Power

  The ancient Egyptian pharaoh used huge human and material resources to build a pyramid tomb for himself. In addition to boasting his great achievements, did he deliberately pursue supernatural powers?
  In the world’s enduring heat of researching the pyramids, “a mystery is unsolved, a mystery is rising again” to describe it as appropriate. Over the centuries, the mystery of this pharaoh’s mausoleum has grown more and more bizarre and attracted more and more people. Decades ago, a so-called “new discovery” suddenly popped up, causing a stir, and published dozens of eloquent monographs in the West. Hundreds of papers tried to explain it, and thousands of people experimented and explored it , Its momentum is in the ascendant. This “new discovery” is known as the “pyramid energy” of European and American countries-it refers to a pyramid-shaped structure, which generates an invisible, special, energy with many magical effects, so it is called “Pyramid can”.
  New puzzle “Pyramid Energy”
  In 1930, Frenchman Anthony Bowie, a keen on supernatural science, went to Egypt to visit the Pyramids of Giza. After that, he proposed that the shape of the Great Pyramid is unusual, and its structure and construction are specific Mode to generate magical energy. This statement adds new content to the pyramid mysticism.
  Bowie is passionate about the study of “sensory radiation.” The basic concept of this theory is that an object will radiate a certain amount of energy that cannot be explained by modern physics. When Bowie visited the Pyramid of the King, he entered the “King’s Tomb” and inadvertently looked at the pot, which was used as a trash can, and found that the bodies of cats and mice were actually inside. At that time he thought that these animals probably lost their way inside the pyramid and were thrown in the trash can! However, he immediately noticed something strange. Although the cemetery was very humid, the corpses were not rotten. So, weren’t these animals as dry as the mummy? Isn’t there a force in the tomb to dehydrate the material?
  Bowie believes that this phenomenon should be related to the geometry of the Great Pyramid, so immediately after returning to China, he made a model of the Great Pyramid with a bottom edge of 0.9 meters from cardboard. And match its 4 orientations with the east-west, south-north direction, and then place the cat’s body in the same place as the tomb, 1/3 height from the bottom. As a result, he found that after a few days, the cat’s body turned into a mummy!
  It seems like no mystical energy
  Czechoslovakia radiologists Carl De Baoer learned Bovee experiments in 1940 to personally experiment with food and flowers with mummies dried animal carcasses way. De Bauer made three 30-cm-high models of three-centimeter-thick horse dung paper in proportion to Khufu’s pyramid for the first experiment. As a result, he was surprised to find that the beef, lamb, eggs, flowers, dead frogs, geckos, etc. that were placed in the model did dry without rot.
  De Bauer kept experimenting, continuing to explore the mysterious energy in the model. Once, he put a shaving blade in the model, thinking it would become dull, but the result was the opposite, the blade became sharper. He shaved the beard 50 times with this blade, and then he made a 15 For the centimeter-high model, place the blade flat on the tower one-third of the height from the bottom of the tower. The two ends of the blade are aligned in the north-south direction. The blades became sharp. So an extremely simple and magic blade sharpener-the Khufu pyramid model of horse dung paper was invented. In 1949, Debauer formally applied to the Prague authorities to register the invention right for the “Pharaoh Sharpener”. The invention numbered 91304 was approved after a full 10-year setback. In the meantime, Debauer tried his best to persuade the Patent Committee and provided the chairperson with a model for the chairperson to conduct a trial in the end. He finally stated that the invention was indeed effective and it was not a deception or magic.
  The “pyramid energy” principle was born?
  At the same time, De Bauer continued to explore the principle of “pyramid energy.” Debauer worked at a radio research institute. He could learn about the latest scientific and technological information in the world at the time and make full use of the equipment and instruments in it. He extended his experiments to radios, radars, cosmic rays, and other rays to study the model of a pyramid made of insulators such as horse dung paper. What kind of vibrations are generated in the internal space, and this vibration is related to the Earth’s magnetic field. What’s the relationship with the blade. In the end, he came up with a hypothesis, or a theorem: the cosmic microwave from the sun, through the earth’s magnetic field gathered in the tower, activated the oscillating waves in the model, making the blade “dehydrated” and sharpened. This characteristic is not limited to the Khufu pyramid model, other shapes and sizes of pyramid models can also have the same effect on the blade. In his patent application report, he said that the space inside the pyramid-shaped structure created an automatic renewal movement. Pyramid space generates energy only from the gravitational, electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields of the universe and the earth. It works through invisible rays in the mixed light emitted by the sun. The force aroused in the space inside the tower can alleviate the problems and dulling of the internal structure of the knife edge caused by repeated shaving. However, the influence of this force is only limited to the bluntness of the knife edge, not the knife edge. Damage to the appearance. Therefore, such blades must be made of superior steel. A blade can usually only be used 25 to 30 times, but if it is placed in the pyramid model for 24 hours after each use, the passivation phenomenon after each shave can be eliminated and the service life of the blade will be prolonged.
