True hobby

  Why should people have a hobby? Recently I saw an explanation saying that the greatest use of hobby is to cultivate self-control through it.
  For example, you suddenly fall in love with the piano. On the surface, you waste a lot of time and money. However, the piano becomes a constraint on you-you have to practice, focus, and climb up. Therefore, when the piano really becomes your hobby, you will have an unexpected gain, that is, you become a person with self-control. This will really affect your other careers and help you reinvent yourself.
  This view is interesting. It can also help us determine what a true hobby is.
  For example, some people say that my hobbies are movies and music. If you’re okay, wear headphones and make a film. This is not a hobby, it is a pastime.
  Hobby is not something other than your life, but how much effort you put into turning it into something in your life. Hobby is not how many pleasures this thing brings to you, but how many self-restraints you have made for it.

  People around you are just and selfless, dear and friendly, or hostile, and they will stand up against you because of a certain idea or preconceived or driven by interests. This is the law of human life. Only in this way, life is full of gorgeous tension: most people between friends and opponents are neutral.
  Then there are enemies, even more than opponents. You and your enemies are like destiny opponents, for no reason, no explanation. You know him, he knows you as well, and your life trajectories are not intersected in any way. He is jealous of you and attacks you-although you never provoke him. You have been searching for and avoiding each other all your life.
  What can you do to him? First you have to try to understand. He is a balance point in your life. Without him, your struggle will appear slack and slack. You need him. To defeat yourself, you must first defeat him. To get the truth, we must fight it properly. You have to be better, because he thinks you are hostile, so you preach. God has chosen him as your partner in the world. You are like a pair of fencers with a common cause. Don’t knock him down too early, never knock him down. He teaches you to survive, fight, and defend. You know, you need him.

 The Diamond Sutra says: “All phases are right and wrong.”
  There is no good or bad situation in front of the situation. Holding this view is “non-phase.”
  ”Non-phase” means “no phase”, and no “I” exists when facing the situation.
  People like to analyze the situation from a personal standpoint. However, the world just changes with the flow and will not show up as we expect.
  It ’s raining, is it good or bad?
  It depends on the weather before it rains. If it is prolonged drought, it is the heavens descending Ganlin; if it is rain, it is more than flooding.
  All the immediate situations are just aggregated for a moment because of the conditions. If we think the encounter is good, it’s just your temporary thoughts; if we think the encounter is bad, it’s also your temporary thoughts.
  Wind and sunshine, is it good or bad?
  It depends on the industry. Tourists love it, and farmers complain of water shortages in the fields.
  Enlightened people know: we cannot change the weather, but we can change ourselves.
  The weather has gone bad, and our hearts haven’t gone bad.

 To string together the days is to live them. But living by the Yellow River, the days seemed to be inextricably linked, the flashes of water were rushing down the river, and I couldn’t find the twine that tied them.
  It’s not far away to string the days with a twine. At the beginning of summer, Grandpa took off the hanging sickle and cut the leaves of the horse lily. Malian, also called Malan, has purple flowers, and quietly stretches out from the leek-like green care. The petals have fine lines like velvet texture, which are delicate, delicate and imaginative. Grandpa cut the Malan leaves, but avoided the Malan flowers very carefully, and asked him why, he didn’t answer, and said you go next, be careful with the flowers. Malan leaves are like leek leaves, but the meridian lines above are thicker and brighter, and they extend generously along the leaves, like a road, leading to the distant sky. Malan Ye has grown for months from the beginning of spring to her grandfather’s harvest. Now he was cut by the grandpa, dried in the sun, and after several months, when the autumn rain continued, the grandpa took the dried Malan leaves and soaked them in the rain. When they were soft and suitable, they were used to rub the rope.
  ”Malian grass waist is the most reliable.” Grandpa said. The rope is used to bind things, as if people were tied around the waist, so the straw rope is called the grass waist. At that time, supplies were scarce, but the rope was indispensable to the cropper. So grandpa rubbed and rubbed, and grew the days into long and thin memories. By the end of autumn, Malan leaves had run out. I went to see Malan again, and the newly grown leaves were long and dry. I asked my grandfather, “Why don’t you continue to use it?” My grandfather said, “I can’t kill it,” so I won’t say more.
  The days were strung like this, moving forward slowly, not rushing and panic, very neat. However, when I grew up, my life suddenly became fast, and I couldn’t slow down anymore. Think about it, Ma Lanhua, I haven’t seen you for a long time …

  ”Benevolence is in the bow, public opinion.”
  This sentence means: while doing things, write articles to teach others how to do things.
  Zeng Guofan was the first person to learn the history of things. He has theories, practices, talents, studies, knowledge, achievements, ups and downs, reincarnation, troubles, and experiences. He is also a preacher.
  In fact, all the great achievers from ancient to modern times are like this. Lide, Ligong, and Yanyan, while doing things, meanwhile, practice the Three Views and Methodology. After life, which of the work, the article, the three perspectives, and the methodology is more brilliant, then it is up to the fate.
  This is true of Kong Qiu, so is Sima Qian, and so is Su Dongpo.