Recognize that good music does not rest on your ears

 How do we judge classical music artists? All music enthusiasts agree that of course it’s the voice that makes the final decision. The playing level of a famous artist can not be learned by exaggerating movements and doing some funny imitations! But is that really the case?
  American psychologist Dr. Cai Jiarong is a lecturer in the Department of Management and Creativity at the University College London. She wants to put the problem to the bottom, and she is a professional pianist herself. She is interested in the judging criteria for the International Classical Music Competitions, which are usually the starting point for young solo pianists. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on April 19, 2013, she challenged a “truth” that the world believes in-the voice is the only one in these prestigious and daunting music competitions. Criteria.
  To support her conjecture, she collected the final videos of 10 most prestigious music competitions, such as the Liszt International Piano Competition in the Netherlands. Then she asked a review team of classical music laymen to predict which three finalists would win the championship in each competition. In order to rate the players’ performance level, some of these interim judges listened to the recordings, while others watched silent videos.
  What happened? If these experimental participants believed in the classical profile, they had at least a third of the chance to be right. However, those who listened to the recording had a 25.5% chance of getting it right. In contrast, those who were poor and could only watch a silent video guessed the winner more than half (52.2%). In the second test, Dr. Cai Jiarong showed a video to her “Mouse”. A huge surprise awaits them: the accuracy of the prediction has increased to 35.4% (or almost equivalent to the classical profile). In this case, compared to those who only see the image and can’t hear the sound, music is an accurate judgment The word is just a chicken rib … Of course we have reasons to refute that the ears of these laymen have not received professional training, how can it be possible to accurately evaluate these high-level performances. Therefore, Dr. Cai Jiarong convened nearly 150 professional musicians to redo the experiment. Amateur please step down and let the professional play. This time, they could see that a little doorway came, no, they heard a little doorway. However, the result of the experiment was that this was simply a disaster for the experts. Not only did they completely replicate the previous predictions of amateur players, but they were even worse than amateur ones every time! The melody for them, just like everyone else, is completely superfluous for music competitions.
  Obviously, this experiment highlights the weak authority of the judges before the visual messages sent by the performers. In the final series of tests, experimental participants could only see the soloist’s black and white outlines. Cai Jiarong pointed out that the winners of the competition are often those who reveal passion and creativity in their playing posture and seem to be very engaged in performance … Of course, good musicians are good, and good actors are better.