Why astronauts must be armed with a gun

  Astronauts represent the level of science and technology in the country. The sky makes people yearn for and yearn for. Astronauts need to make various preparations before going to heaven, among which there are provisions for gun allocation. Among them, China ’s famous astronaut Yang Liwei, in an interview with CCTV, personally stated that he was equipped with a 64-type gun when performing space missions.

  In fact, there is no fuss, not only for our national astronauts with guns, but also for astronauts in countries such as the United States and Russia. In addition, foreign astronauts have three muzzles. The upper two are used to fire flares and the lower one is used to fire ordinary rifle bullets. Many people may think at this moment, is there really an alien in the universe who needs to defend himself with a gun? Or astronauts hunting in space?
  To answer this question, let’s first see what happens when shooting in space. Everyone thinks that there is no air in space, so gunpowder cannot be burned, and huge pressure cannot be generated in the barrel of the gun to generate thrust. Then the firing pin cannot ignite the bottom fire, so the bullet cannot be fired, which will cause the pistol to ignite. It would be wrong to think that way, because the bullet is sealed with ammunition, cotton wool and air when it is made. When firing, the firing pin hits the bottom fire, which can also ignite the gunpowder in the shell and then fire the warhead.
  Not only can it fire, but the explosion effect is even more amazing. Experiments have shown that the bullet in the vacuum not only increased the muzzle velocity by 5%, it was even more powerful. The reason for this effect is that the gas ejected from the barrel is more likely to expand under vacuum.
  According to calculations, after firing in an ideal state, the bullet will fly in a straight line, and about 10 million years later, it will stop because of weak resistance. In fact, the bullet cannot move in a straight line. Whether it hits the target or not, it will eventually deviate from the orbit under the gravitational force of a huge celestial body, and then enter the orbit of the celestial body to fly around and become space trash.
  The astronaut who fired was even worse, because of the reaction force, the body would be pushed out in the opposite direction when the bullet was fired. If the astronaut did not have a protective rope, then he may float to the vast universe and never return Already.
  Therefore, no astronaut is willing to shoot in space, and there are no aliens in space, so what do you do with a gun? It was returned to the ground for emergency use. In the event that the astronauts landed, they fell into virgin forests and met fierce beasts. The pistol can be used to protect themselves. There was an example of this. There was a spaceship in the Soviet Union. Due to some failure, it did not reach the designated area when landing, but fell into a large forest in Siberia. At this time, the pistol exerted its power and fired flares at the same time, allowing the search and rescue team to find themselves faster.