Wheat field circle password

  According to the literature, the wheatfield strange circle first appeared in England. It was 1647, more than 360 years ago. In the early 1980s, the British repeatedly found strange circles in Hampshire and West, and most of them were in wheat fields. Therefore, the strange circles were officially named “wheat circles”. For centuries, this mysterious phenomenon has been constantly appearing. The wheat field strange circle has been frequently found in the United States, Australia, Europe, South America, Asia and other places, most of which are in the United Kingdom. Judging from the relevant records, the seasons in which the weird circle appears most often are spring and summer. The early pattern of the weird circles in the wheat field was relatively simple. However, over time, the patterns became more complex and symmetrical, and some even showed a three-dimensional effect when viewed from the air.
  The wheat field strange circle and its mysterious pattern are real phenomena appearing in wheat fields all over the world; but so far, no one can tell us: what power likes to create these beautiful and mysterious patterns in the
  wheat field … Puzzle
  crop circles are wheat fields or other fields, through some kind of power generated by the crop flattening geometric pattern. It is still not possible to explain what kind of equipment or practice is capable of this phenomenon.
  The mysterious phenomenon of the wheat circle only began to attract public attention in the late 1970s. At present, there are many incidents in the wheat field circle that have been disclosed by others or by themselves as someone intentionally created for pleasure or solicitation of tourists. The only way to “fall down” the crops in the wheat field circle and the burnt traces of the plant stem nodes is not what can be achieved by human flattening. Some MIT students have attempted to replicate this phenomenon using home-made equipment, but they have still not achieved it. .
  The first report of the “wheatfield” phenomenon dates back to the United Kingdom in 1647. Since then, weird circles of wheat fields have been frequently found in the United States, Australia, Europe, South America, Asia and other places, most of which are in the United Kingdom. Up to now, there are about 250 wheat field weird circles around the world every year, and the patterns are different. It is regrettable that there has been controversy over how the strange circle has been formed in the scientific community for more than 350 years. There are currently five main arguments about the cause. The earliest illustration of the weird circle found in the wheat field is found in the ancient book of 1678. In the Devil’s Devil’s Painting, a demon holds a sickle to make a circular picture in a wheat field. This picture serves as evidence of a strange circle in the 17th century. But the illustration shows that the devil did not bend the wheat but cut it off, so it was a little different from the wheat circle.
  Reasons for the formation guess
  ”UFO and alien creation,” said
  this is the most controversial theory. Those who support this theory believe that the wheat field strange circle is the “business card” that aliens hand to earth people, or the marks left by alien spacecraft when they land on Earth.
  Some eyewitnesses said that they saw the UFO light or heard some strange sounds at the place where the wheat field strange circle appeared, so some people think that the appearance of the wheat field strange circle is related to the UFO phenomenon.
  More than 80 eyewitnesses reported that they saw the wheat field weird in just 15 seconds. According to their description, before or during the generation of the wheat field strange circle, bright light spheres and sometimes vortex-shaped beams of light appeared, and then the crops in the field formed various patterns.
  One night in 1972, two UF0 phenomenon enthusiasts sat on a hillside near the English town of Warminster, hoping to have the opportunity to see UFOs, as UFOs have been frequent places for more than a decade. Although they did not see UFO that night, they witnessed a scene that shocked them: under a bright moonlight, about 30 meters away from them, a crop suddenly fell over in just 20 seconds, forming a strange circle of wheat fields.
  In August 2001, in the Netherlands, two witnesses saw some white beams of light shining into a green bean field, and soon a strange field of wheat appeared in the area where the beams of light illuminated.
  ”Cyclone formation” said
  One of the most scientific theories is that the wheat field strange circle is formed by a whirlwind, a swirling wind column generated by a cyclone vortex, which presses part of the crops to the ground. This whirlpool is common in mountainous areas, such as some parts of the south of England.
  Wheat field strange circles have appeared in various croplands, including wheat, corn, oats, rice, rape, barley, rye, tobacco fields, etc., and weeds; moreover, most wheat field strange circles have been found in steep mountains Nearby low-lying places. These characteristics help explain the theory of the whirlwind formed by the wheat field strange circle.
  In the 1980s, Dr. Terence Midden, editor of the international academic journal “Journal of Meteorology” and a retired physics professor, attributed the spiral pattern of the wheat field strange circle to atmospheric phenomena, such as cyclones or tornadoes formed by sandstorms. He believes that the whirlwind (he called it the “plasma vortex”) that caused the weird circle of the wheat field has some kind of energy. When the dust particles are brought up by the vortex filled with energy, in the eyes of some witnesses it looks like UFO. Light.
