Old friend

  My parents are a pair of elegant people who love music. My dad has subscribed to magazines such as “Broadcast Songs” for a long time and taught himself various instruments. He also painstakingly invited a teacher to teach me to play the violin at home, so that he could skip classes by the way. My mother’s love of music should be more popular, it looks more like a love of the stage. She is passionate about various opportunities to perform on stage, and she has passed this wish from herself to me.
  Things didn’t go as expected, I was a man who couldn’t stand on the stage. It’s not that my parents didn’t give me a good voice, but I became dull before people, and there were two battles on the stage, sweating like sweat. The person I envy the most during the first half of my life was Zou Liangliang, not only because she was beautiful and clever, what she would learn, and occupy the commanding heights in various fields. What I admire the most is that when she stood on the stage and all the lights were concentrated on her, she sang and danced, and her singing was loud, so that everyone in the scene could surrender to the singing. I think at that moment, she ruled the world.
  Zou Liangliang is too good and famous, and she successfully expanded her fan base from classmates to classmate parents. My mother is one of them. How much does my mother admire Zou Liangliang? Once, when she heard that Zou Liangliang was about to perform on the stage again, she muttered with emotion: “Zou Liangliang’s mother must be proud.” This sentence made me heart-twisted. I was independent at midnight and thought about my whole life. There is nothing that can make my mother proud, nothing is better than Zou Liangliang. I can’t help but ask Cangtian: “Life is unequal, God, who ever gave birth to me, He Shengliang?”
  Actually, I don’t hate Zou Liangliang. On the contrary, I really like her. We don’t live far away, sometimes we go to each other, sometimes we go together after school, comment on various boys, exchange love letters and read each other, and even have some allusions that we can understand each other. But there is no way, these happiness can not overcome the darkness of human nature. I have to admit that I still envy her.
  That year, I celebrated my birthday. My mom had a big idea and organized a big party: family karaoke pretend, relatives and friends got together, I worked hard on two finale songs, and prepared to sing that night. I want my mother to think that she gave birth to me, and she is no worse than Zou Liangliang’s mother. Anyway, my relatives are all illiterate, and singing in front of them has a kind of ease to bully laymen.
  That night, just as I was flexing my muscles to prepare for the whole audience, Zou Liangliang called out from the door and she happened to be coming! I paniced for a while, but saw my mother frown, grabbed the door in three steps and two steps. While welcoming Zou Liangliang inward, she introduced to everyone what a famous little star and how clever she came. Then, my mother began to adjust the sound with the almost diligent attentiveness, and urged Zou Liangliang to sing a song for us.
  Zou Liangliang agreed politely, and then all my relatives were stunned. That night, I was silent.
  After many years, Zou Liangliang and I were still friends. Once again, I confessed to her all kinds of grievances related to her in the past. I didn’t expect her to feel aggrieved when she heard it. She said that she was the most annoying to sing in front of relatives, but no matter at home or fellow scholars, parents always asked her to come to a song. She was irritated by the little vanity. I immediately realized the eternal truth that all beings suffer. Therefore, a strong man and a Loser (loser), after many years, defeated the gully-to promote the knees, to shake hands and talk, thinking of each other in life.
Stay up all night party

  The word “party” often refers to a form of social and public relations in high society. I have seen some people walking around in strange clothes and sometimes holding a glass of wine. I don’t understand what they are talking about. But the “party” I’m talking about here is very grass-roots. Three or five friends are dressed loosely, chewing spiced peanuts or duck necks bought by the kiosk, and drinking beer …
  Remember that from high school, we have such parties. Especially during the summer vacation of the senior year of high school, I was about to leave the city, and there was a joy of being a bird flying high. The biggest joy is that parents can no longer control themselves, the second joy is that they do n’t need to learn math in college, and then the second—no, this is perhaps the most important joy. We can finally change the love that I talked about after school. Become the main business. All these factors combined, that summer vacation was a grand carnival.
  One fellow has a villa, and that’s our stronghold. The so-called villa is a large vacant house in his house. Parents seem to have become enlightened during that summer vacation, and probably feel that there is no reason to take too much care in college. Three of us, four boys and four girls, spent several nights in that villa, which became the best night-night party in my memory. In fact, I do n’t remember what we had to do without sleeping completely. At that time, we did n’t even have a pair of lovers in our group … Oh, I remember there was a set of speakers in the house, we used to sing Kara OK, I’ve developed a lot of famous songs.
  It was summer night, and the fireworks lighted up. Some people fell asleep on the sofa, but some people were more energetic. They drank watermelons, and the air was filled with the unique summer aroma of watermelons.
  Years later, I saw Cao Yu’s memories and Wu
  Zhi’s night-night tour with Bingzhu: I can’t forget the trip to Nanpi in the past. Both the Six Classics of Thoughts, the Bai Family at leisure, playing chess in idle, and finally the Six Bos, talk about entertainment, sorrowful melody. Galloping North Field, Traveling Food South Hall, floating cantaloupe in Qingquan, Shen Zhu Li in Hanshui. The day disappeared, followed by the moon, and the ride and the ride, to swim in the backyard.
  The ancient people who traveled to Nanpi are so similar to our party in the past, they are all on summer nights, three or five confidants, talking about ideals, talking about life … In fact, in their teenage years, what can they say about life? How about it? However, youth is often the case. It is necessary to release sleepless hormones through sleepless nights and sings. Unlike today, you may have to attend a meeting, you may have a child, you may have to rush a manuscript. Anything requires your full spirit, how dare you overdraw in advance?
  Now even at the party, at ten o’clock in the evening, they began to return to their hearts and yelled at each other, “Let’s go, let’s go.” On grand festivals such as New Year’s Day, when you are blocked by traffic on the road, you will think of a sentence: “There is a kind of home, you can’t go home.” In fact, the most suitable form of gathering together today is no longer a party. It’s a family feast. Sit down and talk about food making, sharing housework experience and life direction, old friends are still close, but something has changed. From parties to home feasts, it is a metaphor from youth to middle age.

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