  De Bauer also said that the shape of the space inside the pyramid is related to the natural, chemical, and biological processes that take place in the space. If we use a certain geometric shape as the shape, then this shape will accelerate or slow down the natural process in its internal space. Although this invention uses a pyramid shape, other shapes of structural space can also produce this effect. In addition, other insulators can be used to make this structure. Why is it necessary to use insulators? He explained that microwaves can penetrate insulators and activate oscillating waves in models, while conductors cannot.
  Avalanche research
  study pioneered the study of De Baoer “pyramid energy,” the first of its kind in the West set off a wave test “pyramid energy” boom. Various professional scholars and pyramid fans have used horse dung paper, plastic, wooden boards, and glass to make pyramid models, and conducted extensive research on its characteristics.
  Some scientists say that the results of experiments show that placing meat, vegetables, fruits, milk, etc. in a pyramid model can keep it fresh and long-lasting. Now some dairy companies in France, Italy and other countries have applied this experimental result to their production practices, using pyramid-shaped plastic bags for fresh milk. It is said that compared with other packaging forms, fresh milk in the pyramid shape has the longest storage time.
  Placing seeds in a pyramid model can speed up germination. Crops with broken roots are planted in the soil in the model to promote their continued growth. The crops in the pyramid-shaped greenhouse grow fast and have high yields. Some people have suggested that in order to increase the yield of grapes and increase its sugar content, the grape shed should be squared, and the stems of the grapes should face north and south to absorb more geomagnetism.
  Put the tap water in the pyramid model and take it out 24 hours later, call it “pyramid water”. The energy obtained by this water in the tower is “contained” among the water molecules. It has many magical effects and can be stored in the refrigerator or other humid places for long-term storage in case it is needed. Use “Pyramid Water” to make tea, brew coffee, make milk, and make refreshing beverages. The taste is more mellow; use it to cook vegetables and boil soup, which is more delicious than ordinary water. Drink a glass of “Pyramid Water” every day to strengthen the stomach and help Digestion and healing of neurological disorders; washing face with it can make the skin tender and delicate; it can eliminate stasis and pain, alleviate the pain of arthritis patients, and even cure arthritis; it also has a certain effect on the treatment of skin diseases such as acne and moles; “Pyramid water” irrigation of crops can promote the vigorous growth of crops and increase yield; use it to water fruit trees, vegetables and flowers, fruits and vegetables taste better, flowers are particularly colorful and dazzling; the flowers that are picked are inserted in Sheng “pyramid water” “In the vase, the withering can be postponed and the viewing time can be extended.
  But the most wonderful and fascinating thing is the experiment on the human body. The pyramid model has become a medical device and an intangible panacea for many diseases. If you want to eliminate sedentary fatigue and maintain vigorous energy at work, you can put a small pyramid model under the seat in your office; if you have insomnia at night or do not sleep well, please put a model under the bed; If your child cries at night and disturbs the whole family, you put him in a pyramid model and he will immediately fall asleep; if you have headaches, toothaches, or other diseases, or high blood pressure, fatigue and other discomforts, Get into the pyramid model and sit for a while, or sleep. It can relieve pain, lower blood pressure, restore the youthful vitality of the human body, and prolong life.
  Search for “pyramid energy” mystery
  pyramid is a simple geometry, production and test their model is very simple. According to reports, the length of the bottom side can be 12 cm, the edge length is 11.4 cm, the height is 8 cm or the bottom edge is 9 cm, the edge length is 8.55 cm, and the height is 6 cm. The size of the model can be based on the condition of the test object. Be sure to point the north-south direction during the test. Do not place the model near the wall, metal objects and electrical appliances.