  This theory of Milden may explain some simple wheat field circles, but for more and more complex patterns that appeared after the 1990s, such as ovals, triangles, complex circles, irregular graphics, hieroglyphs, etc. There is nothing to do. Some people say that if Dr. Miden had witnessed sandstorms and tornadoes, he might not think so. For example, in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States, there are often shots of sand storms passing through the desert in evening news programs: As the sand storm moves forward, it forms a circular whirlwind and turns forward, but the rotation advances Sand storms will not form a neat and orderly circular trajectory, nor will they overwhelm the crops, but will only bring along the dust that has become the main body of the sand storm.
  Tornado is the most destructive storm on the earth, it can roll up houses, humans, livestock, cars, trees, etc. where it passes. However, the tornado does not crush anything on the ground, but just pulls everything up from the ground and then rushes away. The same goes for hurricanes. If something cannot be taken away by tornadoes and hurricanes, it will be destroyed. For example, the leaves of trees where hurricanes and tornadoes pass will be swept away.
  If atmospheric disturbance is the reason for the formation of strange circles in wheat fields, crop stalks should be uprooted from the ground. Even if the stalks still remain in the ground, the leaves and grains above should also be peeled away, so how can they stay aligned Neat, unbroken stalks? What’s more, how can a passing whirlwind create a beautiful and complicated field of wheat in a few seconds?
  ”Earth Energy” On
  Some call into or near the crop circles, they will physically even have some emotional discomfort. Some people will have nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, acupuncture pain and disorientation; some people will feel peaceful or nervous; some people will get some kind of treatment effect. In 1996, a group of women visited a wheat field near Stonehenge in the UK and reported that their normal menstrual cycle had changed, and some menopausal women suddenly had menstruation again.
  Some researchers believe that the wheat field strange circle is formed by the energy of the earth itself. One possible form of Earth’s energy is electromagnetic radiation. In fact, some scientists did detect a strong electromagnetic field in the wheat field.
  In the early 1990s, American biophysicist Dr. William Levinegood discovered that crops in the weird enclosures of wheat fields were damaged in the same way as they were heated in a microwave oven. Based on this, he believes that the crops in the field of wheat are quickly heated from the inside by some microwave-like energy.
  Other researchers claim that the energy comes from the ground. This energy may come from some natural force, such as a fungal infection that bends the stems of crops, or it may be a by-product of artificial objects, such as the subsequent effects of bomb explosions in World War II.
  Heresy to say
  some people believe that crop circles behind a kind of mystical power, just as the Bermuda Triangle. Based on this speculation, some people have called the wheatfield strange circle a “disaster notice” to spread heresy.
  He said artificial
  spread more widely argument is artificial. Quite a few people think that the so-called wheatfield strange circle is just a prank for some people. After 17 years of investigation and research, the British wheat field stranger Andrew said that 80% of the wheat field strange circles were artificially made.
  Ten characteristics of non-artificial wheat field circles
  1. Most of the circles are formed at night, usually from midnight to 4 am, and the formation speed is amazing. No traces of people, animals, or machinery were left near the wheat field, and no one saw the generation of the circle pattern. The animals were far away from the scene, and the behavior of the wheat field circle was abnormal.
  2. Non-bright spots or unusual noises often appear near the wheat field circle.
  3. Graphics are drawn with absolutely accurate calculations, often with extremely complex geometric figures, or golden sectioning. The largest span of wheat field circle is more than 180 meters, which is larger than the football field. The most complicated wheat field circle, with more than 400 circles, is called the “mother of wheat field circle”.
  4. The crops are dumped in a certain direction, forming a regular spiral or straight shape, sometimes weaving in layers, up to five layers, but each crop is still orderly like a delicate arrangement.
  5. The stalk body is thickened and extends outward. There are small holes in the stalk, and the germ is deformed, which is obviously different from the wheat broken or stepped on by the person.
  6. The molecular structure of carbon in the bent position of wheat straw is abnormal due to the influence of electromagnetic field, but it can continue to grow normally. Grow faster than wheat that is not overwhelming. Flowering crops will not bear seeds if they form a field circle. The wheat field circle formed by the wheat in the mature period will cause the fruit to become smaller due to mutation.
  7. The soil inside the circle like dried soil contains traces of radiation with the same number of non-natural radioactivity, and the radiation is increased by three times.
  8. In the soil of the wheat field circle, there are many magnetic particles with a diameter of 10-50 micrometers, and they can only be seen under a microscope.
  9. Infrared enhancement inside and outside the graphics.
  10. Mostly appear in the Earth’s magnetic field energy band. Electromagnetic fields weaken, and compasses, phones, batteries, cameras, cars and even power stations malfunction.
  For hundreds of years, the mysterious phenomenon of the wheatfield strange circle has continuously appeared. The United States, Australia, Europe, South America, Asia and other places have frequently found the wheatfield strange circle, most of which are in Britain. Especially in 1990, the wheat field circle appeared almost every week in the UK, with 75 peaks a week. Judging from the relevant records, the seasons in which the weird circle appears most often are in spring and summer, and the patterns are different. According to its shape development history, it has progressed from small to large; from simple lines to complex curved patterns, including geometric figures, animal shapes, computer drawings, text, and so on. Dozens of books have been published on the crop circle. Those who are keen on the cornfield can also buy videotapes, color photos, postcards, and keychains that introduce these graphics. The strange phenomenon of the wheat field has not yet been satisfactorily explained. Like UFO, this may be a problem that scientists have to overcome!
  Is the wheat field strange circle an artificial prank?
  Who is the maker of the wheat field? At present, more and more people have come forward to declare that they are the makers of the weird circles of wheat fields. However, some people still insist that the patterns of some weird circles are too weird, and too much information is hidden in them. Is the wheat field weird phenomenon real or a human prank?
  The sun slowly set over a patch of land in the south of England. When it shone again on the land the next day, the crops in the land had been bent down piece by piece overnight. A giant art painting with simple or complex patterns was formed, the strange circle of wheat fields. So who created such wonders on the earth?
  Strange Circle Appears
  The crop circle is a mysterious phenomenon that has not yet been solved. It often appears in the United Kingdom and most of the time coincides with the crop growing season. From April to September each year, the crops (especially cereals) in the field fall overnight inexplicably piece by piece, forming strange weird circles with circular, circular or other complex geometric shapes. These weird circles are usually It has the following characteristics: the crops in the strange circle are dumped in a spiral or straight line according to a certain direction; the edges of the strange circle pattern are neat, as if they were cut by a machine; although the crops are bent, they have not suffered much damage. In most cases, Under normal circumstances, it still grows normally; strange circles often form at night, as if the maker intentionally avoids people’s curious eyes … All of these add to the mysterious color of the wheat field strange circles.
  The earliest records of the phenomenon of wheat field strange circles can be traced back to the 17th century. In a woodblock print created in 1678, a devil harvested in a field of wheat with a sickle and formed a circular pattern around it. This is an illustration of an interesting story. The rampant farmer thought that the wheat harvesters were asking for too much wages and was unwilling to pay their wages, and cursed, “It is better to let the devil do the work.” As a result, light appeared in the corn field that night, as if on fire. Like. The next morning, the farmer went to the corn field to see that all the wheat was cut and placed in the corn field. Form a mysterious circular pattern. Did it really call the devil? The farmer was shocked and terrified, and did not dare to go into the wheat field to retrieve the cut wheat. This story shows that when people in the 17th century could not understand the sudden emergence of the weird circle of wheat fields, they could only explain it with the power of ghosts and gods.
  In 1880, an article was published in the British “Nature” magazine. Amateur scientist John Rand Keplen enumerates a large number of wheat field weird phenomena in the article. He also clarified his point of view that these wheat field weirds may be caused by natural forces and caused by “some kind of cyclone effect”. He described: “Several areas of western Surrey have experienced violent and frequent storms recently, and have caused some strange phenomena. When walking on a nearby farmland on Wednesday evening, we found that some wheat in the field fell very badly, but not all All the wheat are like this. Instead, a small piece of land falls down, and it looks like a circle from a distance … How are these circular patterns in the wheat field formed? I can’t find this nearby Any related reasons. Was it blown by the wind? It was rained down? Or was it the result of the combined effects of wind and rain? It is unknown. In my opinion, it seems to be related to some kind of cyclone effect … ”
  To modern times, in wheat fields Before the strange circle became a global hot phenomenon, anecdotes about the strange circle of wheat fields have appeared in some UFO sightings. In 1966, a famous UFO sighting occurred in the small town of Tully, Queensland, Australia: A farmer claimed that he saw a saucer flying from a swamp, and flew away when it reached about 12 meters in height. . When he rushed to the place where the flying saucer rose to look, he found that the reeds in the swamp were strangely intertwined in a clockwise direction and could bear the weight of 10 adult men.
  Before the 1970s, the wheat field strange circle only appeared in some British villages (today Britain has become the world’s most populated wheat field strange place). In the 1980s, the phenomenon of the weird circle of wheat fields has spread all over the world. By the 1990s, this mysterious phenomenon had reached its peak—the variety of patterns of wheat field circles discovered in 1999 reached 190 kinds, and some people thought that this might be a kind of herald for the coming of the new millennium. In June 2009, a giant jellyfish-shaped wheat field weird appeared in Oxfordshire, England. It is 183 meters long and is the largest and most unusual wheat field weird found to date. Some people think it is information from another galaxy. To warn humans not to damage the global environment.
  To date, about 12,000 weird circles have been discovered around the world.
  All kinds of crop circles
  ”crop circles,” the term was first used by crop circles scholar, author of “Circular Evidence,” a book of Colin Andrew Christie out to describe a simple circular patterns he found in a cornfield . Since 1990, many crop circles have shown more complicated patterns, and are not limited to simple circular rings. In spite of this, the term “wheat field” has been used.