  Is there any so-called “pyramid energy”? How did it come about? How do you elicit all these magical effects? Why does it gather in the position of Khufu’s cell, which is one-third of the tower’s height? Is this a coincidence, or did the ancients already have this energy? Pyramid believers in every country are doing everything possible to find its answer. Most of them think that “pyramid energy” is “a natural phenomenon that exists objectively” that cannot be explained by contemporary science. Under this premise, some people think that the shape of a pyramid is equal to a large lens or capacitor, and there is an unknown energy source inside; some people say that the pyramid shape can gather cosmic rays, magnetic oscillations and some unnamed rays inside it; there are Some people imagine that this energy is the result of a combination of some kind of cosmic power and earth’s gravitational force; some people speculate that a high-frequency vibration is generated inside the pyramid shape, affecting the cells and muscles of the human body, making it in the best state; Some people have explained that not only pyramid shapes, but structures of various shapes and sizes will generate a force field and an energy source within them. This special force field either cancels out with the natural force field, or strengthens or weakens the natural force field.
  A few years ago, French engineer Dubaier emphasized in his book Shape Wave that various shapes, such as conical, spherical, square, and pyramidal shapes, can change the cosmic waves inside them through cosmic rays or sunlight. The pyramid shape is not the only shape that produces a special energy field in its internal space. Dubaier also said that people spend their lives in buildings of various shapes, from one shape to another, such as cars, theaters, housing, etc. He advocates studying the influence of the shape of the building on the human body and choosing the geometric figures that are most beneficial to people’s health when designing and building the house. Dubaier believes that spherical and pyramid-shaped buildings are the best for physical and mental health, and these two shapes of wards can accelerate the recovery of the disease. Some people think that the cylindrical structure has many advantages. Some researchers believe that most of the current human life is spent in square and rectangular buildings, and these two shapes cannot generate positive and special energy. On the contrary, they may generate some kind of negative force field. , Blocking and destroying the surrounding natural force field in favor of human beings. They called on architects to seriously consider changing the traditional square and rectangular forms in the design of housing, offices, and wards, so that humans can work and live in a more healthy and vibrant building shape.
  Unsolved mysteries For
  more than 3,000 years, the mysterious pyramidal energy has puzzled pharaohs, kings, scholars, and scientists. Even if we can’t find the true source of this energy yet, this magical energy still has extraordinary significance.
  ”Pyramids will change people’s lifestyles, bring good news to people’s health and ability, and make you more fortunate.” After some advertisements like this appeared, many families were interested in pyramid simulation experiments, and they have made preserved apples. Pyramid commodity equipment such as wine, alcohol and insurance blades. People with pyramid equipment performed various experiments, they slept in a simulated pyramid and planted various plants in it. These experimental activities have promoted the popularization of scientific knowledge. Anyone can buy a pyramid model and perform an experiment on a scientific mystery.
  The mystery of the Pyramid Energy has opened up a new field that has not been covered by traditional science. Most discussions of pyramidal energy have errors of one kind or another because they lack the necessary experimental control equipment. Most people who conduct experiments at home do not have the experience of conducting rigorous experiments. When the experiment yields good results, they think that the pyramid simulation experiment is successful; otherwise, they will give the energy various elusive properties. For example, in the experiment of food preservation, the difference in taste of the experimenter often plays a decisive role. Most experts on pyramid energy agree with the principles adhered to by Bowie and De Bauer, that the small pyramid model must be placed in the center of the model, and the height must be maintained at one third from the bottom to the top. The height of the king’s tomb in the pyramid. The pyramid model must face the north magnetic pole, and a north arrow needs to be prepared, and the deviation between the model and the magnetic field is often adjusted. Pyramid energy is different from magnetic energy, but it is thought that it may be a kind of earth energy related to the earth’s magnetic field.
  A prehistoric site in Britain also has this concept of energy that has not yet been explained clearly. Some people think that the long-term directional effect of ancient sites will form a network of energy centers and guidance within themselves. They think this may be the cause of pyramid energy. Proponents of the pyramid believe that the ancient Egyptians knew how to use the shape of a pyramid to generate a strange energy, and this knowledge has now been lost. Strangely enough, they demanded that the experimental pyramids face north magnetic poles, and the large pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians faced north. Obviously, we are still quite far away from all the secrets of these monuments.