  The pattern of the weird circles in the wheat field can be described as strange and varied. The pattern of the early circles of the wheat field was relatively simple, mostly circular. After 1990, some more complicated circles of wheat fields began to appear: smiley faces, flowers, letters, etc., including some ancient graphics. After 2000, more sophisticated patterns began to appear, including geometric patterns such as triangles, irregular patterns, and even three-dimensional patterns. Of course, the simplest and most common wheatfield weird ring is a circular ring, consisting of one or more rings, such as a large ring surrounded by several small rings. Astronomer Gerald S. Hawkins, after researching multiple wheat field circles, pointed out that the pattern layout of the circles, triangles or other geometric shapes of some wheat field circles is based on special numerical relationships, such as In a weird circle consisting of multiple rings, the outer circle area is exactly 4 times the inner circle area. Hawkins believes that the unique layout of the pattern of wheat field circles shows that no matter who they are, they (or they) have a deep understanding of Euclidean plane geometry.
  Researchers also found that the crop stalks in wheat field circles usually bend in a vortex, some rotate in a clockwise direction, and some rotate counterclockwise. There are both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations; sometimes even in a ring, there are several layers rotating in different directions. Most crop circles are found in wheat fields, corn fields, oat fields, canola fields, and barley fields, but crop circles have even appeared on tree tops and even in snow.
  Artificial prank?
  How did the wheat field strange circle form? Most critics of observers and the mainstream scientific community believe that the crop circle is an artificial prank. In fact, more and more people have claimed that they have created a wheat field strange circle, which has also been proved by some video materials. However, there are still many people who hold different opinions. They think that at least part of the weird circle in the wheat field is by no means human.
  In 1991, the most famous producers of the Weird Circles of the Wheatfield, British Doug Ball and Dave Jolly announced to the media that they have produced hundreds of Weirdness Circles since 1978, and they also showed some production wheatfields. The video of the strange circle.
  According to Ball and Jolly, they were inspired by the UFO sightings in the small town of Tully, Australia, in 1966. One night in 1978, a whimsy of making a weird field of wheat in a bar in Southampton, England. Soon after, the two men used a wooden board, rope, hat, and wire as tools to create a weird circle of about 2.5 meters in diameter. What disappointed and frustrated them was that their well-created weird circle did not attract the attention of the public as they had hoped. So, in 1981, they made a weird field on a natural terrace outside Winchester, Hampshire. As the terrace was surrounded by a highway, passing vehicles clearly saw their “masterpiece”. The pattern of the wheat field weird circle they designed earlier was relatively simple and easy to be explained by natural reasons, but the pattern of the wheat field weird circle they designed later became more and more complicated.
  Ball and Jolly said in an interview with the media that using the simple tools described above, they could create a weird circle of about 12 meters in diameter in just 15 minutes. After the “fake” exposure of Ball and Jolly was exposed, some people began to publicly produce the wheat field strange circle, and people also began to accept the idea that the wheat field strange circle is an artificial phenomenon.
  According to Joe Nickel, a senior researcher with the Paranormal Scientific Investigation Committee, the Wheatfield Circle has all the characteristics of mischief: they are mainly concentrated in the south of England, and they are exquisitely complicated year by year. ); Their makers always secretly act, never seen.
  In June 1989, mankind’s first organized raid on the maker of the wheat field circle began. For more than a week, dozens of people were monitoring the wheat field 24 hours a day … The operation lasted for 10 days. The team members used a box car as the command center and parked near the wheat field as an observation point. The car is equipped with low-brightness and high-definition camera equipment. The research team consists of 25 people. A group of at least 4 people, 24 hours of uninterrupted observation of the wheat field. Although the crop circles have appeared repeatedly in the surrounding area, but during the white crow action team did not capture the newly formed crop circles, but in the evening they take over the wheat fields of some unusual light ……
  not new crop circles
  in wheat field The strange circle was mentioned in some academic materials in the late 17th century, and as of 1970, there were nearly 200 cases, some of which were described by witnesses. Since then, nearly 80 eyewitnesses from the United Kingdom, Columbia, and Australia have claimed that the completion of the weird circle in the wheat field takes less than 20 seconds; such incidents are often accompanied by light balls, beams, and even structures that emit strong or bright colors Sexual spaceship.
  The shapes that initially appeared were simple circles, circles with outer rings, and the deformation of the Celtic cross. Later, the shapes slowly evolved into straight, pictographic patterns. After 1990, the strange circle graphics became more complicated. People often saw some wheat field strange circles imitating computer graphics fragments and four-dimensional image elements in quantum mechanics. Of course, their area has also increased a lot, and some even cover an area of ​​20,000 square meters. So far, there are more than 10,000 wheat field weird circles recorded in the world, 90% of which come from the south of England.
  If you happen to read such a story, saying that all the weird circles in the wheat field were created by two 60-year-olds holding wooden boards, rollers and ropes. You are not a minority. Most people have read this. Stories. The British government has invented a method to control public interest in unexplainable phenomena. This method is called “demystification”-a method invented during the Cold War to achieve the sad purpose of controlling people’s thoughts. This method is very effective, especially when the media cannot provide scientific and authentic information. Later, the topic was ridiculed for lack of evidence; some so-called “experts” explained all phenomena as abnormal weather conditions, or the work of some pranksters, and even estrus animals!
  According to a TV documentary, all of the wheatfield circles before 1992 came from the hands of two old men named Doug and David. Researchers-such as George Weinfield and Oman Victoria-have found that the stories of Doug and David may be the result of a collusion between the Department of Defense and the CIA and other organizations. Evidence provided by a senior British Defense Ministry official shows that the government’s intention to push the two counterfeiters to the public is to suppress people’s growing interest in the strange phenomenon of wheat fields. When people asked for evidence of the formation of some special wheat fields, Dug and David changed their story and even completely overturned the original statement (or the reason is that they really can’t explain everything unusual in the real phenomenon. Characteristics). In the end, even Dug and David themselves couldn’t figure out which of the crop circles were from their own hands. Although in the end they acknowledged that the wheatfield strange circle had been forged since 1978—the first time that the wheatfield strange circle was made public—the signs of the wheatfield strange circle that have not been announced by the media can be traced back to the 1890s. The public has never heard of such a foreword, and has never seen such a “retraction, clarification” trick. Of course, they have not had the opportunity to combine the story of Doug and David with the accurate and true phenomenon. Clear up intricate relationships.
  However, in 1998, one of the two counterfeiters, who was still alive, spoke incredible words to British newspapers, admitting that he was under the control of unknown forces at the time.
  Since the appearance of Doug and David’s story, there have been endless blind imitators in the field. There are a variety of reasons why they do this. Some people are to rebut or even fool researchers, some are for the benefit, some are doing this because they are antisocial, and some are because they feel they can do it by returning to the phenomenon itself. To achieve the purpose of communication (it must be pointed out that the results are very funny).
  Prior to 1989, no one had heard of fake topics. Since 1990, man-made patterns have appeared every year, but there have been some differences-up to 90% of the total in 1992 and 1998, and 2% in 1996.
  It has never been difficult for people to enter a certain field through a lot of training and eventually create a plausible figure in the field-recently, a group of deceitful professional hoops makers called “Satan Group” , He was hired to go to some remote areas of New Zealand to create a complicated wheatfield strange circle for Discovery Channel. This is a deceptive tactic that misleads the audience into accepting a forged theory.
  The crux of the problem is that the artificial wheat field strange circle cannot satisfactorily replicate the characteristics consistent with the real wheat field strange circle, which also confuses scientists and researchers. The crop circle seems to have been created by a special force that is incompatible with modern science. Forging the weird circles of wheat fields must use some special object to flatten the crops, thereby breaking the straw of the crops. In the real wheat field weird circle, the crop straw was not broken, but was bent at the first knot about 2.5 cm from the ground. The crop straw seems to be softened by a strong heat that erupts instantly, causing it to bend at 90 ° to the ground, and then return to a hard state after cooling, and maintain this posture without harm. Botanists are very confused, and farmers who are familiar with land change cannot give any explanation. This is also the only way to confirm the real wheat field strange circle. Research and experimental tests show that only microwaves and infrasound waves can produce such an effect.
  There are sometimes sounds when the weird circle is formed. This harmonious sound composed of 5200 Hz is recorded by tape and analyzed by NASA. It is considered artificial.
  Electromagnetic detection can also distinguish between real and fake wheat fields. This naturally occurring energy exists in some ancient sites, such as Stonehenge, narrow tombs, tomb clusters, erectors, and Christian and Catholic churches built on these sites. It has been found that wheatfield circles, holy places, and other religious sites are also located at the intersection of the earth ’s invisible energy network. The frequency of this energy is related to changes in the form of brain waves; they also affect the biological rhythm of living things. It is not surprising to claim that you have experienced something unusual in the Holy Land. People may also experience symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, and nausea.
  Biophysical evidence includes: expansion of the plant epidermis; plant nodules produce new shapes by vigorously stretching; abnormalities of seed embryos; division of plant cavities to produce new forms, as if the plants were heated from the inside. Microscopic photos show that the crystal structure of the plants has also changed in the real wheat field strange circle. However, the crop was not destroyed in all cases, and people could continue to grow and mature without destroying it. If they were really hurt by some kind of energy, this situation (growth and maturity) is almost impossible.
  The crops in the area where the crop circle is located have been lightly pressed and distorted, forming a precise proportion similar to the golden section. The golden section is naturally used to create precise organisms, such as shells, sunflowers, and the spatial relationships between human palm bones and even galaxies. The base of the weird circle of the wheat field can have up to five layers of circuitous combinations, each of which is opposite to the surroundings, and the crop ears are close to each other and in contact with each other, just like they are displayed in a museum. The center of the weird circle is nested, braided, crested, or just a withered crop sample; sometimes the center consists of only one upright plant.
  The real weird circles of the wheat field are not all precisely round, but are approximately elliptical (the forger needs to be fixed with a rope, so it cannot be so precise). The cut between the edge and the flattened crop is very precise, just as precise as when carved with a surgical serrated knife. In contrast, the forged wheatfield weirds are only roughly similar in shape, as messy and unorganized as unhaired hair, and all plants are trampled and crushed.
  There are other unusual places in the real wheat field. Evidence shows that there are traces of infrared rays flowing out of and around the wheatfield strange circle; the soil in the wheatfield strange circle contains four unnatural, short-lived radioactive isotopes (which disappear after three or four hours); the soil around the wheatfield strange circle seems to be dried Bake it.
  Mathematically speaking, the real wheatfield strange circle seems to apply Euclidean’s geometric principles and other fixed features of geometry. They can change the local magnetic field so that the compass cannot point north, cameras, wireless communication equipment and batteries cannot operate, and aircraft cannot fly above it. When a strange circle of wheat fields is found around, the local background radiation is usually 3 times the normal value, and the radio frequency fluctuates greatly within its range. The battery will not start the next morning, and in some cases, the town ’s power supply will be interrupted.
  Because the wheat field strange circles often appear at the intersection of the earth’s magnetic field and current, they have an impact on the local energy form. They affect the size, shape, and orientation of local Neolithic sites, and there are as many as 150 concentric circles outside their actual range, like ripples in water, so they can be detected. In fact, one year later, when the crop was harvested, the land was plowed and re-seeded, although the physical form of the wheat field strange circle had long ceased to exist, the energy remaining on the land could still be detected.
  Research in this field has made it possible for the wheatfield strange circles to be used as a treatment method, and they have also been successfully applied in radioelectron tube, pollen flavor purification, and magnetic resonance treatment to help people in need and improve the environment.
  The wheat field strange circle is basically completed at 2 am to 4 am. Usually, in the UK at the shortest night of the year-only 4 hours, farmers, soldiers, laser sirens, scientists, and hundreds of lovers in sleeping bags are anxiously waiting, hoping to be the lucky one , Can see the birth of the wheat field strange circle. Very few lucky people claimed that they saw a brightly colored sphere throwing a beam of golden light into the field below, and a weird circle appeared in the wheat field the next morning. Despite the surveillance of many people and the high-tech detection equipment in the farmland, the strange circle of wheat fields still appeared under people’s eyelids without being noticed.
  In 1996, a pilot flying above Stonehenge said he did not see any unusual objects appear. However, 15 minutes later, a huge pattern similar to Julia’s collection (a representative work of the strange field of wheat fields) with a diameter of about 270 meters and a circle of 149 layers appeared in Stonehenge! Just measuring this weird circle took more than 5 hours of a group of 11 people!
  Still not convinced? Or you better go and see the wheat field strange circle, and you will soon come to a conclusion.
  When you have done this, then, tell your friends this story.
  Further reading
  crop circles bring tourist hot
  despite farmers’ crop circle phenomenon brought them losses expressing anger, but this mysterious phenomenon was unexpectedly promoted the “crop circles tourism” development. Tourists, researchers in the field of wheat fields drove cars, helicopters, and even rushed to the place where the fields of wheat fields appeared. By the 1990s, the strange circle of wheat fields had become a hot spot for tourism.
  In 1996, a wheat field strange circle appeared in a wheat field near Stonehenge in the UK. Local farmers set up a toll point for visiting there, earning only 30,000 pounds in 4 weeks. £ 150.
  In recent years, there have even been some weird circles in the wheat field for profit. Some cornfield circle makers have used their talents to create a real industry-making profits by making cornfield circles. A team of cornfield makers including artists and film producers toured the world, using the production of cornfield circles to advertise for some large companies. Their customer list even includes a computer chip company with billions of dollars in assets, an automobile manufacturing company, and a digital TV company.
  Coming out of the cycle all over
  the world’s first reports of crop circles in England dating back to 1647, when it was discovered that the original uniform of wheat fields, overnight turned into a giant geometric picture, then people also There was a statue in the middle of the circle. Since then, the wheat field strange circle has been discovered around the world. Only in the past thirty years, there have been more than 2,000 records of the phenomenon of strange circles. The pattern is either a single circle, a chain consisting of circles, or a combination of other geometric figures and lines, such as dumbbell-shaped, new Moon shape, wheel shape, etc. The places that appear are all over the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Russia, Japan, Europe, South America, Asia and most other countries and regions in the world, of which southern England is the most frequent and dense.
  Since the 1980s, the wheatfield strange circle has appeared more and more frequently, and its circles have become larger and larger, and the patterns have become more and more complex, and have gradually evolved into geometric figures. Some British astrophysicists have claimed that It is “the hieroglyph that the alien sent to the earth”.
  In May 1990, a 20-meter-diameter circle appeared on a wheat field in Aston, Hampshire, England. The wheat in the circle formed a spiral pattern in a clockwise direction. There are four “satellite” circles with a diameter of 6 meters around it, but the spiral in the circle is counterclockwise.
  On July 17, 1991, when a British helicopter pilot flew over a wheat field near Swindon, he found an equilateral triangle on the wheat field, a large bilateral circle inside the triangle, and one in each corner. Small circle.
  On July 30, 1991, a weird fish-shaped pattern appeared on a farm field near Rockrich Town, Weed County, and within the following month, another 7 similar patterns appeared in the area.
  However, the most shocking thing in the world is the strange farmland found in a small village named Alton Barnes in Weedshire, England on July 12, 1990. More than 10,000 people visited this strange farmland, including many scientists. This huge figure is 120 meters long and consists of circles and claw-shaped subsidiary figures. Several astrophysicists expressed their feelings after visiting. They thought that this strange circle was definitely not artificial, and it was probably information from outside the sky.
  In recent years, reports about the weird circle of wheat fields have been common.
  In July 2006, a pilot found a “three-dimensional” wheat field strange circle on a wheat field in Oxfordshire, England. Because this “three-dimensional” wheatfield weird circle has a diameter of 110 meters, experts are also deeply shocked. They believe that it is almost impossible for a prankster to make such a huge “three-dimensional” wheatfield weird area overnight. This is also the world’s first three-dimensional “three-dimensional” wheat field strange circle.
  In more than a month between July and August 2007, there were four consecutive incidents in the wheat field in Lausanne, Switzerland and other places. The fourth one was in the shape of an “8” with round and irregular patterns. “8 There is a “W” -shaped “hat” above the character graphic. These strange circles were formed overnight, and there were no traces of artificial processing.
  In September of the same year, a giant Nazi sign appeared in a corn field in Mercer County, New Jersey, USA, with each “arm length” exceeding 100 meters.
  In June 2008, a giant wheat field with a diameter of nearly 150 meters was found in a wheat field near Barbury Castle in Wiltshire, England. Some people started to calculate the number of color blocks in each group, and found that the data was clear. The figure shows the value of 10 digits after the decimal point of the pi, so this weird circle in the wheat field is called “PiPI.”
  In mid-June, 2008, shortly after the emergence of the perimeter wheat field in England, a staggered pattern with a diameter of 200 meters was found in the area of ​​Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do, with a DNA-shaped pattern in the middle. Although the UFO Investigation and Analysis Center speculated that this was an artificial fake wheat field circle, the police also believed that it was the work of a performance artist, but no evidence has been found to confirm these inferences.
  On July 15, 2015, this strange circle appeared in Oxen in the Rolleite Stone Group. It is about 45 meters in diameter, a small pentagon in the center, and a small crescent moon in the center of the pentagram. On the periphery of the pentagon is a figure composed of a huge pentagram and a crescent moon. This strange circle seems to have strange power. According to personal experience, walking into the center of this strange circle, the power in the body will disappear in an instant, as if the strength in the body is taken away. Perhaps this is a terrible magic circle.
  On July 19, 2015, a weird circle with a diameter of about 60 meters appeared in Hathrow, Warwickshire. The circle in the center of the circle represents the sun. With the sun as the center, eight beams of light extend around and then explode on the surface-like a solar flare. The small circle outside the strange circle is like the planets around the sun. Legend has it that this strange circle heralds an inestimable big bang in the near future and will have some impact on the planets.
  The Nazi’s dark sun-shaped weird circle appeared on August 8, 2015 in Perwilliar, Wiltshire. The weird circle is about 75 meters in diameter, with the circle as the center, spreading around in countless lightning-like lines. The point is that the pattern of this weird circle is the symbol of the black Nazis owned by the German Nazi secret agency during World War II.
  On July 7, 2015, this weirdness appeared in Cribbinglin, Wiltshire. The diameter of the strange circle is between 90 and 95 meters. It is an exquisite strange circle array composed of countless large and small circles and a sharp crescent-shaped knife-like pattern. Although we don’t know what this strange circle means, according to the strange circle experts, this is the badge of the insect-type alien “insect man”.
  The strange circle showing the movement of the planet appeared on July 26 in Dorchester, Medenburg, about 100 meters in diameter. The discoverer pointed out that this strange circle shows the trajectory of the solar system planets. There have also been strange circles showing planetary orbits in the past, but no one has ever seen the strange circles of Neptune and Uranus. What does the geometric pattern on the outside represent? No answer yet.
  The mysterious Rose Circle appeared on a large wheat field in Wolfcourt, Wiltshire on June 22. It can be seen from the shape that this is a strange circle composed of rose petals, and those uneven parts are presented very three-dimensionally. And, if you stand in the center of this weird circle, your body will become warm and you will be inexplicably happy. This is really a mysterious circle of wheat fields.
  The strange circle of the visualized cross and crescent moon appeared on July 10 in Stoke Town, Winterbourne, Wiltshire. The strange circle is about 75 meters in diameter, and is arranged with equally spaced rectangular wheat on the outside, with a crescent moon and a cross star pattern in the center. If you look closely, you can see that this is a pattern of piercing the crescent moon. Local residents are wondering if this strange circle heralds what will happen to the moon?
  On July 16, 2016, a strange circle of geometric crimes appeared in Hackpen Mountain, Wiltshire, England, with a diameter of about 40 meters. At the center of the strange circle is a pattern of three pyramids. As shown in the photo, the pyramids appear three-dimensional.
  On August 27, 2016, a shocking field of wheat appeared in a wheat field in Beckhampton, Wiltshire. In this weird circle is the symbol of the Nazis, which is the anti-dagger. The strange circle is about 45 meters in diameter. Local strange circle experts said that perhaps this prediction is that in the near future, the remaining forces of the Nazis will panic the world. The four small circles arranged at the center of the “卐” type may represent the “4” of the “Nazi Fourth Empire” that was born when the army ruled the world.
  On June 4, 2016, a strange circle with a diameter of about 45 meters appeared in Wiltshire. The center of the strange circle was a starfish-shaped pattern. When the finder of the strange circle stepped into the center of the circle, he suddenly felt dizzy, and with that he lost a little energy. This weird circle is not very characteristic in shape, but it is creepy in terms of emitting negative energy.
  On August 23, 2016, a strange circle with a diameter of about 45 meters appeared in Hackpen Mountain, Wiltshire, England. At first glance, it looks like a geometric pattern. If you look closely, you will find that the circle around the center seems to be two sharks facing each other. Local experts believe that this strange circle reflects the circle where two sharks protect the center as guardians. But what exactly the circle in the center represents is unknown.
  On June 29, 2016, a pentagonal weird circle appeared on a small hill in Wiltshire, about 50 meters in diameter. The strange circle is basically a pentagon, with a double circle in the center, and each side is missing a semicircle. The discoverers believe that this strange circle represents the Pentagon of the United States Department of Defense. The missing semicircle shows that the building was attacked from five directions and the building was damaged. The United States held a presidential election in November, and the situation changed. If it wasn’t for destruction, it might be all about predicting what’s coming.
  On June 27, 2016, a strange circle of about 60 meters appeared in the Blackwood area of ​​the United Kingdom. There are numerous floral patterns among the rhombus patterns. Amazingly, all flowers are almost the same length. Experts believe that the pattern may have been made by computer. Although the author of the strange circle is unknown, it is still amazing in terms of its fineness.
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  Grand Prix and making crop circles lawsuit
  John Lundberg established a website called “crop circle makers” (CircIemakers.org), there are a lot of details about the method of making crop circles on the site. He claims that it is entirely possible to create a field of wheat fields that is “unlikely to be forged” in the eyes of field experts.
  Matt Ridley has been designing and producing wheatfield circles in the northern part of the UK since 1991. He also published an article in Scientific American magazine on how to use simple techniques to make a weird circle in the wheat field.
  Now in the UK there are often held in the wheat field strange circle production competition. In 1992, Berkshire, England held the “Fresh Circle Production Grand Prix” event. The bonus is thousands of pounds. Some contestants use the ropes, PVC pipes, stands, and ladders to make the field circles. Others used tools such as gardening rollers, boards and ropes.
  Some advertisers have also joined the ranks of making the Strange Circle of the Wheat Field. Nowadays, the Strange Circle of Wheat Field used for commercial advertising can be seen from the air.
  1992. In Hungary, two 17-year-old agronomy students have been sued for making a weird field. On June 8 of that year, the two made a 36-meter-diameter wheat field in a wheat field 70 kilometers southwest of Budapest. On September 3, in a TV show, the two admitted that the wheatfield strange circle was actually made by themselves, for the purpose of making a joke, and they also showed pictures of the wheatfield strange circle made in the wheatfield. Later, the owner of the field filed a lawsuit, claiming 630,000 Hungarian Forints (approximately $ 3,000) from two students. The judge ruled that the two students should bear the losses caused by the 36-meter-diameter weird circle of wheat fields, that is, 6000 Hungarian Forints (approximately $ 30), and the remaining 9,995 losses were swarmed by visitors after the relevant program was broadcast on television Caused by the television station.